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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. kintsaki
    I would greatly appreciate a description of the differences, You may use whichever pads you prefer. Just let me know which amp you will be using.
  2. kintsaki
    Thanks a lot. Could you please define "warm"?

    I am using 30 or more DSP's some more than once to add analog "color"
    associated with vinyl, tape, and tubes or to amplify various areas of the frequency
    response in order to bring out details hidden in certain recordings with non optimal or different
    mastering than the one I would have done.

    The T20 responds amazingly well to any changes no matter how small or how large or how "silly".

    The only thing wrong that-may not really be the fault of the T20-is that some times with some recordings (and I do listen to many somewhat old YouTube music video clips) at high listening levels
    there are some very short in duration (just the very tip of of the hits of high frequency percussion
    instruments) sharp but moderate level clicks that may be clipping as they are less frequently
    occurring on my friends LCD2's and especially when the 20 Watt class T amp is taken out of my
    amplifying chain.

    1) Is this Orthos clipping

    2) If you could only add one more moded pair given my situation described above
    would you add the Ori or the Alpha? Or would you try a Mid priced (<700 used at Headfi) Hifiman of Ether pair?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  3. mbwilson111
    I looked at your profile page and read your detailed impressions. Very interesting and informative. Thanks for that. I am still trying to learn how to describe the differences that I hear among headphones. I do enjoy different sound signatures but ultimately it just comes down to me enjoying my music.
  4. kintsaki
    Very kind of you trying to give me the advise I am asking for.
    and the fact that you are more of a "MusicPhile" than an "AudioPhile" most encouraging.

    I now have the the T20 and my fully modified M1060
    with my minor variations of Jerg's "Fuzzors" and Ccskipy's "Paper Towel and Pads"
    Three successful professional musicians tell me my M1060
    blows away the LCD2 at any level all the way to 120db.
    However they also tell me my stock T20 clarity and focus
    surpasses the M1060 like the Smeggy Thunderpants was
    surpassing the early day Audeze and Hifiman per
    a Headfonia Review of Smeggy's unit that Fostex loaned them but
    refused to sell it to them as the were using it to conduct the research
    that led to the mk3.

    I totally agree with their opinion and find my mk3 better engaging and resolving than my moded M1060 at moderately high levels..
    What I am trying to decide is if I should invest on a ZMF or Alpha Prime pair
    for even better moderate level listening.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  5. mbwilson111
    I think it was the craftmanship that attracted me most to ZMF. The wood is just so beautiful and I already knew that I loved my Fostex t50rp mk3. I should mention that I listen at lower volume levels than many people on here. Whenever someone mentions what number they have their dap or amp set to, I usually find that my number is much lower if I have that same equipment. Of course that number changes for me depending on which headphone I am using. The Fostex drivers seem to require much more power than any of my other headphones even though their rated impedance is lower that my Beyerdynamics models or my Sennheiser HD 580s. I do not use the Fostex directly out of my daps

    Apparently I have not lost too much hearing acuity over the years... yet...

    Thanks for appreciating the fact that I am more of a "MusicPhile" than an "AudioPhile"

    Because of that I really do not enjoy trying to A-B different headphones or other equipment. It ruins the enjoyment of the music. I can make general observations but that does not always result in me saying that one thing is better than another. I like my music to relax me or energize me depending on my need and I always want it to bring emotion.

    I would also never presume to tell someone what they should like. We are all individuals with different ears and different goals.
  6. kintsaki

    I am also attracted by the beauty of wood and craftsmanship of ZMF.
    So they are different but not significantly superior or inferior. I also
    only care for significant variations that do not require A-B-ing to
    tell the difference and our ears are self adjusting to derive same
    amount of pleasure from not fundamentally different phones.
    I was talking with Zack and he told me that I would probably
    prefer the Blackwood Purple hearts over the Ori's. I believe these
    are quite similar to your Purple Vibro's. So I am going to
    give them a try.
  7. chimney189
    Hello there, new to this thread.
    I started off buying T50 MK3 mods such as the Alpha Prime and then eventually "downgraded" to a T50 MK2 mod with the Mod House Audio Argon.
    I'm curious as to the potential of modding a T50 MK3 headphone.
    I honestly don't know what type of sound signature I'd want to achieve with mods, but experimenting, listening, re-tinkering, etc., sounds like a fun investment.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation?
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  8. mbwilson111
    I am sure you will be happy. Now you have me wanting to listen to my ZMF tonight with my tube amp. I think I have too many headphones. Lately I have been using very efficient ones straight out of my daps.
  9. kcpz

    quick question, will Fiio Kunlun provide enough juice for T50RP mk 3? If not, what other USB Amp/Dac under 150 bucks would be enough, to bring out the bottom end.

    Despite recently trying out more expensive headphones(he400i and isine10) I find myself coming back to the tp50rp. It just sounds so full with the Cayin c5 amp. I also tried the shure pads but didnt like the change in sound.
  11. kintsaki
    I completely agree. The MK III is an original engineering marvel design that trumps "imitator"
    or "impersonators" as I call them and drove most them out of this business of modding the MK II.

    Hiroaki did a fine job and matched the performance of Smeggy's Thunderpants.

    Headfonia even though they are Hifiman and Audeze dealers have written the following review
    titled STANDING OVATION stating the superiority of the Thunderpants.


    I own Thunderpants, ZMF Blackwoods, LCD2's, Monoprice M1060 and Hifiman He-6
    and I just purchased Ether C Flow and Hifiman Edition X V2.
    (I will right my impressions when the new toy syndrome period is over).

    The MK III is just as good if not better than the Thunderpants, clearly not an 8-65k Hz super resolving marvel
    but definitely most musical for most people including me most of the time for most music genres.
    It does outperform Focal Elear, Denon 5000, Fostex TH-900 and Senn 800S, M1060 and LCD2,
    in the studio and in musicality, on par with ZMF Blackwood.

    It has historically been designed as a studio monitoring headphone. It was used by performing artists when recording
    because being so musical would lift them up and enhance their performance.

    It is only my opinion. But I am a pro with 40 years experience own all the phones above
    and any "Wall of fame" that does not have the MK III is a "Wall of Shame"
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  12. Nick-s-f
    The mk3 certainly is underrated.

    Its disheartening when modded mk2 and mk3 variants are occasionally disregarded because they use a "$50 driver".

    ZMF headphones comes to mind in particular as a hallmark of its potential.
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  13. kintsaki
    Only the Ori can play a bit better than the stock MKIII
    drivers are 20$ a pair and there is a dealer everywhere that can sell you all the parts.

    The price hikes and the recent "light" versions are just marketing ploys for the "audiophiles" ( "audiophools" is a better term
    because they think performance is price related)
    Pros do not put up with this BS. (Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD4, Hifiman Susvara etc...).
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  14. Chapp
    I'm working on reading through this thread so forgive me for a possibly stupid question: Does ZMF or other custom version of the t50rp change anything with the drivers themselves? If I were to swap out stock drivers with some out of ZMF Blackwoods would there be any sonic differences? I'm wondering If I can start stock and work my way up slowly to a certain point. Thanks!
  15. Ultrainferno
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