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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Bartig
    These are available under different names, but yes, they all get good reviews. Regular checking Ali to see if I can get one cheaper... and actually delivered in the Netherlands.
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  2. actorlife
    What the lowest price you've seen them?
  3. Bartig
    The same as your stated price. :)
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  4. hifi80sman
    I would have to agree. The 65t has, hands down, the best call quality of the current crop out there. Audio is "solid", but won't "WOW" you. They are like cheese pizza. Good, but I could use some pepperoni.
    I thought you weren't going to buy any more gear? :L3000:
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  5. Slater
    I’m likely taking a new job where I’ll be doing a lot of driving and field service work. 90% of what I own is wired, so it would be nice to have a TWS that I can use for music but more importantly call quality.

    The BT20 is good for music, but not calls.
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  6. hifi80sman
    The MTW are good for music and should be getting a firmware update to improve call quality (and case drain issue). If the update is what it's cracked up to be, it may be a compelling option. Presently, however, I would fully recommend the 65t, especially if the calls are business related.
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  7. actorlife
    If they are $30 shipped please post a link.
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  8. chinmie
    what's their name on aliexpress? do you have any links?
  9. srinivasvignesh
    I understand this quote, but I have to add a word of caution which may be related to Jabra products in general and not specific to 65t, as I have not tried the 65t. In the past, I have tried a couple of Jabra products which did not meet good call quality standards (Jabra Halo smart, Jabra Elite 65e). Specifically, there was very poor management of ambient noise to the person on the other end, despite the marketing claims. Jabra, as a company seems to differentiate between their professional headsets vs their consumer model. For instance, I also use the Evolve 65 which has outstanding call/mic quality. Just a friendly word of caution.
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  10. Bartig
    Oh man, I have way too many favorites on Ali to find it quick again. I'll share when I bump into them again!
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  11. chinmie
    anybody else here who has the E12 can check the battery life? mine is embarrassingly short clocking at around 2 hours of continuous play (especially compared to the X12 and Mifo at around 7 hours). i contacted the seller and they just brushed it off and say that the 6 to 7 hours is on standby only..i think it's a funny and desperate response to avoid dispute.

    it still charges fast, only taking a few minutes to reach full. it makes me think that something is wrong with how my unit charges itself.
  12. C_Lindbergh
    Just got he Senneheiser Momentum True wireless, all and all they sound great, there just some software related issues. I'm sure they will be perfected in the next 2-3 generation.

    Fit/Comfort and SQ is spot on, battery is just decent, software is so so.

    Mine only costed about 190 Euros since i bought them used, not sure I'd pay the full price unless they sit down and fix the software.
  13. MartynB85
    I’m in the market for some new ‘normal’ Bluetooth iems or true Wireless earbuds.

    Too priority is SQ followed by fit and last is battery life. Looks like the Senny MTW is the one to go for?

    How do these buds compare to wired bluetooth iems?
  14. firewatersun
    If SQ is top priority I would go with the Master and Dynamic MW07s. Have had both and personally much prefer the MW07.

    It now comes in 3 more colours :D
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  15. MulberryMadness
    I don’t know what chip(s) are in the QCY in reference to recent post desiring this particular TWE, which has it’s own store on Aliexpress, btw,;but Mpow t6 lists newest ‘entry level’ Qualcomm qcc3026 inside, for just $40 on Amazon currently. And unlike the QCY models, this is ipx7 rated, more likely to survive a dunk into the sink or toilet(cursing last night when I accidentally dropped my cap rt into the bowl after just taking a piss. Same will happen with true wireless for me, at some point, those are going to get dunked into some type of fluids…lol, TMI.

    Given that we can get qcc3026 now <$50, by summer when the more expensive TWE’s start coming with ‘premium level’ qcc5100 series SoC, I’ll bet by this time nxt yr, those Chi-Fi, Mpow or other will have a <$100 model with better integrated functions ANC, using the qcc51xx series & ipx7 or 8 level water resistance. I cannot tell which version of varta button cell is in the Jabra 65 series, but other than super tiny sized Earin, virtually every TWE out there could use a 14mm diameter varta button cell of 85mah capacity, where as almost all are using now, 40-60mah cells.

    Consider size of the US dime coin, smallest diameter in current use…a dime fits into ear of most ppl. Hold a nickel up to your ear for more potential size considerations. Varta A3 gen, 16.1mm dia button cell has 120mah, does 2C continuous discharge (how warm it gets doing that. Voltage drop under that load, who knows)


    With all those stories about Chi-Fi vapes exploding in the news these days, though they use much higher capacity batteries; wonder what the safety issues are with potential TWE if the cells vent/overheat/catch fire?

    Now consider a DIY project of making a Obravo Ra-C-Cu into a TWE, needs some significant current flow/power to make it drive that iem to loud enough levels, with more dynamic sound. Consider that there is a kind of large 21mm dia planar wired iem from China now. Consider if Varta made a nickel coin sized button cell of 21mm dia for say 200+mah. That might enable upwards of 1watt to each side of said TWE, if only for an hour. If those cells could magnetically attach or some other quick change method) to the outside shell of the iem, so that if the runtimes where just an hour, carry a set of charged cells to quickly change out, like ppl do for Every day carry (EDC) pocketable flashlight.

    Could probably make it so, if you don’t mind protruding out from the ear, you could slap 2cells for 10.8mm increased depth, to get even more ‘juice’ to more demanding iem drivers, planar/electrostatic/AMT etc Meh, HiFiman will do that in a few yrs, I predict…replacement for re2000?

    Few random thoughts, which are not really appropriate for the ‘science’ forum, since these links are not for ‘scientific facts’ studies/peer reviewed dbl journal publications.


    Wish ppl would use this as a guide when discussion sound/performance of any given product. ^Very highly recommended read, as it is the following paragraph to this quoted that might ‘blow your mind’

    “To further blow your mind, while you might think that with the range of the audio frequency spectrum being 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the middle would be around 10 kHz. This is an incredibly high pitch – we’re talking pro-level synthesizer territory. The actual middle of the audio frequency spectrum is about 1 kHz. Though this is still a very high pitch – roughly the 20th fret on the first string of a standard-tuned guitar – it is a much more usable frequency than 10 kHz. In fact, 1 kHz is the industry standard “test tone” for audio equipment calibration.

    after you read above article, then you can read this one below, which is at best, imo; misleading:



    “Many instruments struggle to enter this frequency range, with the exception of a few bass heavy instruments, such as the bass guitar which has a lowest achievable pitch of 41 Hz. It is difficult to hear any sound at low volume level around the sub bass range due to the Fletcher Munson curves (Equal Loudness Curves).”

    ^my laptop speakers can’t play the 50kHz sine wave, only does 100kHz, but we have some young/golden ears on HF that seem to claim to hear this no prob, even at ‘low volume’ levels on their iem. 10kHz sine wave sounds extra shrill to my ears old ears, yuck.

    Big gender gap in favor of women when it comes to hearing higher frequencies, and the inability to hear those, especially as we get older…Men are SOL:


    This Google translation from French, this is a person that I think exemplifies that axiom, ‘a little too much knowledge, can be a bad thing’ ie. Knowing enough to be ‘dangerous’ can lead to inaccurate/improper conclusions/assumptions. I could not find any (quick Google search, not close to determinant) articles/posts to dispute these contentions, though I have seen it in others that say similar, that the manufacturer will have to ‘roll-their-own’ like HiFiman is doing to get Huawei’s codec supported on their new wireless headphone, buy implementing their own software app for this purpose.

    “HIFIMAN app as found in the Play Store it will enable the use of hi-res Bluetooth. So you are not limited only to Huawei phones as long as you use our app. Using a phone with built in LDHC such as a Huawei phone, any app will allow its use.”
    ^LDHC also for iOS 10.x or newer & iPhone5 <nice, many apps now require iOS 11 min + iphone6, and will drop support for those this yr also, via Apple’s App store.

    We’ll see if Phy LE 2M with BT5 can do as well as limited 3Mbps EDR Classic mode of BT. Or we’ll have to wait for BT6, years from now, to get true 900kbs transmission rates for LDAC, rather than dropping to much lower rates, with resultant less than true HD sound, etc.


    “3.1 Best for audio = NO
    You've read the previous chapters: waiting for the Bluetooth 5 for twice the throughput and 4 times the range is a good joke.


    To take up this last point: All the beautiful promises made for audio, all the improvements, X2, X4, X8 we are promised in speed and distance for the headphones, all that does not apply to audio, because audio profiles only exist in the Bluetooth Classic. the A2DP, stereo listening profile, is the only one currently and remains only present in this mode. Bluetooth LE has its own profiles, managed differently, very often dedicated to health, notifications or sport, but none manages the audio.

    “The Bluetooth Classic can already reach 3Mb / s, that for more than 10 years. This bit rate of 2Mb / s is, like the 3Mb / s, absolutely not representative of the bitrate that it can provide in music. 3Mb / s provides the Sony Ldac codec at 990kb / s with a margin of safety, not much more... Audio profiles using Bluetooth Low Energy arrive, proprietary at first, but will not be powered by uncompressed audio codecs because this is impossible with a transmission at 2Mb / s.

    If you don’t mind waiting up to a month for shipping, it’s free from the QCY store on Ali, flash sale @$20 expires in 16hrs.


    Amazon @$30, free shipping much faster, 30day return Amazon/fulfilled by.

    Currently I wouldn’t touch RHA TrueConnect with a 10ft pole given recent negative reviews on Amazon with connection problems some are experiencing:


    $40 Mpow T6 with Qualcomm qcc3026, ipx7 rated, and I can get it by tomorrow: https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Wireless-Bluetooth-Waterproof-Headphones/dp/B07MVVFC4T/

    Get it tomorrow $28.79 + 5% coupon, QCY fulfilled by Amazon- ipx4 is a non-starter for me:


    I’m done posting on this site for now-may lurk in the future-or go to other forums; maybe come back when I have time in a few years???
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