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Oct 5, 2019
Apr 16, 2015
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Bang&Olufsen Store Owner

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Oct 5, 2019
  • About

    Bang&Olufsen Store Owner
    HiFi, Movies, Music, Computers, Tech, BMW Cars , wine ,Michelin Restaurants , interior design.
    Headphone Inventory:
    JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 Phi V2
    Magna planar headphones.

    Stax SR-009
    Stax LX-700
    Electrostatic headphones.

    Probably the two best headphones in the world?

    UltraSone Edition 12 just for easy listening with velvety highs.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Have a SimAudio Moon 600 V2 in all black with blue/green display on order.. coming soon

    Ifi Pro Ican
    Great tactful sound with high transparence and great resolution.
    It sounds thin in the upper mids like a gitarr or voces are very thin bodied.

    Ifi iMicro dsd Black Lable
    Fuller sound than the Ican Pro.

    Sim Audio Moon Evolution 600i DualMono balanced speaker amp, and is
    the best SS amp i have heard with headphones.
    True transparent fluid visceral airy sound, with a great weight and richness.

    Chord Electronics DAVE , have a world class amp !

    Chord Hugo 2 Black -Sold

    Chord Mojo Black, can drive the Abyss, but not to its full potential.


    Wells Audio HeadTrip pure Class A 25 Watt Balanced Headamp, very nice control and attack! Cant handle DAVEś high 6v output, so the input stage are clipping and distorts. It reduce the transparency overall with about 20% in my opinion.

    Chord Hugo Black DAC/ AMP
    To veil and sharp and thin.
    Lacked of power with only 0,5 Watts. .

    AudioValve Solaris World class hybrid Tube / SS Electrostatic / OTL amp 8-12 watt Dual Mono.
    Where a little to warm and soft, and lacked of power in the presentation.

    Woo Audio WA5 Black Ed Tube amp
    Nicely sounding amp, but hide allot of the inner detail in the music, with a warm articulated sound because it is a Tube amp.
    It miss out in transparency and control and attack a little to uncontrolled in the bottom end.

    Cavalli Crimson Tube / SS hybrid
    Lacked in control / you have wished it had a little more drive and articulation and visceral bass.

    Schiit Ragnarok SS Amp 2x100watt 8 Ohm
    it was a little to much Lo - Fi stereo amp sound for me, and sounded very dry and not so musically.

    Sim Audio Moon 430 Neo
    The finish and feeling in the volume nobe is world class, and you can easy be tricked by it and think it have to sound good just because of this.
    But the sound liquid and almost 90% transparent to the source, but the rest of the 10% is to neutral and thin and lacked out in power and control.

    Audio-GD NFB-1 Balanced Class A 2x 7.0 watt @ 50 Ohm AMP ( Mini Master 9 )
    To numb and not so extended in the bass area, and was not quite transparent to the DAC source. Sounds very much like the Sim Audio 430neo but worse.

    Pathos Aurium Tube / MOSFET hybrid 2x 1.1 watts Class A @ 50 Ohm AMP
    Very high resolution / detailed amp , perfect for a studio with headphone monitors, but it did not have any warmth or bass, and run out of power with only 1.1 watt @ 46 Ohm.
    The build quality is world class and the volume got great feeling, but more for Audize LCD-X cans.

    Source Inventory:
    dCS Rossini DAC

    dCS Rossini Master Clock

    dCS Network Bridge clock streamer

    dCS Puccini Player / DAC
    ( Worlds best DSD SACD/CD-player )

    dCS Puccini Master Clock

    Chord Electronics DAVE Black ( Probably the worlds best DAC at the moment ?! )
    Incl Chord Modular Coral alu stand.

    Chord Electronics Mojo Black

    Chord Electronics Hugo Black

    MSB Analog DAC silver with the upgraded Powersupply.
    Modules: Network Renderer / Toslink / Coax S/pdif

    Aurender W20

    Auralic Aries with USB SSD disc

    BlueSound Node II MQA Ready with USB SSD disc

    Wyred 4 Sound Remedy femto Re-Clocker. Awesome product!

    REGEN USB Re-clocker purifier


    Chord Electronics QBD76 HDSD Limited Ed
    Cable Inventory:
    Digital BNC
    MIT Oracle MA-X Digital 1m BNC-BNC

    Nordost Valhalla 2 1m BNC - BNC

    Canare 4k 12Ghz BNC-BNC

    Apogee Wyde Eye A/D BNC-BNC word.clock

    Clearer Audio Silver optimus Reference BNC - BNC

    Headphone cables:

    JPS Labs Stock 4 Pin XLR cable incl 4 pin xlr - 1/4" phono adapter

    JPS Labs Superconductor HP dual 3pin XLR

    DHC Silver Prion4 7 feet dual 3 pin XLR incl. Silver Comp4 - 1/4 Phono adapter and

    DHC Silver Prion4 XLR-1/4" phono adapter cable.

    DHC Silver Banana - 4 pin XLR adapter cables

    Analog interconnects / Digital Cables:
    Kimber Cables KS-1136 XLR 1m (Silver cable)

    Nordost Frey 2 XLR 1m

    Nordost Valhalla II XLR 1m

    Artisan Silver Cables:

    Ultimate Silver Dream with Cardas SLVR RCA 0,12 m
    Ultimate Silver Dream with shielding and WBT Silver connectors 7 m

    The Chord Company Indigo II 0,6 m RCA

    AudioQuest Diamond S/PIDF 1,5 m Pure Silver with DBS 72v active screening.

    AudioQuest Diamond USB 0,75 m Pure Silver with DBS 72v active screening.

    AudioQuest Diamond Toslink 1,5 m pure multi-stranded glass
    Power-Related Components:
    2x IsoTek Evo3 Isoplug

    IsoTek Evo3 Polaris

    IsoTek Evo3 Sirius Black ed.

    1x AudioQuest NRG-1000 Power Cable with 72v DBS active screening shield.
    1x AudioQuest NRG-10 Power Cable with 72v DBS active screening shield.
    3x AudioQuest NRG-X Power Cable passive array shield.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Uptone LPS-1

    REGEN USB Re-clocker purifier

    Chord Electronics Cordette Prime Pre-Amp USB DAC / Toslink out

    ATC SCM50 Active Tower Piano black
    Studio Class speakers

    Bang&Olufsen BeoLab 8000 Black Edition with custom ScanSpeak woofers and textile tweeters.
    Active Speakers with 2x 289 Watts of amps / speaker.

    B&W PV1D Black DSP Subwoofer
    2x 8" long throwing alu woofers, 400 watt B&O ICE Power AMP

    Bose SoundDock 10
    Bose SoundLink Mini MkII
    Vertu SP1-V speaker = ( High End version of Bose mini )



    iFi iTube buffer Pre Amp. SOLD!
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Custom made 9v lithium battery PSU for
    W4s Remedy Reclocker.

    Bang&Olufsen BeoLab 8000 Black Edition custom tweaked with ScanSpeak Illuminator woofers and textile Elivator neodyne tweeters.
    Active Speakers with 2x 289 Watts Class A/B amps / speaker.
    Music Preferences:
    JAZZ Like Lisa Lovbrand, Diana Krall
    Minimal Techno / Trance
    Bang&Olufsen / Apple
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