1. Audeze

    Audeze Inaugural Livestream

    Audeze will be hosting our first Twitch/YouTube livestream ever on Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00pm PST! Viewers are encouraged to ask questions as Jaren and Grover from the Audeze team beat each other up in Brawlhalla. We’ll be streaming on Penrose headsets, so for those of you wondering if...
  2. Rolley

    Upgrade from HiFiMAN HE-4XX (or your favorite fun headphones under 500)?

    Hey guys, I've had my HiFiMAN HE-4XX for about 18 months now and before this I used Sennheiser HD6XX and Beyerdynamics DT770 (80). I've enjoyed the HE-4XX the most by quite a large margin. To me, these are a fantastic fun headphone with a decent amount of bass which I like. I'm looking to...
  3. xdeedledeedoo


    Hi, this is my first post on these forums and I'd like some help with my ATH M50X headphones. I was first using a bad "gaming headphone" that i got for like 30 euros and wanted to get better sound quality. I decided to go with the ATH M50X headphones and connected them to my pc. They sound...
  4. Thenewbie76

    DAC/AMP for nintendo switch and Sony PSP?

    So I am trying to find a dac/amp for my gaming consoles.I was thinking about one of the creative dac/amp because my friend showed to me that he can use the sound blaster E1 to connect to his PSP using the line in however I would probably go for one of their higher end model. Also a DAC/AMP for...
  5. N

    Need help finding a new headset ( old broke )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music ( all kinds, mostly...
  6. Playstation


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  7. G

    Sennheiser 598sr vs beyerdynamic custom game Vs mmx 300 Vs dt 990 pro

    Hi guys, I am planning to purchase a new headset or headphone to play fps games due the fact my Logitech g930 is so old. By your experiences, considering I search for a good audio quality + good mic, which one of these options you guys think is better? Beyerdynamic Custom Game (headset): 200...
  8. smallcaps


    As an avid Pokemon trainer, I've been playing the Pokemon games since I was a kid. Now as an adult, all my Pokemon dreams have come true with the advent of Pokemon Go and the latest feature releases of 2018. As it's a social game, I hope that I can find some like-minded trainers here, at my...
  9. T

    Help find wireless headphones for watching movies, home theater use.

    I need help finding good headphones that I can use for watching movies/series, listening to music and a little gaming. I've done some digging and was not able to find an answer that I am confident in, or that could make me feel like the headphones I am looking at is the ones I should buy. Just...
  10. RoundRound

    Occupy White Walls - open alpha impressios

    Hello fellow audiophiles, I came across this game a few weeks back through a random youtube video and it has grabbed my attention enough that I’ve been playing it pretty often since then. It’s called Occupy White Walls and the devs call it a “PC sandbox, building, A.I. driven MMO where you play...
  11. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software that will auto-select the sample rate and bit depth based on the song/game?

    My Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 came with a default of 16 bit, 48,000 Hz, but I changed it to 24 bit, 48,000 Hz. I was just curious if there was a piece of software that would know what settings were best when. (BTW I know little about sample rate and bit depth so I apologize if this was a stupid...
  12. R

    HTIB / AVR suggestion for Music / Movies / Games

    Hello Friends, I am new here and sorry if I post anything wrong or if I am not clear. I am from India and my brother is coming from USA on November 15th. I know he is coming before the best sale Few days back I was in showroom and I heard yamaha yht 196 sound and I was really impressed. I...
  13. B

    How can i balance sound to be around 90% in left phone and 10% in right phone?

    Hello, this is rather complicated one. First things first, i use Tascam TH-02 with a soundcard. I'm mostly deaf on my right ear and i wanted to play with headphones over speakers for various reasons, but when playing 3D video games, i couldn't hear anything that was at 3 o'clock of my...
  14. Light - Man

    A Bit of Music and a Bit of Fun

    Here we go Guys a new thread called: A Bit of Music and a Bit of Fun Hoping for some good music (and different music) from all parts of the world in any language. No rules - just music or video links and a bit of fun...
  15. lilfatty

    Three Word Story

    Rules: You are only allowed to use three words! Let's see how long we can keep this going...   Cats taste like
  16. wuwhere

    Band Name Game II

    Same rules as before.   Name a band or artist who has a name that begins with the same letter that ends the name of the band or artist of the previous poster. For example: If the band I name is "Guns N Roses", then the poster who followed me would pick a band name that begins with an "s"...
  17. DLeeWebb

    Music Game IX

    After 1586 pages, "Music Game VIII" has been closed. May it rest in peace in the archives of "musical competition." Let's see if there's any interest in "Music Game IX." Let the games begin! I'll give the name of a song and the next person has to name a song using any of the words in the song...
  18. Netminder

    TWO WORDS (game) Please keep it clean.

    Ok, here is the game(got it from another forum). You can use only 2 words, and only 2 words to make a long story about anything, but keep it clean. I will start with the next post.