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Occupy White Walls - open alpha impressios

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by RoundRound, Jun 24, 2018.
  1. RoundRound
    Hello fellow audiophiles,
    I came across this game a few weeks back through a random youtube video and it has grabbed my attention enough that I’ve been playing it pretty often since then.

    It’s called Occupy White Walls and the devs call it a “PC sandbox, building, A.I. driven MMO where you play with art” I know that kinda sounds vague… But the gist of it is that you can build virtual spaces (and they can look stunning) where you display art that you choose with the help of an actual artificial intelligence.


    Anyway here’s the video I came across. I’d love to see what some of you can build.

    PS. The soundtrack is very cool (not sure who's the artist) but fits the abstract nature very well, it’s a weirdly relaxing trance-like experience - at least for me.

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