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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. paul2qute
    Yes apparently they are using silver for the voice coil on the pro with the utopia magnet
  2. paul2qute
    I would love to know why focal use 40 mm drivers?have they tested different size drivers? Surely with the magnets and voice coils they design and make I can't see it being because of speed issues with the driver,they have different size drivers in speakers that change the sound,why not Focal headphones?
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  3. noplsestar
    Has anyone tried the Clearstream with the Utopia pads? I think I read somewhere that it’s a great synergy. Can anyone who has both HP‘s test them swapped pads?
  4. paul2qute
    Don't think I'll be getting my clear pro soon,weather is terrible so delivery won't be this week,lucky is not my middle name.I'll just have to stare at pics for another week
  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    Man, Amy Winehouse sounds great on the Clears. Been bouncing around different cans and just got on the Clear thread. Made me want to put them on ha. Glad I did. I forget how well these can do bass. Neutral yet so engaging.
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  6. paul2qute
    Love Amy Winehouse,jorja Smith reminds of her,I thought the focal utopia was bass light so hoping I'll be more impressed with the clear
  7. JabenZ
    *wrong post
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  8. kino lau
    I will pray that you will not have to settle for Grey/Silver. I've noticed that the word "Professional" on the badging effectively doubles the sound stage across all music formats, but especially DSD.

  9. WolfP
    Hi all,

    better Violectric V281 or iFi Pro-iCan for Focal Clear ?
  10. kino lau
    Pro iCan was highly recommended IF I felt the absolute need to go with a tabletop and have the funds.
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  11. FindingNewSound
    @paul2qute Where did you get this information? As far as I know the driver is the same as the vanilla Clear. You get different accessories and that's it. Focal's website even states 'copper coil' (https://www.focal.com/headphones/clear-professional/).
  12. kino lau
    It's a joke that we've been going back and forth with since some members started purchasing the Clear Pro instead of the Vanilla Clear. You can read about the sound enhancements that the Black/Red color scheme provide if you read back through some more recent posts.Right now...I believe that I'm the only member able to speak to their existence until others have the Pro's in their hands. Then they too can experience the sonic enhancement of the colors Black and Red for themselves.

  13. WolfP

    Can you explain why you prefer it?
  14. bidn
    I recommend inteasd the RME ADI 2 Pro, which is also less expensive (unless you can afford a Dave )
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  15. kino lau
    I didn't say that I prefer it. I said that it was recommended IF I wanted a dedicated tabletop. Sorry if my reply was confusing. Bang for buck, I'm looking at the ifI Micro iDSD Black Label, though it doesn't offer balanced out (but it's portable). The Pro iCan does...but so do many other fantastic options.
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