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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. Primus2112
    Very cool!
  2. antdroid
    Thanks. I actually messed up clear coating it and i decided to take the whole thing apart (now I gotta learn how to solder properly), and sand it down and restarted with a metallic bronze color and clear coat that should be better overall. Unfortunately, I had taken a few screws off and set it in a box outside and a freakin gush of wind blew it off. I managed to find 12 of the 14 screws. I have to figure out where to get two more. 
    Oh well, fun project! I'll probably use this time to fill in some foam or what not in the cup as well. I removed the filter as well and will probably sub it with something else.
  3. Primus2112
    Cool! Looking forward to the result. Sorry about the screws! I hate when that happens!!!
  4. Primus2112
    Hi all,
    So after trying the Cosmos pads as per prior pages in this thread. I ended up washing them with dish soap and rinsing and then throwing in the dryer with clothes. 
    RESULT... YES they shrunk a bit and got less plumpy! I tried them on and something was just off, in particular the bass as expected of course. But as I had mentioned prior I am a big fan of the stock pads so I went back to those. 
    Then I received the Generic Shure 1840 pads!!! So they are a bit smaller and I had a TOUGH time putting them on, but once on they felt comfortable but not plushy. Although thinner than the cosmos there was just again the sound not shining through as I wanted it. Bass was too light. (I even tried these on my M50x for the fun of it and the bass thud was gone! So I took them off as well. lol) 

    So short of trying the other alternative- the Shure Alcantara pads. Of which I can't afford to get or really want at this point in time....
    I am done!!! (for now???)

    I settled for the stock pads with a little bit of memory foam material wedged in the rear of the pads and just sized to cause a few air pockets on either end so as to give me some air for soundstage. And also with this I find that this solved my slight pain after long wear on the rear of the outer top part of my ears.

    The Mr Speakers Leather band helps with comfort too. 

    Inside I also removed the thin felt paper from the top part of the inside of the baffle plate that controls some of the bass. I left the bottom ones alone. The removal of the felt exposed two circular holes to affect the bass. I feel that now the bass is not wobbly - for lack of a better word.
    I reattached the felt that was on the lower vent ( I had it removed prior ) on the outside side vents.

    So yes I am done! lol. Now where is my rebate check that I have been waiting about a month for??? :)
  5. antdroid
    I am thinking of getting the Brainwavz Sheepskin Leather pads for my Sines. I may try them out for the T50RPs too. But we'll see....
    I just finished painting, I think, my T50s. I seriously dont know how many times I've painted, sanded down, repainted, and re-sanded the past few days because I either didn't like how it was going or I messed up somewhere along the way. Anyway, I settled on a Steel color. I still have to re-do the cables at some point. I don't know if acrylic is the greatest on it.
    I ended up using an acrylic brushed on paint to give it a brushed metal look, and rustoleum clear coat enamel with three full coats on it.
  6. Nick-s-f
    Very nice!  
  7. vcmusik
    I've made an interesting discovery that some of you might be able to try for yourselves. I received my TH-X00 Purplehearts today, and I swapped out the stock pads with the ZMF Omni pads that I originally bought for my MK3s. I then had a lightbulb moment and proceeded to put my stock X00 pads onto my MK3s. Holy crap. I got back the intimate, close soundstage that I had lost with the ZMF pads (which might not be a bad thing depending on your tastes, but it was one thing I missed), and it's still much comfortable than the stock MK3 pads.
    Just be careful if you're going to try this, the X00 pads are a bit tough to get on the MK3s, but with a bit of patience they'll fit. I recommend starting from the top and working your way down the front (clockwise on the left earpad, and counter on the right respectively. Since the X00 earpads are much thicker in the back half than the front half, I was afraid of the soundstage and imaging being a little wonky since the fit would theoretically angle the drivers inward at the front, but for reasons I don't understand, it doesn't seem that way in practice. 
    I'll also add that the bass seems to be noticeably improved with the X00 pads, and dare I say, I can hear just a tad more sub-bass. Hope someone out there can also give this a try and chime in. 
  8. Pahani
    Oh, thanks!! My Purplehearts are still enroute, but I do already have ZMF pads (and Lawton kit) waiting for them. I'll definitely have to try the X00 pads on my T50's as you suggest.
    vcmusik likes this.
  9. Turhuuksia
    So basically you made a th500rp
    vcmusik likes this.
  10. antdroid
    I screwed up one of my T50s a bit but decided to remove the stereo jack and put in two mono jacks in each cup and it seems to work. I accidentally pulled the white cable a bit too early and ripped the solder pad up and had to attach new solder to the trace next to the original pad but it works. I also removed all the felt and the vent holes are now completely open. It's a bit more bassy than stock but doesnt sound too bad. I'm using this as a bit of test. I'd like to make open back headphones with wood cups in the near future with my extra T50RP Mk3s.
  11. antdroid
    here's a couple photos of the new Brainwavz Sheepskin Leather pads on the T50RP Mk3:
    Really comfortable pads so far. Memory foam inside conforms really well. Leakage is a little higher than using Shure 840 or stock pads. Overall, though, I think these pads make the headphones sound fantastic. Soundstage is bigger, while not affecting tone. Volume needs a bit of a boost. FWIW, I also have put "Floam" inside my cups (and painted them). 
    Primus2112 likes this.
  12. Chembot3000
    So I got some used T50s this past week. First planers for me and they are awesome!! They actually came with 1540s and a mr. Speakers leather comfort strap which I highly recommend. I wanted to know if anyone had done any successfull mods for increasing the subbass. At this point, I've covered 3/4 of the cup vents with electrical tape (leaving just 1 slit open). I also taped up half of the vents/slits on the ear side of the baffle (4 pairs of slits normally covered by gray foam; not sure what people are calling them).
    It seems to me that maybe the pads are the first place to start, so if anyone has pads for increasing subbass, that would be awesome! I was kind looking at the alpha pads or zmf cowskins. Thanks in advance!
  13. rendyG
    Thank you for posting this!
    I finally loosened and then retightened those screws, rattling is now gone. :)
  14. Primus2112
  15. eeagle
    You may want to check the T50RP modification wiki for ideas
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