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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. BunnyNamedCraig

  2. Kenneth Tang
    I agreed the TRS 3.5mm plug in your 1st picture (E3.5GT1) will fits into both ELEAR and Beyer T1/T5。However, I don't think the stock cable from Beyer will fit for ELEAR. Allow me to borrow your pictures and please check the red circles I have made. The E3.5GT1 has a smaller diameter at the circled point, which make it fits into ELEAR's socket. For the stocked Beyerdynamic cable, it looks to be too thick. Please note the positions of the circles I have made in both picture are more or less the same. And I remembered somebody here just confirmed the Beyer cable doesn't fit Elear maybe weeks ago.
  3. Kenneth Tang
    I have been searching for the same cable for weeks.
    I am not sure whether I violate the forum rules if I post a direct link here. Go to google and search blue dragon cable. This is the cheapest balanced cable I found for ELEAR with one-click order with the following options: (but not cheap indeed) 
    I haven't tried since I didn't get my balanced amp yet. Therefore I still can not guarantee  this cable really fit or not. But looks very secure since they offer a so called Black dragon cable for ELEAR  at a higher price. You can also check on that.
    A little bit off topic. I am waiting your comments on jotunheim and mojo paired with Elear before I can make my decisions on amp.[​IMG]
  4. gr8soundz
    Or you can just use these to fit any 3.5mm connectors:
    A little long but if these don't fit nothing will.
    I use them on my T1.2 to connect a pure silver Surf Cable I originally had made for my Sony Z7s.
  5. moemoney

    I don't know if this will help but the Sony Z7 and the Elears can use the same plugs to the headphone. I know because I have both.
  6. Frode Roed
    Thanks for your elaborate answer, Kenneth.
    I can appreciate that Focal won't give any specific recommendations on cable supplier, however given the fact that they do not produce one themselves, the least they are obliged to do is making a comparison table of suitable ones, IMO.
    When I get the Jotunheim the only thing I can report back on is unbalanced operation as it seems.
    I have been studying the Moon Dragons for a while and they are definitively on my watch list.
    Does anyone knows what cable Tyll is using for the Elears?
    Post note:
    How can we know that these cables come with only 1off 4-pin connector and that this one is terminated fully balanced?
    Are the phase polarities correct, given that the connectors seem to use mini TRS opposed to only mini-TS?
    These things should be easy, however instead they are confusing and easy to mess up if you are not pedantic about it.   
  7. Quinto

    bump for an interesting question [​IMG]
  8. TMRaven
    They have a sudden drop at 4khz, and a bass that's slightly over-emphasized.  I'd consider the hd800's bass to midrange more natural sounding, however its high end makes the treble components of instruments a little too emphasized depending on the recording.
  9. Frode Roed
    I sent this mail to Moon Audio today:
    I have a few questions that needs clarification prior to ordering a Dragon cable for my Focal Elear headphones.

    The candidates are here:

    My questions are as follows:
    1) Taking for granted that the mini-jack physically fits the properitary locking insert in the cans, are those mini-TRS or mini-TS (mono) like the original one? (I reckon it is not Eidolic E3.5GT1 mini-jack that is used?)
    2) Are the cable tested for channel and phase polarity?
    3) When the (ordered) single 4-pin male plug is terminated in the amp end (Shiit Jotunheim), is the Dragon defined as a full blown balanced cable with all pins connected?

    Kind regards, >

    - and got the following reply:
    Either 2 pole or 3 pole connectors can be used. As long as it is terminated properly. We use a 3 pole Oyaide connector. Cables are built and tested in house. The wire is true balanced. The connector determines if the wire is used in balanced or single ended mode. A 4 pin XLR is a balanced connector.

    Thank You.

    So, the response is as expected and should be all OK, I assume.

    The plug is probably this one: http://www.oyaide.com/ENGLISH/AUDIO/products_category/etcplug/pg523.html
  10. joeq70
    I agree about the Elear treble containing some overly emphasized components in songs. Not a deal breaker for me, but it is notable. I disagree about the bass being over-emphasized. The HD800S is probably more natural sounding overall even with its massive soundstage, since the Elear has an unusual soundstage, too. It's almost like having speakers mounted to one's head. Kind of hard to really describe--just have to try it.

    Edit: Just realized you were saying the HD800 has these forward treble spots, not the Elear. I actually think there is an upper midrange/lower treble shout to the Elear than I didnt not notice in the HD800S.
  11. MidFiMoney
    Not sure how many of you are still looking for cables but I had one built by LQi Cables on eBay. I contacted them and had them modify the cable in this listing: 
    I asked them to use the PlusSound connectors as opposed to their own because I preferred the look of the PlusSound connectors. I also had the cable terminated with a straight 2.5mm TRRS balanced connection and had them make a 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapter (just like the one for my Fidue Sirius). The PlusSound connectors and the adapter pushed the price up to $220. Otherwise, the cable would have only been $150. This is the second cable I purchased from them and again, I am very satisfied and feel the price is justified. I should also mention that is was only a one day turnaround after they got the connectors from PlusSound.
    I haven't done an A/B comparison between this and the stock cable yet but the sound seems a little wider and more musical. It could be a honeymoon effect though. Eitherway, I'm never using the stock cable again [​IMG] 
  12. Mbeeching
    I also find it quite difficult to describe, I may have to attempt an illustration!
    To my ears the tonality of the music sounds like digital vinyl, if that makes any sense?
    I still want to audition an LCD-2 and HD800 just to put my mind at ease. I'm not entirely sure my (incredibly positive) opinions of the Elear can be fully justified without comparisons to these two highly regarded headphones.
  13. siwolfman

  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    Hearing an HD800 for the first time was "ok". I thought it had wide sound stage and a lot of separation. Around that same time I was hooked onto audeze (which I still enjoy the sound today). Then I got to hear the HD800 on a set up that really made them shine and it is truly a unique experience. The Amp I heard it on that had good synergy was the liquid carbon and the dac was the theta pro basic II. I think you really should try and hear one MB. Just hope that your experience is a lot closer to my second one.
  15. Headphone4Life
    I'm ordering a pair of Elear's tomorrow but I was wondering how long on average do they take to ship. I'll be getting them from either Moon Audio or Headphones.com. Headphone said they'll have more in stock in early October so I thought they should have some by now. Anyhow, I just hope its not weeks before I get them.
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