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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. trellus
    @Romko Levytskyi 
    I don't own the T50RP and T40RPM, so I'd trust @c61746961 first, but I just want to second his characterizations on the T50RP and T20RP, both of which I do own, both with respect to sound signature and leakage characteristics.
    I actually use the T50RP MK3 at work precisely because they leak significantly less than my Senn HD 600 or Grado cans, and I have an office mate that I don't wish to disturb; I only use the more open, leakier 'phones when he's out.
  2. Romko Levytskyi
    I'd trust people with similar music taste. That's why i mentioned all criterias, and not just 'What should i choose? ' :)
  3. Romko Levytskyi
    Hi @antdroid !
    Yeah, I'm the same person. :)

    That time i tried to choose between Sines and T50's.
    I think the latter will suite me better, but after reading the differences between T40/T50 I was confused a bit.
    People say contradictory things about them.

    From what I read here I'd now choose T50's and a Brainwavz Sheepskin because of 'fun' sound, a small leakage and also bigger modding capabilities.

    Want to thank you all for your help @c61746961, @ProfFalkin, @antdroid as you made it all more clear to me.
    antdroid and ProfFalkin like this.
  4. marcan
    I bought the new t50rp mk3 when I compared the Sines with my old t50rp. For a fraction of the price the t50rp was better than the Sines for me. 
    Now the Sines are more portable, has a better look and are easier to drive. Otherwise, if you look for the price/sq the t50's are way better.
  5. Romko Levytskyi
    If they ever decide to produce over-ear version of Sines or not such premium leather product it will be very popular i think.
    I know Audeze is all about high-quality, premium headphones and that's their niche for sure, but some people just need great sound, nice soundstage and comfort; nothing more.
  6. marcan
    I do have LCD2.2 and love it but sometimes I prefer the new t50rp mk3. While the old t50rp model was rather mid centric, the mk3 is not.
    The LCD2.2 is very precise, have a huge sound with lots of headroom and deep bass, but sometimes the mk3 is more fun, go figure.
  7. OSiRiSsk
    I just joined Fostex T50rp mkIII club.
    HOLY **** !!!! Haven't been this excited about headphones for a while..
    for me, the stock pads didn't work at all - uncomfortable within 30 min, huge clamping force, pads too shallow..
    changed to pair of brainwavz and everything is perfect.
    These are really special - they compete with much pricey headphones out there.
    I will need to calm down first, but then I'll have to think about whether I should keep my Beyerdynamic T5p - yes, there are THAT good! We'll see though...
  8. Romko Levytskyi
    Wow, are they so good really?
    I mean headphones which are almost 5x more expensive lose the duel.
    Anyways congrats, will also join you soon, just ordered pair of T50's too.

    Btw. what Brainwavz pads are you using?
  9. Dimitar
    Hello guys i'am amateur producer in FLstudio 11 i change mu perspective and i wanna start with Ableton i really want to be a professional producer of trance music.
    I have experience 2 and a half years working as a professional sound technician and same time for Fl Studio learning. I'am interested about pioneer se-dj5000
    for reasonable price 100$. Are this headphones are good for producing trance i need some help ? also my friend talking for Kingston HyperX  but they 
    are gameing headphones 8.1 surround sound and is for same price of 100$ which ones are betther i don't know can i make quality sound with gameing headphones?
    it sounds funny to me i need some advise 
  10. Romko Levytskyi
    @Dimitar, I'm not a DJ and don't know how the DJ headphones should sound (a lot of bass probably, ha-ha)

    But my friend is, for many years. He's using Sennheiser HD 25 now and says he's very happy with them.
    Of course they cost $200+ but you can take a look at them.
  11. OSiRiSsk
    It's fair to say that I have extreme demands for comfort.
    I have these for T5P
    With these the comfort is superb - unbeatable in comparison to anything I've ever had.
    I have these for Fostex
    With these the comfort is really good, acceptable for most people - due to stronger clamping force and worse headband it's still no match to T5p though.
    So..after I calmed down a bit and listened to couple of songs:
    Fostex : soundstage !!!, bass with impact and rumble - makes it really fun to listen, yet not leaking too much into other frequencies
    t5p: detail, resolution, comfort, tight bass (I love it too!)
    Imaging is great on both.
    The sound quality difference is not so huge as the price difference. The value is definitely on the Fostex side, though Beyer may be superior in SQ.
    Also - FiiO X7 AM2 does not power Fostex sufficiently, plus they do not isolate well (I hear every street noise) - so it's a no-go for me for portable use.
    Anyway - you can really start looking forward, these are amazing :) !
  12. 10kredline
    Damn, it's been 4 months now and I still haven't received the $50 rebate from Fostex yet. Has anyone received theirs yet from the previous rebate program back in July?
  13. vcmusik
    I actually did receive my check last week. It will be issued by American Music & Sound. 
  14. Romko Levytskyi

    If you think your amp doesn't power them, I'd recommend you to look at Dacport Slim on massdrop, it seem to be powerful enough for every headphones, and also has a decent sound chip. it costs only 100 bucks. I've ordered one already, waiting them to ship.
    will post here my impressions after.
  15. 10kredline

    When did you submit them? If you dont mind me asking.
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