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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. tayo15
    Mw07 vs Sony Sp700n vs Nt01ax for sound quality??
  2. Coladdict
    Ordered T1C, looking to order another pair ... Tiso i4 vs Anbes 359 ... Sabbat x12 Pro vs MifoO5 ... TIA
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  3. howdy
    Never heard the NT01ax but the MW07 vs the SP700n are not in the same league as for SQ goes. The MW07 are one of the best for wireless. To me the Senns,MW07 and E8s are the best I've heard.
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  4. RobinFood
    I will be honest, for me, the NT01ax has the best sound provided a little white noise doesn't bother you.

    They are my second favorite pair of audio gear ever, only the ER4XR is better, but I am more likely to grab these first for convenience and comfort.

    They make instruments sound so realistic and textured. Great imaging both wide and tall. They kind of sound like when your friends in a band invited you to listen to them rehearse up close.

    ER4XR sounds like you are in a recording booth with the band.
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  5. palestofwhite
    Okay good news! I'm allowed to exchange the NT01AX for one last time! Revision MT3 sounds so good...
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  6. clerkpalmer
    And you have heard
    Are you saying these sound better than mw07? Can these be purchased in the US?
  7. tayo15
    As far as we know, no, but you can order them from the original site to the US or the Singapore StereoShop. Downside is if they come with defects, returns and shipping and handling will get expensive. So I have been told.
  8. RobinFood
    To me, they do. They completely defy the concept that you can't have good bass, good mids and good highs without sacrificing something somewhere.

    The MW07 is no slouch though, it is thanks to it that I thought TWE was a viable option. They sound like a good pair of wired earphones.

    I have tried all the big brands at the store, like Sony, Audio technica, RHA, Jabra, MTW, as well as a few Chinese models, like the Sabbat and Astrotec models, and a bunch of Japanese exclusive models, Nuarl being one of them.

    I am not sure where to get it in the US, but the MW07 might be cheaper there. It is horribly expensve to buy the MW here, which really makes other options much more appealing.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  9. SkorgrimR
    I know I'm probably late to the discussion, but are there any IPX7 true wireless earbuds you would recommend around $50? I've been following this discussion for about a week now and feel like someone here would know.
  10. chinmie
    Mifo o5 standard version
  11. palestofwhite
    I got my NT01AX replaced today and all is great again (MT3 Version).

    As of now, these are the still the most well rounded of all TWE offerings in the market:

    • Up to 10 hours playtime per charge (35 hours with charging case)
    • Natural sounding with aptX and HDSS technology
    • Reliable BT 5.0 connection with Qualcomm QCC3026 chipset
    • Provided Spinfit CP350 eartips are great
    • Priced reasonably at around (usually lower than) US$180

    What's not to like about them? Some minor cosmetic quirks:

    • Chrome finish requires extra care and is quite prone to scratches
    • Charging lights on earpieces might not have the same brightness (inconsistent)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  12. BobJS
    I would get the Honda. They both depreciate when you drive them off the lot and both have a virtual bulls-eye on them. I should probably add I bought the MW07 when it was on sale at Best Buy for $225.
  13. RobinFood
    Awesome news.

    I was listening to some Vitamin Quartet tonight, and I can't believe how amazing strings are. They are, bar none, the best reproduction of string instruments I have ever heard.
    I used to play violin 12 years ago, and you can FEEL the sappy horse hair on the bows rubbing against the strings. I love it! Trumpets too, they are just so textured.
  14. david8613
    this question is for those who have the sennheiser momentum true wirless, I did a firmware update that was released last week, and also did the update to the app that came later. when I first did the update for the buds everything seemed fine, great connection, very quick connection the app found it everytime. now I am finding I am having the cannot connect issue again. anyone else having this issue? battery drain problem still not solved I tested it this weekend.
  15. palestofwhite
    I was skeptical at first, but the NT01AX have cast away my doubts on True Wireless technology. In fact, I have not picked up any of my other wired earbuds since I had them.
    They have this appealing balance of naturalness in timbre and that recent bump in bass responsive is just so refreshing. I probably won't be looking at or acquiring any earphones for quite some time.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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