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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Cosmosan
  2. tayo15
    I dont really want ambient mode. I'm actually the opposite. Would the mw07 or NT isolate better?? And which one would you personally recommend?
  3. palestofwhite
    I think Nuarl is only available in select asian markets for now. It's not too long the NT01AX got released in Singapore.
  4. RobinFood
    I can't say for sure because it is down to fit, but I think the MW07 probably has better isolation.
    I use the oval spinfits on the NT01AX. They slip in instantly and seal up without putting pressure on the walls of the ears, but isolation is slightly worst. They also use little ear tags to kind of float in place.
    The wings on the MW07 fill up the entire ear canal, and they use more traditional tips that you jam in there.
    Both might be similar with foam, but the hassle of tip rolling might make the experience less good.

    I feel like on the NT01A with spinfits the isolation is similar to the Sony MDR-EX series...which isn't great. I can mostly hear all my surroundings when out and about. I could hear station announcements in quiet parts of the songs.

    For lovers of ambient mode, has anyone tried the Pioneer low-tech method, with ear tips that have slits in them?


    I can't find just the ear tips for sale though...
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  5. RestUnknown
    Since I honestly don't know where to start, I hope you guys can help me out.

    Looking for bluetooth in ear headphones for running. Sound quality should be good and fun (i.e. perhaps more bass emphasized), the fit should of course be snug and comfortable because of the running.
    Battery life is of no concern, looks don't really matter.
    Budget is max of 100 euro's, it can be more but I hope around that price mark and less is of course better.
    They will also be used to listen to music at home outside from time to time.
    They don't need to have any functionality like picking up phone calls or changing the volume. Although changing volume might be handy, I don't see any issues with just using my phone for that.

  6. daxeohang
    Thank you for your recomendation and such a kind compliment :)
    How long do you own Anbes 359? Do you have any experience with Sabbat E12/ X12 or Mifo 05 to compare with these? I've already seen a lot mention of them in here.

    Thank you for your recommendation. In your opinion, do have any notable pros of X12 and O5 which I have to concern about?
    Note that I've already try TFZ X1 at my local shop, which I believe is rebrand of Sabbat E12 or Mifo O5. The sound of TFZ is acceptable but at the price point (~113USD in my country), it's really not worth imho, even worse than my KZ ED9 (because of it's wired, maybe not fair, but it cost me only 15$).

    I'm planning to get 2 wireless earbuds, one in-ear for my young brother (he loves in-ear) and one (earbud prefer, looking at X12) for mine. Please note that I'm ok with in-ear variants as long as it provides better sound quality.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  7. chinmie
    TFZ X1 is a rebrand of the Mifo o5 pro version (BA driver). the standard version of the mifo which is cheaper and uses dynamic driver sounds better in my opinion.
    the Mifo excel in total battery life and waterproofing. you can dunk it in water and it will survive.
    the X12 has a natural and airy presentation, like listening to room speakers.

    my favorite right now is the QCY T1C.
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  8. albau
    I had Anbes exactly for a week today, was using them every day interchangeably with mw07 - former mostly at the gym and latter while walking or at home. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Sabbats or the Mifo. My prior TWS knowledge is limited mostly to higher end - E8, 65t, mw07. But having owned T1c and especially Anbes 359 I’m convinced that 65t don’t really have the right to exist at their current price point. E8 and mw07 is another story because sound-wise they are on a different level. That for headfier in me excuses almost everything else.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
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  9. cityle
    Between a MW07 at $200CAD and T1C at $40CAD, which would say it's the most worth in term of sound, soundstage and airyness?
  10. mikp
    The 65t is a good allrounder. Multipoint that seems to be missing on a lot of tws, good ambient sound and for me good fit with easy controls. But in sound they fall short to something like the mavins.
    If jabra makes a version with the qcc5100 series and improves sq it could be good. They are releasing a headphone ,85, with that chip.

    But it could be a long time until they replace the 65t, if they ever do.
  11. tayo15
    If you hit the website linked to my comment the Singapore shop does deliver to the USA or international and the main site also delivers them international.
  12. actorlife
    Just get the Anbes 359.
  13. albau
    Define "worth"? Only you can answer how much money per how much sound improvement is worth to you. In every sound quality parameter, including those you listed, MW07 is better, sometimes substantially, than t1c and anbes 359. Whether it's 5x improvement I doubt it, but to me it's worth it. Very well could be different to you. With largely subjective things like hi-fi sound, mechanical watches, photo/video optics, performance cars and bikes, etc. there's a law of diminishing returns - investment is hardly proportional the improvement. And the more expensive thing gets the more subtle is the return.
  14. albau
    Other t1c definetly! Over MW07 hughly questionable.
  15. palestofwhite
    I suppose you're talking about purchasing from Stereo? They do ship internationally, but not sure how seamless warranty is going to work out though, since their distributor for Nuarl is local to SG.
    You might have to ship back and forth for warranty, which can be quite costly.
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