1. TommyFro


    Looking to sell a set of MrSpeaker AlphaDogs. I recently received these in a trade from someone who has kept them in as close to mint as I've ever seen. Only selling them as they do not fit my preferred sound signature and I'm looking to tube roll my ZDT jr. Come with the original bag, manual...
  2. Jewmeister

    Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog SOLD

    Previous buyer fell through so y'all have a second shot at these! I have for sale here a pair of Mr. Speakers Alpha dogs in used but excellent condition. There are a few minor cosmetic blemishes and I've attached a pad for an Antlion Modmic (shouldn't be difficult to remove, is visible in...
  3. RoundRound

    Occupy White Walls - open alpha impressios

    Hello fellow audiophiles, I came across this game a few weeks back through a random youtube video and it has grabbed my attention enough that I’ve been playing it pretty often since then. It’s called Occupy White Walls and the devs call it a “PC sandbox, building, A.I. driven MMO where you play...
  4. dxanex

    FS: Mint Norne Audio Zoetic cable - MrSpeakers ETHER / Aeon - Balanced XLR

    Selling my practically new Norne Audio Zoetic OCC Litz cable fir MrSpeakers ETHER/Aeon/Alpha Prime headpones. Fully balanced XLR connector. Measures 4.5ft with Silver and black herringbone sleeve and carbon fiber y-splitter. This cable looks and sounds gorgeous. Didn't get to use it as much as I...
  5. songmic

    FS: HD800 balanced cable - ADL iHP-35Hx-XLR

    Hi, I'm selling my Alpha Design Labs(ADL) iHP-35Hx-XLR cable in excellent condition. ADL is a subsidiary of Furutech, and iHP-35Hx-XLR is ADL's flagship balanced cable for the HD800. It uses cryo-treated OCC copper wire and comes with Furutech's most expensive rhodium carbon fiber plugs for...
  6. Delayeed

    [EU] FS: MrSpeakers DUM Cable - Terminated in 6,3mm PRICEDROP

    Selling a perfect condition DUM Cable which works with Alpha Dogs, Primes and all the Ether headphones. Retails for 200$ Using a balanced cable now so don't need it. Can provide pictures upon request. Buyer pays 90€ + 3.5% for PayPal fees.
  7. Sopp

    Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

        Fostex is displaying new RP headphones, model T20RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T50RPmk3 at Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, Germany and NAB in Las Vegas, USA this week. The new headphones feature the refined Regular Phase driver optimized for professional studio monitoring as well as improved ear...