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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. TsKen
    Is it me or does the treble seem a bit laid back/dull?
    I kind of miss the treble that I had with my Ether C...
  2. joeq70
    Hmm. I would not characterize it this way.
  3. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have both the Elear and the HE560 as well.  Both run balance out of a RSA Apache with a PWD MK II DAC and I am finding all my head time is going to the elears.  I am getting much more overall separation with the elears.  The RSA Apache easily drives the HE560 but it just comes up a little short to the Elear.
  4. Kenneth Tang
    How did Elear sound when paired with Jotunheim?
  5. BrutalLegend
    I am honestly super happy upgrading from the Ether C 1.1 to the Elear. I only have one complaint about the Elear. The pads are DUST MAGNETS!
    Anyone with any tips on how to remove the dust from the pads?
  6. nordkapp
    A lint roller, specifically the sticky paper type work well.
  7. TsKen
    I wonder if this would work
    I have one lying around lol
  8. JLoud
    Great, wonderful dynamics, and control.  Very transparent pairing.
  9. Toolman
    Get some sticky tapes or a cheap lint roller from Ikea
  10. s82223
    I haven't auditioned elear yet,just wondering is elear fit for pop music(like Jason mraz or maroon 5) or rock?
    Want to choose between t1 2nd and elear(or ps1000e), need some advice! 
  11. Frode Roed
    Thanks :)
    I reckon it is the Jotunheim without the DAC module you have.
    Are you running the Elear's balanced from Jotunheim?
    Do you feel that the sound is full (I have heard that Jotunheim has the power, but might sound a little bright on the Elear's)?
    I am waiting for Jotunheim to drive my Elear's myself and hope for prolonged listening sessions without fatigue.
  12. Headphone4Life
    Well it looks like I won't be getting my pair of Elear's for 2 to 4 weeks because that's when Headroom is expecting the next shipment. Its hard to believe we are at a point where a $1000 headphone is this popular but I guess that just goes to show how good they really are. At least it gives me more time to decide which of my headphones I'm going to sell.
  13. nordkapp
    Hi. I own both T1 2nd and Elear. Elear is outstanding for pop/rock, better than T1.2 in that regard. Both cans are great, just voiced differently. The Elear can wear me down after a while whereas the T1.2 is a bit mellower. That's my 2 cents.worth. YMMV.
    gr8soundz likes this.
  14. JLoud
    I am using the Jot with internal dac.  I compared the internal to my Bifrost 4490 and really couldn't tell any difference.  Right now using stock SE cable.  Balanced cable on order.  I don't find the Elear's bright at all with this pairing.  Of course my other main headphone is a Hifiman he-560.  I can listen for hours without fatigue on the Elear.
  15. Frode Roed
    The reason for the DAC comment of mine was that Schiit apparently have reported a component shortage for their DAC module, delaying shipments.

    Which balanced cable did you land on?
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