Frustrated with Clip+
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Dec 13, 2007
I converted a bunch of music from mp3 (for walkman) to FLAC this morning. When I tried to put on my Clip, only about half of it would write to it.

I've tried disconnecting the Clip from my computer and reconnecting it, checked to make sure the card wasn't full (still has over 6Gig free), converted it back to mp3. Nothing worked. I'm using Media Monkey. Seems to be random. After some wouldn't write, others did. I went back and tried to transfer the files that previously wouldn't write, same results.

Any suggestions?
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Is there really a point converting MP3's to FLAC since bits have already be lost? Can it even be done?
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It CAN be done, just results in a much larger file size but equal quality (to the mp3 file). No reason to do it on the Clip because it plays mp3s natively like every other player. I actually transcoded 'up' to FLAC from some iTunes-purchased AAC files (256 kbps) in order to load/play on my Clip a while back because it DOESN'T play AAC files (and I didn't want to do a lossy transcode). Not sure why OP wanted to do that with MP3s though.
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I thought FLAC was better than MP3, and in MM there's the option to convert to FLAC.

When I load my CDs into MM, what format is it? I couldn't send some of my music to the Walkman after importing it from iTunes. When I converted it to MP3, I was able to send it to the Walkman. Does this make sense? Maybe I'm not remember it correctly. It's been a very stressful few days, and my brain is a little fried.

So should I reload my CD into MM, and then convert to FLAC? Or do I not need to convert it at all when I've first put it into MM?

Sorry for the uninformed questions. I'm probably not being clear. I know I'm not thinking as clearly as usual.
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Okay, I'll try to clarify after stepping away for a few minutes. I know FLAC is a better file, being lossless. Of course it makes sense that converting from mp3 to FLAC results in lesser quality. I didn't think about that when I was doing it. When I rip a CD to MM, it asks what format I want to use. Music I've gotten from iTunes was AAC. When I had trouble with my Walkman, I converted everything to mp3.

Geez, I'm not usually clueless. Not the best day. Thanks for your patience!
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ideally you should rip all your cds to flac for archival/playback on your computer. once you've done this once, you should never have to touch your cds again.

and once you have a lossless source, it's makes creating lossy files for portable devices so much easier. i don't use MM but i imagine you could probably covert your flac collection to mp3 with just a few clicks. and when doing the conversion, i'd never use the player as the destination. i'd use a temporary location on your computer first and then move the resulting files when conversion is complete.

although you could use flac on your clip+, i think it's a horrible waste of space for no perceivable benefit. but that's just my opinion. you might want to try a few flac files and compare them to mp3 on the player yourself. if you think flac sounds better, who am i to argue?
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Back to your original question though.

I've never had this happen with my Clip or Clip+. Have you tried just dragging and dropping? That's what I've always done and it's always worked pretty flawlessly.

And please tell me your going to delete all those MP3-->Flac conversions.
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I was also thinking it could be something to do with MTP (assuming that's what you're using). I would also suggest using MSC and just drag and drop. If that doesn't work, you might want to reformat the Clip+.

As for the MP3 to FLAC question, I would also recommend deleting those FLAC's. Once you have a lossy source like MP3, you shouldn't re-transcode unless there's an issue with compatibility (ie. the AAC example mentioned).
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Originally Posted by DLRStudio /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yup, deleting the MP3 to FLAC conversions
Thanks for all your help!

The less junk on your system, the better!
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As it sounds like you've figured out by now, mp3 -> flac is backward.
You're just pointlessly increasing the file size (I think it might increase - I never actually tried it

In the future, rip to FLAC, and then you can convert to whatever you want for your portable.
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^That's how you gotta do it
And I would also suggest using the Drag and Drop method (MSC). I use mine with Media Monkey and haven't had any problems so far, try copying smaller amounts of music at a time and see how that works for you

Oh and FLAC is where it's at
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Just so you know, you don't loose any sound quality when transcoding MP3 into FLAC, since the original soundwave is always kept with lossless comprimation.
So; Same quality -> bigger file.

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