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    Sony Xperia X Performance and Chord Mojo
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    Sony Xperia X Performance and Chord Mojo
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    Chord Mojo + Astell&Kern AK100 Mk II
  9. Currawong

    DAP-off! Astell&Kern, Sony, HiFiMan, Chord, FiiO, Lotoo, Soundaware, Hiby, Cayin & others

    Round 1: Anakchan kindly lent me some of his gear and I already have a couple of great DAPs on hand, so I thought I'd do an ongoing shoot-out between them. Anakchan lent me: HiFiMAN HM-901 with balanced card. Sony ZX-1. Getting music on to this will be interesting, but I'll figure it...
  10. Sopp

    Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

        Fostex is displaying new RP headphones, model T20RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T50RPmk3 at Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, Germany and NAB in Las Vegas, USA this week. The new headphones feature the refined Regular Phase driver optimized for professional studio monitoring as well as improved ear...
  11. harmonix

    Chord Hugo

    Just got mine in today and will put it through it's paces in the next few days.  Will give it some time to run in (right now 0 hours 0 minutes!!). One thing for sure - very very detailed.   I think there is a typo on the instructions though - DSD files are showing up as purple whereas...
  12. musicday

    Chord MOJO - Review

                          Chord Mojo – Review Ladies and gentlemen and audiophiles please allow me to introduce you the portable Chord Mojo  DAC / Amplifier. Being built from aircraft aluminium,the quality is very high  MADE IN UK as expected from a brand like Chord Electronics, same people behind...
  13. ThomasHK

    *NEW* Chord Mojo (mini Hugo?!)

    Surprised not to see any news about this one here yet!?   Reference-Quality Mobile DAC and High-Level Headphone Amplifier The new Chord Electronics Mojo is entirely designed and manufactured in England. Mojo stands for ‘Mobile Joy’ and Chord is justifiably proud to say that Mojo is a true...
  14. NZheadcase

    Chord Mojo

    Just saw this online, and it seems like there's no thread for this yet.    Could this be a leak of their "secretive new product" Shard Event on the 15th?       Pricing is very interesting as well!   "US retail price $599."...
  15. rudi0504

    Chord MoJo Impressions Thread

    Hi Head Fi Friends I would like to share out the Box Chord MoJo and my personal Impression We have yesterday MoJo mini meet at Chill In Cafe I was as one of the luckiest Audiophile in Indonesia to tried and tested Chord MoJo with some friends yesterday My first Impression Source : AK...
  16. Mython

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

        Mojo users, please Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions and In-Depth Information               Chord Mojo awarded European Imaging and Sound Association's   'European USB DAC/HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER 2016-2017'!      ...
  17. GreenBow

    Chord Mojo issue solutions thread.

    Please post difinitive solutions here. I think it could be useful to have a Mojo fixing issue thread. The Official (Updated First Post) Mojo Thread goes at such pace. The thread grows amazingly in length and finding posts on specific issues can be a challenge. Maybe it's best to leave the...
  18. Chord Electronics Mojo

    Chord Electronics Mojo

    General Information: A contraction of ‘Mobile Joy’, Mojo is a headphone amplifier and DAC (digital-to-analogue convertor) that empowers smartphones to deliver music content at up to studio-master-tape quality. Low-cost, widely available apps, such as Onkyo’s HF player (iOS and Android), now...