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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. nc8000 Contributor
    I’ve totally abandonded med E8 since I got the M2, the only minus on the M2 for me is the shortish battery life, other than that they pretty much tick all my boxes
  2. Rickyearl
    I think it's an ear shape thing for me and the E8s - I tried every tip I've ever seen. It didn't matter what tip I used, they still sounded thin and anemic. If I held my ears out and forward just right, they sounded really good, but then I would let go and back to the anemic thing.

    I posted a couple months ago in here about with some pics comparing the angle of the MTW and E8's - which to me accounts for the difference.
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  3. Luchyres
    I feel like I'm the only one who had this issue with the Earin M2s:

    The Earin, while I liked them, were lacking for me in the sound department - at higher volumes I could hear the metallic sound resonating that I associate with NFMI - always in whichever bud was the secondary follower at the time (it would switch which bud was physically making the noise) and the call quality was not usable for me. Was I using a pair with issues or has anyone else noticed this?

    I really liked them for form factor, but the sound at anything higher than 8/10 with a bassy track I really didn't enjoy them.

    I'm very interested for the M3 - but I do not think that my set was flawed unless it was both buds?

    I'm thinking about trying out the Jabra though I know I won't be stoked on the sound - I am curious about the call quality and just the overall quality of the device.
  4. cityle
    Tip for anybody who would think about buying the ATH-CKR7TW directly from Japan, don't buy it through Buyee. Been 3 weeks of me trying to get my package to be shipped via EMS instead of a costly UPS of 130$CAD (3x time what I was expecting from the table price on their website), I'm still in a dead end. Just when I finally got them to acknowledge that my package respect the conditions for EMS, they now say the package have 3 batteries (when previously they said 2) and that the charging case counts as an external battery even if it's built-in. Gonna send that package to a friend in Japan so he can sends it to me via EMS.
  5. kiwikozo

    What eartips did you use with the M2?

    Using the spinfit cp100 has transformed the M2 for me. Opened up the soundstage, tightened and cleaned up the bass and improved instrument separation.

    They are incredibly sensitive to fit and the eartips. The comply ones provided made them sound very muddy and dull for my ears.
  6. actorlife
    Anyone here buy the Funcl W1? I really like mine.
  7. Bartig
    Awaiting these four lower cost wireless 'phones that actually get great user reviews between all the Chinese garbage.

    Really want to make a sweet sub 50 dollar test. Current favorite, by a landslide: QCY QS1/T1C. Very curious...

    06944F31-41EE-4375-8A8E-4F4DC1620023.jpeg 395BF751-4476-40A9-AB15-DD1FB7265586.jpeg DF996729-F7BD-4DB9-B24B-0926D273A170.jpeg 901F61D1-790D-4CCA-BF1D-8C8CED84FDED.jpeg
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  8. chinmie


    i use these Philips eartips for my M2 (as well as some other iems that i have). it is really soft similar to Sony hybrids but doesn't warm up the sound and doesn't boost the bass slightly like the sony. it has an almost pyramid dome shape, making it really sit flush in my ears.

    i agree, eartips is really crucial for the M2. it could make or break the sound.

    what's the first and second picture? do you have links?
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  9. Temple
    Looking at the Mifo 05 and the Sabbat E12 and wanted to see if anyone here has tested both. Thanks
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  10. actorlife
    Gonna order those QCY T1C as a backup. I've read they are as good as my Funcl W1.
  11. SyCoTiM
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  12. RobinFood
    I am also curious. Both have seen very positive reviews on this thread from different people.

    Still have yet to see a budget sub-100 dollar waterproof set with ambient mode though :S
  13. webvan
    No ambient mode needed with the X12 as they use an open design and unless you're in very noisy environments the music drowns out the chatter. Best running/bike TWEs in any case. Actually if I could keep only one pair of TWEs that would be it!

    Oh and very pleasant Sq too :wink:
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  14. Inear
  15. srinivasvignesh
    And something to add to this. This is great for calls ! I have tried a whole bunch of bluetooth earphones, both true wireless and traditional bluetooth headsets. In my experience, the only headset on which the folks on the other side did not complain has been the X12 Pro. I am very pleased that I have also ordered the E12
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