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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Bartig
    The Tiso is less suited for audiobooks: more bass, less detail in mids and highs.
  2. turbobb
    All, sorry for also going slightly OT but I've been interested in this as I want to leverage aptX LL with my NuForce BeFree 8 TWE (which doesn't get a lot of love here but they're actually pretty decent and is the only TWE that features LL that I'm aware of).

    @BigZ12 - thus far the only other PC adapter I've found is their TC418 but it lacks HD (only has regular and LL but no AAC). I've pre-ordered this and will test w/the BF8.
  3. turbobb
    I've actually kept both if only cuz the battery life on the Air-X are so good but also ultimately the Timmkoo's are just slightly bright for me. How are they holding up for you?
  4. hifi80sman
    I thought the BeFree 8 were pretty good (got them for around $76 or something like that), but they had a "raspy" quality that I was not a big fan of, so I returned them. They were in that teetering mid-tier, where they are too expensive to just throw in the bucket and keep, yet too inexpensive to compete with the big boys. I ended up returning those for the B&O E8, that I got for $149 during an Amazon lightning sale.
  5. clerkpalmer
    2019 is starting off awful for tw. No new products from any big players. No new tech. Kinda sucks. I grabbed some soundsport frees today because I want something that lets in a little sound and I don’t have to jam in my ear.

    Be nice if someone upped the ante and delivered a home run. While I love mw07 and mtw both have unforgivable flaws.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  6. dweaver
    Well I decided to grab the Galaxy Buds when I got a 10% discount. My very very first impression was they were a bit to bright but I played with the EQ settings a really like the Soft setting. Really like how small they are in ear, I hardly notice them as compared to the Sennheiser MTW which is so big.

    I think I might be able sleep on my side wearing these.

    Just threw on a bass heavy song and these are satisfying but very controlled. I would say very AKG like having owned many AKG products. These are way better than some of the reviews suggest in my opinion. Either the reviewers were unable to get a good fit or they never played with the app. Certainly not a cheap earphone sound quality in my opinion.

    It would be nice if you could customize the EQ to your liking but the presets work fairly well.

    I like the ability to choose what the touch panels do but they are not as versatile as the Sennheiser MTW I wish the ambient sound would stay on when used from the touch panel versus having to hold the button to use that feature.

    Interesting I am using an S9 phone and I see the Galaxy Buds are using the Samsung proprietary codec now called Scalable Codec.

    Not as interesting, I am getting sound cutting occasionally, not as bad as early BT devices but more than I get from other TW's I own will see if that settles down over the next couple of days...
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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  7. webvan
    Thanks, I guess I'll give the Tiso i4 a miss then in spite of it's $20 price on AE right now. Sticking to my "next TWE will be a QC5100 with ANC" decision :wink:
  8. Bob24
    I think it will take another year before we get a product which combines flawless usability (AirPod) and good audio/isolation characteristics (MTW, MW07, maybe E8).

    For now only Apple still seems to fully master the technological aspect, but they are not interested in competing with the likes of Sennheiser in terms of the audio aspect. Who knows, they might release are decent option under the Beats brand with the Apple tech expertise and better than AirPods audio ... not exactly a Beats fan here and not holding my breath for it to happen, just saying it could be a possibility.
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  9. Zeo-Gold92
    so I'm after a pair of wireless iems (true wireless or with cable) to use with my hidizs ap80, I have seen a few but not sure what would be a good set at a price point around $100AUD (if possible). I've seen the enacfire future and they look good. I'm just after something with a good sound and connection , a good battery and that's not bass shy at all (I listen to hip hop and rock mostly with some edm thrown in.) I will mostly use them for bike riding through town and around. Am I asking too much at this price?
  10. claud W
    Just bought a set of Ikanzi BT IEMS on Amazon to see how good the low end ( $50ish) of this tech is doing. They say that they are BT 5.0.
  11. LajostheHun
    Flawless product from Apple? LMAO! There are tons of alternatives to the Airpod right now for fraction of the price.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  12. Slater
    Hey QS1/T1C owners:

    What process do you use when you’re done listening to the buds?

    Do you hold the buttons down until they make the ‘power off chime’, then put them in their charge case?

    Or do you just pop them out of your ears and right into the charge case?

    I have been just popping them out of my ears and right into their case. But today I noticed that as soon as they went into the case, they lit up red (like they were charging), but then ~30 seconds later they flashed white and I heard the ‘power on chime’ and they connected to my phone. Then ~30 seconds later they disconnected from my phone and lit up red (like they were charging), and repeated the white flashing/connect/disconnect thing in an endless cycle.

    What’s that all about? Is there something I’m doing wrong?
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  13. DigDub
    They should stay red in the case and the red light will go off once they are fully charged. Maybe you can try changing the cable, it seems like it is charging the buds intermittently.
  14. Slater
    Sorry I didn’t clarify.

    The behavior I described above is only with no cable attached to the case. Just the case by itself, like if they were in my pocket or a backpack or in my car’s cup holder.

    Once I attach the charge case to the cable (to charge the case), the buds behave normally (ie red while charging and then white briefly to indicate the buds are fully charged, and then no lights at all).
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  15. Bartig
    I had this once. Appeared the case ran out of battery, and thus couldn't power the buds off!
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