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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. iancraig10
    There could be a channel imbalance due to the cable entering the cup causing an air leak. A bit of silicon to seal it might help.
  2. SpiderNhan
    Thanks for the reply Ian. I've been running mono/stereo tests and frequency sweeps and it seems like the sub bass and bass on the left is more pronounced on the right side. I also noticed that the pushing the right ear cup closer to my head equalizes the volume. I figured out that stuffing foam underneath the left earpad to combat earpad compression fixes the volume discrepancy and sealing off more vents on the left side than the right side has mostly leveled the bass. I'll look into messing with the headphone port, but I use aftermarket cables and adapters that have different fittings so that'll be a last resort.
  3. iancraig10
    The socket connection doesn't make a great seal, so that could well be the problem. You might have to take all the padding out again now!!
  4. SpiderNhan
    I've already removed all the padding. Only things going are mass loading, taped vents, toilet paper over the drivers and Dekoni sheepskin ear pads. I'm not sure if the imbalance was always there or my tweaks caused it, but I've even taken them back to stock, except for the mass loading, and the imbalance remains.
  5. majo123
    I have just changed from the stock pads to brainwavez hybrid pads and I'm glad to say I did , sub bass is more prominent and yes the highs have a very very very slight more sibilance but not enough of a change for me to sweat, I even changed back to stock to see the difference on the highs and I actually believe it's already there and it's not do with the distance of the pad but more to do with a better seal with better pads so I think I just noticed it more or was possibly looking for it? Anyway im pretty pleased with the outcome, im going to buy some hifiman he400i in a few weeks, im worried that the extra cost compared to the fostex t50rp is not worth my outlay, I like the fostex that much.
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  6. mbwilson111
    Also just changed to the Brainwavz hybrids a couple of days ago. Actually my husband put them on for me but it took ages and I heard much swearing from the other room. If you took them off to check the stock and put them back on again you must have some secret as to how to painlessly put them on. There is so much extra material to stuff into the opening and when you get one bit on another bit slips off. Is there a tool to use other than just fingers? Anyway, these will not be taken off again so I am very happy to see your post and impressions. You have satisfied my curiosity as to what the sound differences actually are. I was using them yesterday with my new tube amp so I did not know if any changes were because of that. I had of course used them with other amps. I am very happy anyway! New cable coming today...
  7. majo123
    Yes there not the easiest to fit but once on they stretch a bit.
    I'm pretty pleased I did it, I was reading posts on how the stock are better and how the extra padding i.e thickness was ruining the highs, personally I noticed an ever so slight difference well I think??? As I said I could of been looking for it , i think the better pads just seal better so you notice things more i.e sub bass and occasional sibilance on some tracks but give these a good recording and something powering them with a good neutral balance and they absolutely sing , in my opinion one of the best purchases in all the years I have been buying iems/headphones .
  8. IBJamon
    My stupid cat (well, not stupid normally, but I think he earned this one....) chewed the little orange cable on the right side of my MK3s. I am more than a little upset... he took off a good 1.5 inches also, so I can't just solder it back together.

    Any ideas on a good place to source appropriate wiring to fix this, or perhaps another way to reconnect my right driver?

    Thanks for your ideas...
  9. majo123
    Save yourself the hassle,I just bought a replacement cable thats longer and in my opinion improved resolution slightly and also fitted nicely in the recess from V moda it was only 13 dollars, it looked a bit thin on opening but works and sounds like a charm.
  10. IBJamon
    I think you misunderstand which cable I am talking about.

    Pick up your headphones. Look at where the metal sliding size adjusters are. See that tiny orange (or black on MK2) wire that goes from the cup to the headband? I mean that one.
  11. trellus
    I think he is talking about the exposed, non-detachable wire connecting the right cup to the signal coming in from the left.
  12. IBJamon
    Yes, exactly that.
  13. majo123
    Sorry my mistake I do apologise.
  14. IBJamon
    No worries. :)

    Perhaps any headphone modders out there with ideas?

  15. iancraig10
    Is it too fine to solder a short patch on?
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