1. bakoon CAP1003

    bakoon CAP1003

    My utmost loving gears, the Bakoon Products cap1003(mini portable headphone/pre amp)
  2. bassheadnewbie

    Bass Booster Portable DAC/Amp Under $200

    A few days ago, I had sold my hipdac v1. And maybe now I'm looking for a replacement for hipdac v1, is there any suggestion? Since I am a basshead, the port 4.4mm and extra bass feature is very useful for me. Thanks
  3. 1649185771501.jpg


    Cap1003 / PFL 3104 / LG V40 Combie for Christian EDM play
  4. E

    Recommendations for EDM headphones?

    I am currently using a V-Moda M100 and try to find some upgrades (must be closed + over-ear). The Denon AH-D7200 and DT 1770 pro seem to be good fits for EDM, right? Do you have any thoughts or alternatives which are sold in Germany / EU ? My max budget is at 600€. The only use case for the...
  5. Z

    Looking for a smooth BASSY arse amp and dac

    Hey as the title says I am looking for a headamp that can function as a preamp to studio monitors. In a best case scenario it would have an output toggle switch or at least logic . What I need is a super powerful bass response with some great macro dynamics and speed. All while being liquid...
  6. T

    Looking for headphones under 3500$ (Music+Gaming)

    I've been using the AD700X, K712 pro, and Audeze LCD-3(with JDS Element 2). The problem with them is that the sound of the AD700X and K712 was too flat, and the LCD-3 was way too heavy... So I decided to sell them all and buy a new one. This one will mainly be for music. but I play FPS games as...
  7. T

    Looking for headphones...

    I'm looking for headphones both for music listening and gaming. For music, I listen to Hip-Hop, EDM, POP, and Rock. Since I will use it for gaming, I want it to have Great imaging and directional positioning. I'm not going to buy them right now, so I won't consider the budget. I currently don't...
  8. T

    Looking for new pair of headphones that would suit my need.

    I was using the ATH-M50X but wasn’t satisfied with the sound and gaming performances so decided to make an upgrade. My total budget is about 1700$, both for gaming and music listening. About music, I usually listen to hip-hop, r&b, EDM, pop, and rock. It needs to have great imaging and...
  9. T

    Best headphones for EDM/gaming?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking to upgrade my headphone setup. I listen to EDM and play games, so I'm looking for headphones with an exciting and clear sound, with a decent/good soundstage. I recently purchased the DT990 600ohm headphones and the murder treble gives me a headache, so I'm going...
  10. 20200804182641_IMG_1636_Signature.jpg


    In Youngsan Iparkmall Wood Stairs park, Seoul. Republic of Korea 2020.08.04 Tue / shot by Canon EosM5 📸
  11. ryry1

    New Headphone Advice (Metal, EDM, Gaming) $800 budget

    Looking for recommendations for a new set of cans. For the last few months I've been using a pair of LCD-2 Closed Backs, and while I thoroughly enjoy for them for gaming and EDM, they have really disappointed me when it comes to guitar tracks - and I'm a huge metal head so this is really...
  12. yuletide

    Midrange IEM for commuting and work for metal & edm

    Hey folks, just spent a week being overwhelmed by all the options that have appeared since my last purchase, when I ended up with the 1More Triple Driver. I love their sound but the left side treble just died so I am searching for a replacement. Things I love about the 1More: Sub-bass extension...
  13. H

    high end headphones for EDM/bass heavy music?

    Hi everyone. I've lurked on this forum for a while and decided to make an account because I really need some advice. I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I listen to a lot of electronic music. Mainly electro, future bounce, future house etc. Are there any headphones out there...
  14. M

    Best headphones for Electronic Dance Music (future house, House, Trance) in 2019 for around $2,000

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've searched and seen this question asked before, but for either lower budgets or from years ago where the landscape has changed since. I want the best headphones for enjoying EDM music. I like bass. I currently own the Beyerdynamic DT770s 250 Ohm for...
  15. Ladytron604

    BEST Wired Closed Ear Headphones for Electronic Music Genre

    Hello all, I am a newbie looking for expert advice on what are the best closed ear headphones under $300 to buy for the R3 Portable HiFi Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player High Resolution Audio Player. Right now my setup: FLAC files on my Hi-Fi Walker using Beats Studio 3 Wireless Closed...
  16. Cactus108

    CIEM Recommendation

    Hello, I'm shopping in the CIEM market under 1400 USD, preferably less. So Far I've been looking at: UE18+ PRO Warbler Prelude Lime Ears Aether I value: Imaging Soundstage/Sub Bass Treble Mids in that order from greatest to least. I currently listen mostly to rap/edm, a good song to give an...
  17. Beolab

    EDM , Techno , Instrumental etc on SACD / DSD ??

    I have searched for EDM , techno , Ambient and similar genres ( Not Classic or Jazz ) that is recorded in DSD for download or primilary for SACD’s , but i have realized that there aren't to many worth buying, so i want to ask here if someone have find or know of any albums in this audio...
  18. Vilhelm

    Bassy Electronic Music

    This thread is solely dedicated to bassheads posting and discussing the various bass heavy music. So get prepared! Bring out the basshead setup, hit the bass gain switch, seal them earphones tight in them canals, whatever is your way to enjoy the deepness... and post them sweet tracks with that...
  19. V

    Need the best iem and maybe an amp

    Hi recently my sennheiser cx street 2 got the right ear quieter and i think its time to change to a new in ear headphone that is the best for edm music ( probably not the shure 215) and thats why im her to get a good recommenadtion for the best iem under 200 dollar or around 153 euro with...
  20. O

    Experiences with Amiron Home and DT1990 PRO?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new (desktop) audio setup. I'm currently thinking: Headphones: Amiron Home OR DT1990 PRO DAC/AMP: NFB-11.28 Mic: Blue Yeti Does anyone have experience with either one or both of the headphones for PC-Gaming and listening to music. Note: I mostly listen to EDM...
  21. Renato Fury

    How does AKG K712 behave with EDM?

    When I was decided to buy the HD 650 Sennheiser decided to release the HD 660 S, and now I no longer see the HD 650 with the same eyes, so I'll leave this update to a more distant future, but now I'm thinking about the AKG K712, my favorite musical genre is EDM but it can be said that I'm...
  22. H

    Giving the gift of HiFi to my man, need headphones

    Hi Again :) In addition to some stuff for me, I got my man a Fulla 2 DAC-amp combo. This is for his work, so something not-theft-invoking and compact. I mean, he's listening to music using a work laptop and USB headpiece! :O We must do something! Could I please be recommended headphones for...
  23. Sonic Steven

    Atticus, Eikon, MDR-Z1R, or Other? For Office Use - EDM, Rock, Filmscores...

    Hello everyone! New member to Head-Fi but have been a longtime guest benefiting from the plethora of information available here. I’m now at the point where I’m thinking of a (serious to me) purchase, and want to hear input from those that have experience with some TOTL cans that could be used...
  24. Sebab

    Audeze LCD-3 vs LCD-X for EDM

    I have been thinking of getting either the Audeze LCD-3 or LCD-X and I mostly listen to EDM. Which one of these headphones would you guys recommend for this genre, and why? What are the main differences in the sound signature between the two?
  25. SourDoughJACK97

    Best DJ headphones?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start mixing in my spare time at home and need some suggestions for a set of solid DJing cans. I'm not looking to spend a ton but I want be able to use them for just listening as well as possibly doing some small house parties. I'm not really sure what makes DJing...