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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Mbeeching
    I'm certainly not left wanting with the Elear and think I made the right decision (it's currently audio nirvana of the highest order).  I didn't expect headphones over £300 to be such a drastic improvement and I wish I'd joined the club sooner.
    If the timing was better I would try and get down to Headroom @ Indulgence in London this weekend.  Sadly a relative is in hospital at the moment so it's out of the question.
  2. john57
    I thought that I was the only one that thinks that the Elear has a lower treble shout. When I listen to Bach air in G string the higher notes was very piercing which made me to like the Ether flows better. The G string is actually the lowest pitch string on the violin. 
  3. Eduardo C

    The shout is there but I don't find it desagreable, also it seems to be more noticeable with certain amps. With the Mojo it is pretty obvious, but with my 2qute connected to a Musical Fidelity X3 it desapears almost completely.

    I am enjoying the Elears very much. They certainly are not as good a my LCD-4s but very satisfactory nevertheless.
  4. Maxx134
    I have stated this elsewhere and will state it again ...

    This headphone is begging to be modded,
    because it has a structure frame similar to an 800,
    yet it has a fairly small inner diameter opening in the pads...
    You get some big inner diameter pads on these, and watch The Sound stage grow and the bass tilt even out..(!)
  5. Frode Roed

    I intend to chase these two versions:


  6. Audio Addict Contributor
    I won't be considering this anytime soon given the warranty that comes with my purchase through The Source AV.
  7. BrutalLegend
    Does anyone know whether the 4m long Focal cable is made of OFC or OFC coated with silver (that silver coloured layer)?
  8. vilhelm44
    I will be putting my Elear's up for sale this weekend. If anyone is looking to buy a pair, let me know.
  9. lieshout
    This week I bought the elear. Pre-ordered it from focal website in Europe. Finally this week focal Belgium contacted me that is was available.
    Using it with chord mojo. This headphone is very special. But directly out of mojo not the perfect match for my taste. I love using mojo, but prefer to add an amp to the chain.
    It is very different from my other headphone: He6. He6 has lower (and different) bass and is more 'open'. But elear is much more engaging. Hard to explain. Elear is fun and you just want to listen to more music. He6 is almost perfect, but perfect can be boring sometimes :rolleyes:
  10. deutschemark

    Totally agree. Mojo is better when amped. I found the Alo Continental v5 portable tube amp to be a great match.
  11. peterb123

    I have the Beyerdynamics balanced cable (designed for T1 2nd) and can confirm that it works fine with Elear.
  12. deafdoorknob

  13. Frode Roed
  14. peterb123
    The Beyerdynamic cable is 4 pin XLR.
    The 3.5mm plugs on the can side fit well, however, they are smaller and not as tight as the original Elear ones. So it's not the extra lock which holds the cable, but the 3.5mm jack itself.
    Thomann is the largest online retailer of music gear in Europe and a Beyerdynamic dealer.
    The cable you link to is the Beyerdynamic one.
    (They do market lower end stuff under their own t.bone brand.)
  15. Frode Roed
    I would guess one small piece of vulcanization tape on the body of the mini jack might do wonders for additional strain relief.
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