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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Slater
    They are basically a ‘poor man’s Spiral Dot’.
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  2. BobJS
    Did we find out which tips these were?
  3. chinmie
    it's some really generic and cheap wide bores that i purchased from a local online store in my country

    i almost exclusively only use this product for wide bore solution (beside the JVC spiral dots and the Tennmak whirlwinds)

    i did a google image search for it and found this on aliexpress, i hope it is the same product as they are using the same picture

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  4. daxeohang
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a budget true wireless (TWS) in-ear.
    My budget is around 50$. From my googling around, some were caught my attention:
    • Jlab Jbuds Air
    • SoundPEAT True Free ( variant Q29 and Q32 make me confusing, I mean on the SoundPEAT page, they have only True Free version when I surf around, can not find Q29, but Q32 which leads me think only for Japan market)
    • TOZO T10 (rank #6 on Amazon best seller IE headphones)
    • More on TWS on Amazon best seller IE headphones list
    My priority following: Sound quality > Durability > Battery > Functionality.
    Additionally, I seriously consider about whether they'll fit my ears or not, but since almost of IEs allows to swap their ear-tips, I'll let it as it would be.
    Sorry for my bad English, I appreciate for any advice or suggestion.
  5. albau
    I believe SoundPEATS True Free are re-brand of a highly regraded here QCY T1c. As with QCY, other versions that have same looking earbuds differ only in a better charging case that has a lid and bigger capacity. I had T1c and liked the sound - quite balanced, clear and neutral with a little rolled off but pleasant highs. SQ is definitely no worse than $150 Jabra 65t. But construction is meh, charging case doesn't have a lid, there's no resident volume control and no USB-C. So I replaced them by Anbes 359 which for $36 I highly recommend. They sound more bassy and more spacious but less neutral than T1c. Still pretty good and in similar vein. And they also have a novelty UFO-shaped case with a lid and USB-C, volume controls, they go much louder, better construction and materials, better mic and they fit my ears better. Since everyone's ears are different, like with any IEMs be prepared to roll your own tips and be aware that not all non-stock tips will fit into a charging case. Btw, your written English is much better than that of many natives :).
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  6. tayo15
    Are the NT01AX the best TW buds atm?

    Sound profile?

    If I order them from Japan Amazon whats the seller to order them from?

    Thank you in advance!
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  7. chinmie
    the QCY T1C is a great pick. also others here mention the Anbes 359 and Tiso i4 as their favorite.
    my two other favorite are the Sabbat X12 Pro and Mifo o5 standard version. both are priced near the 50usd mark if you shop around
  8. mikp
    I have bookmarked this site for future qcc5100. https://www.stereo.com.sg/shop/earphones/true-wireless.html

    Anyone else here with qcc3026 that get it to work with win 10 1809? only voice on my mavins
  9. Bob24
    It certainly could as the hardware capability is there, but I wouldn’t buy them counting on it happening. If they didn’t include the feature in the first place they possibly don’t think it is worth their while (although I would definitely agree with you that it is a useful feature).
  10. RobinFood
    Hard to say. They along with the MW07 were my favorite, sound wise. They are much cheaper than the MW07 and the battery lasts 3 times longer, but the finish and build quality is less good, especially the case.

    They are neutral in sound. It is a requirement of HDSS certification for the sound to have as little coloring as possible.

    From outside Japan I am not sure the best place to get them...Amazon any seller with a rating over 90 and a few hundred transactions should be fine. You can also try ordering from them directly.
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  11. C_Lindbergh
    Do the NT01AX have some kind of ambient mode?
  12. RobinFood
    Nope, that's why I have the Sabbat X12 pro. Better than any ambient mode I have tried to be honest.
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  13. mikp
    Would be interesting to listen for difference on the mavin and NT01AX , not prepared to pay for it though. Looks like the tax man forgot about the mavin hopefully. do like them but in one ear have to adjust the button press so it dont jam it in.
  14. C_Lindbergh
    Yeah, but they got neither an EQ or APTX ..

    I guess I'll have to wait some time more for a perfect pair of True Wireless... My current pair is the Sennheiser TMW, which are really good in terms of SQ, but lacks in many areas.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  15. RobinFood
    Yeah, I think this summer we will see ambient mode becoming normal. That being said, ambient mode on kind of worsens the sound quality and makes the little advantage APTX adds inexistant in my experience.

    The Sabbat sports a driver twice and almost three times the diameter of a normal TWE driver. I only use it in SBC mode but it doesn't have any of the SBC artifacts I usually hear, so something seems to be compensating. With a little EQ they are just as good as the Mavins on APTX. Without it they are a little veiled and not so interesting.
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