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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. TsKen
    A big shout out to Jason and Wayne from TheSourceAV for making the process of purchasing a focal elear as simple as possible.... Going through other non-responsive retailers were such a pain in the ass...
    If you are looking for a retailer to buy the Focal Elears from... I would definitely recommend TheSourceAV.
    Looking forward to getting them on Friday to make some comparisons with my Ether C!
  2. Toolman
    Yes...my purchasing experience with Jason and TheSourceAV have been nothing but a joy. Highly recommended
  3. joeq70
    Anyone living near Pittsburgh can pick these up at an authorized dealer called Music To My Ear. They also ship.
  4. vilhelm44
    Does anyone know when the Utopia pads will become available to purchase?  I'm guessing you can remove and change the Elear pads?
  5. Headphone4Life
    I just don't know why I haven't pulled the trigger on these yet.  I keep looking at the new LCD-2's along with the Elear and I don't know which to get.  The fact I listen to a lot of electronica makes me lean towards the new LCD-2 (Audeze has updated them with the new magnet system they use) because of the bass and mids they have but I know the Elear is so special that its hard not to buy one.  I might just flip a coin at this point because I can't make up my mind. 
  6. xenithon
    I would opt for the Elear. Bass punches quite hard though a little less than the LCD; but bass is cleaner and quicker. The dynamism of the Elear though is what makes it my recommendation for electronic.
  7. Bern2
    Buy both and send me the Elear!  
  8. joeq70
    The reasons I would choose the Elear over the LCD-2 are it has much better treble, is vastly more comfortable, and I'd rather not deal with Audeze quality control. 
  9. JLoud
    I listen to a lot of EDM and love the Elears.  Their punch and impact are incredible.  Highly recommend.
  10. TSAVJason
    My friend Mark & his team rock at Music to my Ear. So yes if you're in that area they are a good reseller and will treat you right.
    The Source AV TSAVJason Stay updated on The Source AV at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com./pages/The-Source-AV-Design-Group/153623164648713 http://www.twitter.com/TheSourceAV http://www.instagram.com/Thesourceavdesign http://thesourceav.com/ Products@TheSourceAV.com
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  11. qrtas
    Is the tone of the elear natural? Does it portray instruments and voice realistically? A couple of years ago, I had the chance to listen to the hd800, I thought they were very detailed, but they sounded thin and artificial to me. The hd800 are very very capable, but my interest for them faded right away after my first listen. I can't audition the elear before placing an order online, so as many here, it will be a blind purchase. It is very important to me that a headphone has a natural tone to it. I hope someone that already have the elear can give me an insight here. Thanks!
  12. Headphone4Life
    I'm going to pull the trigger and get the Elear. I never thought I would spend a grand on a headphone but the Elear seems to be a very special one.
  13. meomap

    Never thought of justifying 4k for hp, but have to grab the bigger brother for my end game so I don't want to upgrade anymore in the future.
  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    "End game" is just a state of mind. So good luck
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  15. meomap

    It's end game for me with Utopia.
    I can concentrating on my 2 channel setup now with 2 subs to fulfill my magnepan 3.7i.
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