Band Name Game II
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 26, 2008
Same rules as before.
Name a band or artist who has a name that begins with the same letter that ends the name of the band or artist of the previous poster.

For example: If the band I name is "Guns N Roses", then the poster who followed me would pick a band name that begins with an "s", like perhaps "Spinal Tap". The person who follows "Spinal Tap" would name a band that begins with a "p". And so on, and so on. A few simple restrictions to keep in mind: the band or artist name you pick must begin and end with a letter from the English Alphabet. No numbers or symbols, please! Also do your best to not repeat band names on the current page of the thread you are on. Also, please take turns with other players. Please do not make post after post tacking on to your own posts in succession.

Ok, I will prime the pump!

My band name is:
Pink Floyd
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