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  1. smallcaps
    As an avid Pokemon trainer, I've been playing the Pokemon games since I was a kid. Now as an adult, all my Pokemon dreams have come true with the advent of Pokemon Go and the latest feature releases of 2018. As it's a social game, I hope that I can find some like-minded trainers here, at my favorite hobby community.

    If you are a Pokemon Go player, or just love Pokemon, this thread is for you! Please feel free to share your trainer codes, and please feel welcomed to add me:

    1782 0132 4124

    What do your PVP teams look like? How's your shiny collection? Share your experiences, tips and stories and happy hunting!
  2. wink
    pokemon go..? where......?
  3. smallcaps
  4. Spareribs
    Pokémon is cool but I prefer Miss Piggy

  5. Svafrlami
    Can't wait for Pokemon Sword/Shield. I'm also willing to do wifi battles on the 3ds if anyone is interested :).

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