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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. ngoshawk

    I haven't either, and it has been since July, like you.
  2. apainlessa
    well... I've had my T50s for 4 months now and all I can say is that you need to persevere with them. I couldn't use them for more than 30 min max to begin with. I started stretching the headband from time to time and that definitely helped with the clamping force. I started wearing them "loosely" to take some of the pressure from the top of my head. I kept using them and using them cause I love their clarity and basssss (and sub bassss). I can wear them for longer periods now, I sort of trained myself so to speak haha. I've not mod them and I won't as it looks like they don't respond to modding as much as the older model, from what I read anyway. I'm too scared to have their sound signature altered in any way to be honest. They'll never be as comfortable as my K702s, nowhere near, but then I never bought them to watch films with or play pc games. Critical listening is what they do best, in my humble opinion, and maybe comfort is the price we have pay for that privilege. At their current retail price anyway. Dunno, it's tough love with those little bastards, but yeah
  3. eeagle
    Yes, mine took about 10 weeks, post 1335 quoted above gives a link to check status
    Don't bother w/the brainwaves pads by the way, they changed the wonderful sound signature into something quite dull; back to stock pads in a matter of hours......still sippin' the single malt though.
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  4. 10kredline
    Ok, thank you
  5. antdroid
    I have both and I totally agree with this. The Sines are quite a bit more (I paid $320 USD on sale though) but I think the T50RP Mk3 sounds better and is more comfortable, especially with the Brainwavz sheepskin pads for me personally . I use the Sine as a portable headphone and at work and use the T50RP at home. Great combination for me. 
  6. Chembot3000

    So I followed your suggestions and I think it worked out well:

    I covered all 8 of the vents in the ear cup with electrical tape, then I covered the back vent with another piece with an approx. 3mm notch in it. Deep bass is there in gobs, maybe too much. I may start peeling a couple pieces of tape off the ear cup slots to see the effect.
    I think I understand that covering the back vent reduces that mid bass hump (Ala the t40 graph from innerfidelity) and the ear cup prevents leakage and provides deeper bass. What would internal damping net me? Would that improve mid clarity? I'm thinking of doing newplast on the back of the baffle and some Silverstone foam on the inside back. Are there any potential downsides in doing those mods? Sorry full of questions and thanks in advance for any help!!
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  7. Chembot3000
    I should reiterate what some people have said here and mention that for me, the Alcantara pads, while very comfortable, really sucked the liveliness out of the upper and mid ranges. I'm back on stock pads now. Should also say that I took a punt on some 840s which I removed thicker felt on the back of the pad. It improved the sound for me, but there was something just odd about the sound, which I still can't put my finger on.
    Lastly, I want to give a rec for the Mr. Speakers leather comfort strap; at $15, it really improves the comfort of the t50. Love these headphones!!
  8. OSiRiSsk
    I have FiiO K5 for desktop use which is perfectly sufficient for powering these.
    So I'll listen to these in office/home environment and stick with my IEM for portable, but thanks for the advise :)
  9. marcan
    I also covered the in ear cup vets. But with all the vents covered the bass was too invasive, messing up with the midrange. So 4 vents covered rather than 8 was a good compromise making the t50's less dry than stock.
    Now regarding the pads I tried several but I get back to the original ones. Actually, the driver on the mk3 is already a bit more distant than before making thicker pads sonically unnecessary or even too drastic.
  10. OSiRiSsk
    I agree that stock pads sounds great, but I envy those guys who can use them.
    It's unbearably uncomfortable for me within 30 min.
  11. marcan
    Did you make something for the headband. This was the problem for me.
  12. ProfFalkin
    I'll second that.  I couldn't use mine if it weren't for that comfort strap!   I shave my head, and most textured cloth or pleather just rubs my noggin wrong after a while.   The strap eliminates all pressure points and is sooo comfy.
  13. OSiRiSsk
    Headband isn't superb but totally acceptable for me.
    The problem is the pads - they are too shallow and the opening is not too wide for my ears to fit in. This combination makes the Fostex T50rp classic on-ear phones with big clamping force - which is something my ears can't stand :/
    Can comfort strap reduce the clamping force in some way? That could possible help.
  14. ProfFalkin
    No, it won't.
  15. walbum4262

    You can bend the metal strip inside the headband to ajust clamping force, you just need to apply some prober pressure
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