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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. kimikaze
    Thanks, although i think i will need to be more careful than you as there is "only" like 55% difference in wattage, but like 300% more dynamic resistance in your case. So at around 1KHz you should get 3,33W per channel and i should get around 12.5W per channel which is a lot more risky. On the other hand mk3 have "only" 92db sesitivity, by today standards low, so there should be more headroom.
  2. Oscar-HiFi
    I also used the Hifiman HE-6 with the amp, and the Ether Flow too :)
  3. kimikaze
    Nice to know, thanks. Also, did you used those planars in balance mode or did you bridge both grounds from left and right speaker channel together(for normal 3-pin connection between amplifier and headphones). Further, did you use any resistor in between amp and headphones, to modify the load of amp(like some speaker amp-headphones converter use: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zTutGI7AC.../s1600/Speaker-amp-to-headphone-converter.jpg ), or did you connect headphones directly?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  4. stellarelephant
    This is a major revelation...that the T50 can handle such power...indeed that they crave it. My headphone amp puts out less than a watt so I'll definitely have to try it and then compare it with a speaker amp. Sadly my only speaker amps are Tripath and they can't have the ground wires combined between channels into a TRS. Only way to use one would be to rewire my T50 for dual mono...

    I am also curious if anybody has used a load resistor to keep the speaker amp happy, as kimikaze suggested.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    I had them connected in balanced, I made myself a z-plug to 4-pin XLR cable with no resistors.
  6. kimikaze
    I see, thanks!
  7. stellarelephant
    kimikaze likes this.
  8. kintsaki
    they are talking about continuous power (RMS) but max instantaneous power for peaks is +6db in other words 12 Watts peaks. You do need 200 RMS into 8 ohms no resistors in between for full potential. Go for it do not be afraid.
  9. stellarelephant
    Lol but I am afraid! It seems to me that using an amp so powerful would be quite precarious...I imagine you'd have to set the volume pot WAY down (thus not delivering anywhere near the max power of the amp anyway) right? I'd be worried that it would be so sensitive even a tiny bump of the volume knob would smoke the drivers.
  10. kintsaki
    As long as it sounds fine you can keep raising the volume up you may go up to 4 o'clock depending on the output from your dac. The amp would not be delivering its rated output (200 at 8 Ohms) because the headphones are 50 Ohms so the amp would be delivering a maximum of
    (200*8)/50= 20*8/5=32 so at 9 or 10 clock if your dac puts out s good output you would be getting the full 6db headroom clean, a 100 Watt into 8 ohms would be 16 watts close to rated headphones handling power. Speakers don't need more than 20 watts yet when driving them with 200+ watts makes them sing and sound live. In fact it would sound so clean that you would want to keep raising the volume. Crank it up and enjoy. Yamaha receivers were rated 125 watts back in 1972 when driving the Yamaha Orthodynamics. It took 45 years for people to realize this and now dethrone the electrostatics. There still is no explanation why the output impedance of the average amp is varying like a yo-yo across the frequency spectrum.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  11. stellarelephant
    Thanks for explaining. So I gather that your 200wpc amp recommendation for these cans comes from the fact that such an amp can potentially deliver 32 watts into 50 ohms, and that running said amp at less than half of its rated output power gives superior THD. In the past I have always heard that below 70% rating is the sweet spot for most amp circuits.

    Well I'll try to muster the courage. I'll probably start with something like 50wpc and work my way up. :)
  12. docentore
    Has anyone compared MK3 to the Massdrop's T-x0?
  13. rikk009
    Hey! I have next to no knowledge about speaker amps. Can you recommend some that doesn't put a hole in my pocket?
  14. ZABAL
    Hey soomeone tested the t50 rp mk 3 with the aune x1s ? the amp is powerfull enough to drive them ?
  15. stellarelephant
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