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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. MartynB85
    Been lurking on here for a while, I intended to grab a set of the MTW or MW07's. I think I've decided to grab a 'decent' chi-hi set instead, while the tech matures. Plus I only really intend to use them at the gym.

    I'm thinking the Mifo 05, Anbes 359 or the QCY QS1. Which is the best SQ, not interested in anything or than SQ and fit. After a balanced sound, but must be able to produce good controlled bass.

  2. SaveTheMantaRays
  3. chompchomps
    Not sure how I'm going to confirm BT 5.0 though
  4. actorlife
    I tried paying with PayPal and no discount. Darn no volume control. I guess I should get the QS1 instead since there no difference except the new cooler case.
  5. ricarva
    Are you able to list all the different tips you included in the picture (supplier/model)? I think I need to find some alternative ones for my new Galaxy Buds.
  6. actorlife
    Get the anbes 359. It's fantastic for the price. Look a couple pages back for my mini review. Also good call quality.
  7. BigZ12
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  8. SaveTheMantaRays
  9. d3myz
    I actually own the t1 pro BT 5.0 version. Seems like i'm the only one around here with them, LOL. I really like them, the sound quality is surprisingly good, nice highs and mids, balanced not boomy bass, fantastic for audiobooks as well. These are my every day buds right now. I've ordered 2 sets of t1c/ts1's so i'll be able to compare soon. but for $10 more you get a much nicer case with 500mah bigger case battery and I think the form factor of the Pro's is nicer looking. Just my 2 cents.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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  10. d3myz
    I found the T1c/T1s on ebay for $11.99 ordered them yesterday and they just shipped. :thumbsup: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173851423886 There were another pair for $9.59 but it looks like they are gone.
  11. hifi80sman
    For what it's worth, I've connected the following devices to my iPhone (Xs Max) and verified it defaults to AAC:

    - Sony 1000XM2 & 1000XM3 (verified via companion app).
    - Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT & ATH-DSR9BT (verified via "codec light" on headphones).
    - Audio-Technica M50xBT (verified via companion app).
    - Radsone ES100 (verified via companion app).

    If you also have an Android device and it defaults to AAC, I think it's reasonable to conclude it also defaults to AAC on iOS.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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  12. mikp
    before everyone goes crazy..those qcy ones have been on joybuy for 17 and 20$ for some time. Also ebay..when its too cheap you get nothing usually. Just waisted time +-45days and lost money in currecy\card fees IF paypal refunds.
  13. BigZ12
    There's no QCY T2C on Joybuy...
  14. mikp
  15. BigZ12
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