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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. esm87
    May sound a silly question. I have the v moda crossfade wireless, do you think I would enjoy these?

    I would be using with mojo and phone or cayin c5 amp and phone.

  2. Maxx134
    I actually did consider this,as I have modded many such units like HD800, HE1000, PM2, etc.,
    and it is really a temptation for me to take on the challenge to make the Elear more desirable than the Utopia,
    by trying to even out the bassy signature and increase the soundstage over the Utopia,
    as the Elear resolution is already extremely high and worthy to be at the top, even if it does have unique treble.
    BUT, now that all looks to be in vain for me,
    Because Of the upcoming new ZMF models which also have the resolution and already balanced signatures.
    To put in perspective, for "me"..
    As my preference, I do think the Elear is extremely exciting bass tilted headphone with a theatre like presentation,
    So although not balanced, still a great can for fun, movies, gaming stuff..
  3. nick97
    I own these and use them exclusively with my MOJO and I absolutely love them. It would be a a great Step Up from the v-moda that would last you a long time I think
  4. eargasam
    Hey have anyone heard the elears with the asguard 2 thinking of picking up a good class A amp for these without breaking the bank any other great class A amps under 300 you might recommend for the elears.
  5. esm87
    cheers for the feedback! My current IEM is the vibro labs Aria and I've been looking at the empire ears zeus. How do vocals sound on these?
  6. nick97
    On The Zeus Or The elear?
  7. Frode Roed
    I just ordered the Beyer balanced cable for the Elear for use with the Schiit Jotunheim.
  8. siwolfman

    Chord Mojo. That's the way to go for small, portable amps.
  9. esm87
    sorry, the Elear
  10. lieshout
    I have to agree. Mojo is the way to go.
    A few days ago I wrote that Elear needed an external amp with Mojo. But the more time I spend with the HP the better I like it directly out of the Mojo.
    Maybe I was listening too loud in the beginning, comming from planars, tired? I don't know.
    Listened almost all weekend without an external amp and very happy with the combo. Both very special. Recommended.
  11. Todeon
    So after extensive listening to the Elear both with Mojo and my Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 i have to conclude it's really a nice headphone at that price range. But... I actually preffered my old Hifiman He-560 to the Elear's. Personal opinion I know. I feel that the He-560 had wider and deeper/better soundstage with a more liquid and smoother midrange aswell as greater balance and maybe slighly more detailed compared to the Elear's. Sure Elear is more "fun" to listen to perhaps, more forward with a greater bass response and it's actually a really good allround headphone. As i earlier posted, it's not an upgrade from the Hifiman's but rather a sidegrade. Completely different sound signature of course but just my two cents.
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  12. nick97
    I'm no expert but I'd say it goes great with vocals, female vocals in particular, which I hear are hard for headphones to reproduce. Especially acoustic tracks where the vocals are the spotlight these really shine
  13. MLGrado
    I should have the ELEAR in next week for an audition.  Can't wait to compare it to the 2016 revision Audeze LCD-X. 
    My most recent shootout was same LCD-X versus the Ether Flow.  The LCD won out by a nose.  The factor that almost put the Ether Flow over the top for the win was the incredible slam, speed/transients and dynamics. 
    Can't wait to find out if the ELEAR is gonna knock the LCD-X off the headphone rack... :) 
  14. MLGrado
    I am not terribly surprised... the HE-560 is a very, very good headphone.  I reluctantly sold my HE-560 when I got my current LCD-X. 
    The HE-560 requires good, strong amplification.  I think too much was made of them being easier to drive than their 'big brother' the HE-6.  The consequence of that is it seems people took it to mean the HE-560 is an easy to drive planar headphone.  No, not at ALL.  If requires way more amp than most headphones.  Easier than the HE-6?  Relatively, yes.  Easy to drive overall?  Hell no.  I had to run mine off the speaker taps of my tube integrated.  And it sounded AMAZING.  It LOVED the power.   Which makes me wonder if the HE-560 doesn't get quite as much love as it deserves, presumably being oft underpowered. 
    I wish I still had the HE-560 around to compare to the Elear. 
    As it is, I will do my best to compare the Elear to the 560 and the Ether Flow based on my memory
  15. JLoud
    I have the HE-560 and the Elear.  I would agree the 560 really shines with good amplification.  I'm using the Jotenheim and balanced cables.  Man did that help the 560.  But I think I still prefer the Elears for modern music and EDM.  Classic rock I go with the 560.  My two cents worth.
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