1. ScornDefeat

    [SOLD] Near-Mint Focal Elear - $450

    Good Evening All, I am offering a 9/10 condition (see attached photos) Focal Elear for sale. This was purchased April 2020, as new, and were played about 20 hours. These are some of the best headphones I've heard, certainly top 3 of my favorites; so versatile, but particularly awesome for...
  2. cuiter23

    WTB - Focal Clear

    Looking for a pair of Focal Clear headphones shipped to Canada. Condition is not too important as long as it is in perfect working condition. Let me know if you guys have any for sale. Thanks! Kevin
  3. Earl of Bouillon

    [SOLD] Focal Elear

    Hello, Looking to sell my Focal Elear. It is in great condition with only one very minor flaw on the focal logo on the right cup (it is pictured below). I do not have the stock cable but it comes with a 5ft periapt cable that terminates in a 1/4". Also comes with the box as pictured. Price...
  4. I'mSparticus

    SOLD: Lavricables Grand 20 Core Silver 2.5m 4pin XLR to Dual 3.5mm

    Hey there, Up for sale is an amazing balanced solid silver TOTL Lavricable for use with HE1000's, Clears, or any other headphone that uses 3.5mm headphone inputs for its cables. Selling as I am downsizing my collection from 3 TOTL cans to one. Here is a product link...
  5. Vonx

    Sold: Focal Elear

    Focal Elear in excellent condition. Comes with an aftermarket 1.5m cable.
  6. kith86

    WTB : Focal Elear or Elex (Prefered Cheaper one)

    Looking for a mint pair of Focal Elear - Got It Must or willing to shipped to Indonesia or meet in indonesia (jakarta if possible), preferred in asian area so shipping cost would not be expensive Closed
  7. JoeDoe

    Focal Elear - $OLD

    Selling a really clean pair of Elears with original packaging and SE cable. There's a little wear on the outer box, but that's pretty par for the course with these guys. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  8. abraxas

    SOLD: Focal Elear (1/3 price) in excellent condition

    Greetings :) I'm now selling my Focal Elear headphones at 200€ - price 200€ - first owner + invoice - excellent condition - comes with all accessories original double box etc. - bought 20.12.2016 at wifimedia in the netherlands - shipping in Europe - buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees Cheers
  9. DaneNoodles

    FS: Focal Elear (Complete with Box/Cable)

    Hi all, I'm selling my Focal Elear headphones because the Open-back life is no longer for me. These are *very lightly used*. Many would say they are "not burnt in" yet. (I haven't kept track of my hours-of-use, but 50 sounds high.) As these are selling for $550.00 new, these days, I'm asking...
  10. FourT6and2

    FS: Focal Carry Case for Elegia, Elear, Utopia, Clear, Elex, etc.

    Mint condition. $125. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Includes original box (not shown)
  11. FourT6and2


    Two months old, mint condition. Comes with: Elear headphones in original wood box + shipping carton Original 1/4" cable Shorter braided 1/4" Elegia cable ($75) Corpse Cable GraveDigger 1.3 meter balanced cable – Sony 4.4mm Pentaconn plug ($200) Original ear pads Replacement perforated leather...
  12. TommyFro

    SOLD Focal Eclair - Elear with Clear pads

    Well taken care of by all previous owners. Has a slight imperfection on the one side, tried to show it in the pictures but it is so small that I only remembered about it when I went to take the pictures. Comes with a set of Focal Clear pads, $200 value, and the stock pads/cable. The elear with...
  13. petezjunior

    [FS] Barely used Focal Elear for $400

    I am reluctantly selling my Focal Elears for $400. The box, cables and headphones come in the package. I'll throw in an extra pair of cables you can use. These will be shipped via UPS 1 day shipping. Also I am willing to accept trades. You can check out my post on ebay, search *Pristine*...
  14. petezjunior

    *Pristine* Focal Elear - Tremendous Top of the Line headphones for CHEAP!

    I am reluctantly selling my Focal Elears because I have 2 pairs and need to get rid of my gear to raise money for a trip. So far in my audio journey, I have owned numerous headphones including the ZMF Eikon, HD-800, Ether, Aeon Flow, Edition X, HE-5, HE-560, HD650, Fidelio X2 and more. Without...
  15. monkeysixtysix

    SOLD: Focal Elex with Extra Cable

    Focal Elex up for sale, original owner and in excellent condition. Sound fantastic, but I just am not using them much these days so I have decided to sell them. All original accessories included: Elex themselves, cables, original box, etc. I am also including a Dyson Audio 1.25 meter cable with...
  16. jim723

    [SOLD] - Focal Elex in Pristine Condition

    SOLD The Elex was purchased from the previous owner about a month ago. The headphones came in pristine condition with very minimum signs of wear as shown in the pictures. It appears that the previous owner has barely used them and I have put on less than 10 hours of head time. They function...
  17. TommyFro

    WTB Focal Elex pads

    Looking for a set of elex pads to use with my Elear. Let me know if you've got a set for sale! Located in VA-USA
  18. KC-130

    FS: Focal Elear (2 pair available)

    I have Two pair of Focal Elear for sale. Both are in Identical Excellent Condition and include all original packaging and accessories. Price is $415 Each Pair and includes PayPal and CONUS Shipping. International Fees & Shipping will be at actual cost. Buyers should have good Trader Feedback...
  19. alphameridian0

    LF: Focal Elear

    Hi, Looking to buy a Focal Elear. DM some offers if you’ve got one you’re looking to sell! Local to Orange County, CA.
  20. jurumal

    FS: Focal Clear

    For SOLD is the Focal Clear. I’m the first owner owner of this wonderful headphone. Unit is in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition with signs of light use. Clear comes with its original retail packaging and the included cables for minijack, 1/4-inch and 4-pin XLR...
  21. Hay2104

    SOLD Focal Clear/Elear/Elex Cable 1/4

    Brand New Original Focal cable. Unused. PayPal only. Buyer pays shipping.
  22. Hay2104

    SOLD: Focal Clear/Elex/Elear 4 pin XLR cable (Brand New)

    This came with my focal headphones. It has a new generation Neutrik 4 pin XLR connector. US shipping only via UPS. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal only.
  23. TaronL

    Focal Elear on sale for $479 + Special Bundle Pricing

    For those of you not familiar with the Focal Elear already, it was launched back in 2016 alongside the $4000 Focal Utopia at $999. You can now pick the Elear up for $479 or choose from a couple of our Headphones.com exclusive bundle options! Please note that due to our sales agreement with...
  24. KewlMunky

    SOLD FS Focal Elear Heaphones

    Selling due to the fact that I do not spend much time using headphones at all, anymore. I'm hoping they can find more use elsewhere. I bought them used on here December 2017. The headphones are in great condition but show minor signs of use. Included with the headphones are the factory cable...
  25. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Focal Elear - New in box, sealed

    SOLD!! I have no need for these as I have the Utopia. As mentioned in the title, they are unopened. Pictures coming soon. It's just a brown cardboard box that says Elear on it so... Asking $500 including Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will ship outside CONUS but buyer assumes all...