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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. webvan
    That link didn't work for me but I found them with a search for "Tiso i4". They look really compact. No info on what kind of tips they ship with, foam like the M2, or silicone ?
  2. actorlife
    These are also usb-c. They will be here on Tuesday. Can't wait. Fun Fun Fun.
  3. Bartig
    According to one seller, the QS1 and T1c have different chipsets. The QS1 is supposed to be more stable. I have tried both for a very long time and they are the same in every aspect. At least on iPhone, maybe the codec for Android is different.

    Both are fantastic for their money. Well balanced sounding, nice supportive bass, fairly detailed and very comfortable. Pairing is a breeze too, and the case is way less clumsy than any other twe I've tried.

    They are the one to get. :)

    I haven't tried them myself for that, but got some feedback from the many people I recommended this set too. Sporting is not their strength. Much sweat will make them slide out.

    They NAILED it with the QS1/ T1c. Best value for money in the entire industry. :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  4. chinmie
    i have their wired qy19 that still works to this day, but i did had their q29 which connection is patchy but actually sounded not bad at all, but i did sold it. this T1C has a better reviews, so fingers crossed

    i have 75% success with Realtek tws so far. love the mifo o5 and sabbat x12, but encounter battery charging problem with the sabbat e12 (the master unit can only charge to 20% and dropping fast, making it unusable)

    the Mavin is good, i like it. the Jabra is also good, but my main problem is the finicky fitting and sometimes the sound is louder on one side. i also prefer the e12 a bit more than the jabra (if only the battery isn't broken)
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  5. hifi80sman
    I updated it from the most recent iOS (iPhone Xs Max), but I updated from 1.22; I was never prompted to install 1.23 prior to the most recent update, nor did I realize 1.23 was out!
  6. smaragd
    Anyone with the Sabbats know how to change the language of the voice prompts? They were originally in English but when I took them out of their case yesterday they somehow switched to Mandarin Chinese... !?
  7. smaragd
    Replying myself in case anyone else is looking for this... found out by accident.

    Quick press the button 5 times and it'll reply the current language mode... quick press 5 times again to change... in my case it went from Chinese back to English.
    Repeat the same for the other earbud.

    Shouldn't be surprised if this would work with other Chi-Fi brands as well...
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  8. chinmie
  9. Bob24
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  10. mikp
  11. Zlivan
    I use them for running almost every day. With the short, spherical foam tips mounted backwards, they absolutely don't move and there is less thumping than with the silicone tips.
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  12. mikp
    I find the mavin has better sound and volume than the jabra, but jabra is the better complete package. Did check and I had the qcy t1, pure trash tws. Constant cut outs, got the money back and threw them in the trash.
  13. urii
    x12Pro - can disconnect and connect earphones, without removing them from from ears - to press at the same time left and right it is long (2 sec).
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  14. chinmie
    this one i do know, and indeed this is one of the most useful perks of the sabbat (mifo also has this). combined with the long battery life, it can basically survive a day using it without the need to use the case
  15. Aeneas
    I saw this thread a few weeks ago while I was weighing up whether to buy Beoplay E8 2.0.

    I’ve owned several wireless earbuds now, so here are a few thoughts. Unfortunately I haven’t really compared any side-by-side, so this is from memory.

    Wireless earbuds were/are for the gym (including a long walk to/from) and running.

    Here are some thoughts. I always use the most recent iPhone and iOS with Extreme Spotify or HQ Apple Music, so the source isn’t a variable.

    B&O Beoplay E8 2.0
    • Fit: Good. No problems running. No risk of falling out. But I have to occasionally reposition for optimal fit (more for perceived fit than actual sound/seal).
    • Comfort: Very good. Slightly bulkier and heavier that MTW, but no fatigue after the first day.
    • Isolation: Good (silicone). No wind noise unless ambient sound is turned on.
    • Sound: Better at detail than MTW. Slightly better all round to my ears. Best I’ve heard (but not as good as even my backup wired Sony XBA-H3 from about 5 years ago).
    • Connection: Solid in general. Occasional crackling and distortion that seems to be caused by interference rather than distance. I tried to re-pair but it it didn’t help. If it continues to annoy me I will reconsider because it’s unacceptable for the price.
    • Controls: Good. No phantom button presses. But on one occasion button presses didn’t register at all.
    • Case build quality seems more premium (leather) but probably isn’t as durable as a plastic one for scuffs.
    • Wireless charging (also USB-C) is a bigger upgrade than you would think.
    • For better or worse, they must be turned on manually each time, and they seem to turn off automatically after a time if removed and kept at a desk or in your pocket.
    • If the crackling persists I will have to reconsider.
    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless
    • Fit: Very good. No problem running. Didn’t fall out.
    • Comfort: Excellent. Very light, so no fatigue.
    • Isolation: Medium. A little disappointing. I think a few extra millimetres on the stem would be better for me.
    • Sound: Among the best of any true wireless earbud I’ve owned, but not at all impressive either compared to wired. Not remotely close to IE800, but it has been about 5 years since I sold mine.
    • Connection: Generally reliable. Some cutouts to the slave earbud in particular gym locations (minimal distances, approx: 5ft). Single device connection. Awkwardly connected to the wrong device when turned on sometimes.
    • Controls: Easy and not painful when tapped. Occasionally failed to detect taps. Touch controls are not good with a tightened hood (running in the rain). Also see issues.
    • Very limited EQ options in app.
    • Transparent hearing never worked.
    • Case build quality was poor. I had a loose hinge and the Sennheiser logo was not straight.
    • After a couple of weeks one earbud kept registering phantom touches that reduced the volume so I returned it. Re-pairing and resetting didn’t help.
    • Ultimately on a par with ACS Encore as the most disappointing headphones I’ve ever owned—I waited months after they were announced and was among the first to pre-order and receive them.
    Jabra Elite 65T
    • Fit: Decent but not as good as MTW or E8.
    • Comfort: Decent but not as good as MTW or E8.
    • Isolation: Good. Slightly better than MTW.
    • Sound: Okay. Not very detailed.
    • Connection: Terrible. Slave earbud would cut out anywhere that had many devices, from gyms to train stations. It would cut out all the time and was unusable.
    • Controls: Easy, but button presses were painful to my ears.
    Terrible connection reliability for slave earbud was terrible so I returned it.

    Jabra Elite Pro
    • Fit: Seemed okay in terms of playback but not secure. I almost lost an earbud several times and that’s never happened with the others.
    • Comfort: Poor. Felt heavy substantial because of HR reader. Fatigue significant.
    • Isolation: Good. Slightly better than MTW.
    • Sound: Okay. Not very detailed.
    • Connection: Quite poor. Cut out at busy places.
    • Controls: Easy but buttons were painful to my ears.
    • HR did not track reliably.
    • Terrible app and firmware update process.
    • Poor connection reliability.
    • Gave it away when I got an Apple Watch (HR).
    I got these for free with an Apple purchase.
    They didn’t fit my ears so I gave them to a friend who says the reliability and ease of connection is amazing.

    Bose SoundSport Wireless
    The fins were awkward to me and they lacked isolation, so I returned immediately.
    Also too much sound leakage for my taste. I know I would only be at the gym or running outside, but it still annoyed me.

    Denon Wireless AH-C160W
    • Fit: Poor. Earhooks were awkwardly shaped.
    • Comfort: Poor. Earhooks did not curve round my ear naturally, so the cable drop was as at a bad angle.
    • Isolation: Ok, but always ruined by fit.
    • Sound: Okay. Not very detailed. But didn’t use much.
    • Connection: The worst. Cut out all the time. Outside while walking or running, and at busy places.
    • Controls: Did not really use.
    • Bad fit and terrible connection.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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