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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. c61746961

    Definitely taping the baffle ports (ear side) should be your first consideration, that will increase bass in general. To reduce bloom you can fine tune cup venting, a small vent (1-3mm) will help.
  2. marcan
    I'm also interested in the sub amelioration. Where is the baffle port (ear side)?
  3. Primus2112
    Sound question... 
    Ok so I have done a few tweaks and have been using on more Mw powered amps. But what am I missing or rather the sound signature is a bit hard to pinpoint. From all the headphones I have. 
    The T50 Mk3 is sweet, but sometimes the sound is neutral then it just accentuates certain spots in songs. I guess this is spatial imaging versus soundstage? The high treble seems to be lacking yet the mids are not that pronounced. Maybe its the planar nature. 
    Short of it is that these headphones may be great for mixing or certain music especially well mixed (modern mixed) music and even Michael Jackson stuff!!!. But I will take my SHiPs for overall fidelity and or a few of my other phones for Rush, Led Zep and the Sen HD598 for songs that need to sound more clean.
    Short of it is ... I love the headphones! But they seem to shine on well mixed / produced music and the other 85% of music it just sounds like blah, dull on bass, missing highs.

    Just a rant.

  4. marcan
    I don't see the T50rp as dull or lacking highs. They are relatively flat. Maybe that's why you don't like them on bad mixes. A bad mix that sounds bad seems normal to me.
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  5. iancraig10
    Primus, are you using those Shure pads as part of your mods? I found the bass a little bit hefty and treble curtailed.
  6. Primus2112
    No I went back to the stock pads... they are not that uncomfortable for me. And the stock pad sound is better over all the other pads I tried.
  7. HotIce
    I keep suggesting folks to actually try before modding. The TRP is a perfect example where, for me, the stock pads are plenty comfortable (like, 4h listening session comfortable).
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  8. iancraig10

    Ditto. I liked the Shures at the start because the bass was so impressive, but soon realised that it was at the expense of the top end, so Zi also went back to stock.

    I can also wear them with no problem.
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  9. Griffith
    It's been a long-time overdue but I figured, or remembered, I never got back to this thread with my thoughts on the Fostex T50RP Mk3 so here they go:
    Out of the box and as soon as you place them on your ears they sound fun. What do I mean by fun... 
    Technically you could say that the lows and highs are very pronounced, specially the highs, but the mid-range doesn't feel muffled or unclear. The practical or more immediate effect is that it enriched all the songs I listened to. When I was first considering these headphones I was slightly concerned because I tend to prefer neutral sounding headphones and despite the pronunciation of the lows and highs they still feel neutral sounding but a livelier neutral sound, if that makes any sense.
    One thing I noticed with them though was that with some types of music (like electronic) or experiences (like gaming) tended to leave me with some fatigue after a couple of hours. This fatigue I believe was both due to the stock ear-pads which aren't as horrible as some make them out to be, but do cause some slight discomfort on my slightly protruding ears after a while and also due to "highs" fatigue. It's a weird feeling that I never experienced before in a headphone but I after a couple of hours if I started listening to electronic music it was almost as if my ears were telling me "please stop with the highs, I've had enough" and to my ears the highs started sounding a bit drowsy.
    So I started reading about the modifications everyone was doing and decided to start off with changing the ear-pads and though I wanted to get some Shure pads that were recommended by Zeos, I had to settle with the Brainwavz hybrid pads. These ones specifically if anyone is interested: amazon link.
    With these pads three things happened:
    1. They became less fun. I think this is mostly due to the highs which became less saturated but it didn't feel as any other part of the sound signature changed immensely.
    2 & 3. They became more comforting and less fatiguing even with long listening sessions. The added comfort of the ear-pads and their shape and components made them extremely enjoyable to hear even when using them for hours on end. Since I installed the new earpads I have not removed them from my DAC/AMP other than when I clean my desk.
    I highly recommend these T50RP MK3 to anyone that appreciates great sound and wants a more fun listening experience but only if they have a headphone amp. When driven from lower impedance devices like my phone, you can drive them up to a decent volume but the sound feels a lot more bland and less enjoyable than it would with a dedicated amp. My Fiio E7 are capable of driving them to an enjoyable level, but they benefit significantly more from my powered DAC/AMP in High impedance mode. It really brightens up the sound.
    With that caveat in mind, I highly recommend these headphones even to people that prefer neutral sound signatures.
    Ah so true, Im sure there is peak in high frequencies in stock pads that makes this fatique effect. I actually had it sometimes with my k701 also. but they have lot of high frequencies and in Fostex headphones its more peak that makes it
  11. Romko Levytskyi
    Hi all!

    I recently decided to buy planars and i'm stuck between T50's and T40's.
    Can someone please help me to choose.
    Some say they enjoy T40's more, T50's seem very `ugly` to them.
    While others say T50's are much better/more flat.

    Criterias are:
    - 'Fun' sounding but not emphasized highs/mids.
    - Not very loud (if T50's) because I plan to use them in office (but if not big sound leakage - it's ok).
    - I prefer mostly metal/punk/rock music, but actually listen to almost every kind.
    Now I own Senn Momentum On-ear, and they sound a bit muddy in mids/bass and again highs are good but a bit fatiguing.
    Therefore i need more relaxed sound.

    For pads I'd choose between Shure HPAEC1540 Alcantara and Brainwavz Sheepskin Memory Foam pads (not shaped)
    As i've read here some are suitable for open/semi-open while some aren't. Which of these are suitable to which headphones?

    Thanks in advance!
  12. antdroid

    You're not the one I've been replying back and forth with on Amazon are you?
    From what I've read here, not many seem to own the T40s or if they do, they're hiding. I've only tried the T50 and I modified my other set to open the vent holes like the T20. I havent tried to cover it fully like T40s yet. The T50 has a little leakage but it's not bad at all. I have used it in the office without any complaints.
    I listen to a lot of rock music -- Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Muse, Dylan, Explosions in the Sky, and New Wave, and 50s jazz, etc and it's wonderful. I think these sound great all around for most all genres.
  13. HotIce
    I own the T40, and I am not hiding [​IMG]
    Can't tell the difference with T50, because I do not own them.
    And even if I did, why would you base the purchase of one or another based on another one opinion?
  14. ProfFalkin
    I have the T20RP, 1540 pads and Brainwavz Sheepskin / hybrid / velour angled and straight pads.   The 1540 pads are by far the better sounding, and comfort is excellent.   I am all over the place with music too (some classical, metal, rock, some jazz, punk, oldies, EDM/trance, etc...) and have no complaints at all with this setup.  They're on my head as I type this, in my office at work.   (Shhh... don't tell my boss.)   Sound leakage isn't an issue for me, but I don't have anyone sitting closer than 6' from me either.   FWIW, hope that helps.
  15. c61746961

    Flat = T40RP
    Fun = T50RP
    Bassy = T20RP

    Be aware that you can turn a T20RP into a T50RP by adding some cup vent damping and vice-versa, but you cannot turn a T40RP into anything else unless you remove the piece of plastic that is heat-fused to the cup vents, which can turn out ugly if you're not careful / experienced.

    T50RP leaks very little unless you listen to music very loudly, T40RP less so, T20RP more so.
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