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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. newtothegame1231
    How do i order anbes or t1c in canada?
  2. tayo15
    In that case yeah, but honeatly ive dropped over $1500+ on headphones already $170 seems kinda alright. I know its not the same for everyone but I wouldnt mind if they are the best sounding.
  3. tayo15
    So at the moment which headphones are the best sounding, resolving and clear of the bunch?? I dont care about shipping. Added bonus if they offer isolation. Also dont care about build just sound.
  4. albau
    There's no Amazon in Canada?
  5. albau
    None if compared to wired. Otherwise Master & Dynamic MW07, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and B&O E8. These are the ones I've heard myself and seem to be concensus on this thread. Others swear by RHA, Audiotechnica and Nural.
  6. Slater
    Maybe wait and see how the Beats Pro pans out?
  7. albau
    Did Beats ever had a good sounding phone, whether wired or nor?
  8. Slater
    I haven’t heard anything since Apple took over, but the Pro wasn’t too bad. Definitely the best Beats product I’ve heard from their lineup.
  9. RestUnknown
  10. BobJS
    If money is no object, or rather, if you can afford it, MW07. If money is a consideration, T1C.
  11. clerkpalmer
    At that price range you might consider Sony sp700n. Fun sound signature, great fit mediocre battery but will make it through a run. The new creative set looks good at that price. The chifi guys might have some other suggestions.
  12. clerkpalmer
    Cross shopping these two is like asking whether you should buy a Honda or a BMW.
  13. newtothegame1231
    can't seem to find them on amazon canada :frowning2:
  14. cityle
  15. sfleming
    Thanks guys for a really excellent thread on this topic. I'm always at the gym these days, so it's time to cut the cord and I've put the Anbes 359 in my online shopping cart today.
    Additionally I was debating between a Taotronics and the Back Beat Pro 2 as an over-ear for home use, but couldn't pull the trigger. That's for a different thread :)

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