focal clear

    Sold! FS: Like new Focal Clear + Dekoni Elite pads

    Hi all. I'm selling my beloved Focal Clear because I don't spend enough time with these babies to justify keeping them. They are less than one year old and are in perfect condition, aesthetically and functionally. I include a pair of Dekoni Elite Hybrid pads that I bought to keep the originals...
  2. royneo

    [Price dropped!] Sennheiser HD700

    Hi all, I'm selling a Sennheiser HD700 with earpads and headband in excellent condition. Please note that is very slight paint wear on the headphone as found in the last picture. The overall condition is pretty much a 9/10. Please note that this HD700 comes with the stock 6.35mm cable only and...
  3. S

    [SOLD] Like New Focal Clear + CC - $1,049 shipped CONUS

    All 3 original cables, accessories, and packaging included. Plus a custom cable by Hart Audio Cables (the one seen in the pictures). Owned for just under a month, used even less. These have been burned in for 100 hours, but spent less than 2 hours (literally) on my head. Long-story short...
  4. Uppertaker

    WTB: Focal Clear [EU]

    Looking for Focal Clears, PM me your offers
  5. billqs

    SOLD Focal Elear with Clear (Pro) Pads SOLD

    Up for sale is this excellent set of Focal Elears that come with both the regular Elear pads and also the Red Clear Pro Pads. The bass slam on these is legendary as is the speed of these phones. Only selling because my time gets taken up by my Focal Utopias. This comes with the phones, 2 pads...
  6. djembeplay

    Focal Clear HFs ***SOLD***

    Hear ye, hear ye… up for sale are my (soon to be your) Focal Clear headphones (cue bell rings and crowd gasps). I suppose in our ultra speed society I should limit this ad to something that can be read between blinks, but I want to add a little more info. So, first and foremost -- the...
  7. Audio46

    Focal Arche Bundles at Amazing Prices

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Focal. Save big on Focal headphones bundled with the Arche. CLEAR+ARCHE $3,000 $3,998 SHOP> STELLIA+ARCHE $4,000 $5,498 SHOP> UTOPIA+ARCHE $5,000 $6,498 SHOP>
  8. vonBaron

    FS: MrSpeakers Ether Flow 1.1

    Ether Flow 1.1 - Headphones bought on mp3store 05/2019 and are under warranty. Perfect condition, pads not beaten, full set, VIVO XLR 1.8m cable. Price: 950EUR + shipping (PP fees included)
  9. H

    WTS Focal Clear stock cables (as package or individually) Hi all, looking to sell my focal clear stock cables as I use my own cable with my set. These are pristine, minimal if any use. This is ideal for folks that have any other focal headphones (elegia, elear, even the stellia) that want better cables. I found the sound...
  10. lenroot77

    WTB-Focal Elex/Elear/Clear Balanced Cable

    Let me know what you have, Thanks!
  11. musicmaker


    These are excellent crystal-clear sounding headphones. US model with all the original packaging.. I preferred these to the Utopias in some ways. They are that good. Have < 100 hours on them. Headband had a protector on it which I just removed for the sale so they are in exceptional condition...
  12. billqs

    SOLD: Focal Clear with complete package!

    SOLD Man, I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to part with the Focal Clears. They sound incredible, one of the best overall sound signatures, with an amazing dynamic punch! Many consider these phones to have a better sound signature than the Utopias! Comes with outer box, Traveling Case...
  13. H

    WTS Several focal clear/Stellia/elear/elegia upgrade cables and Norne volsund focal utopia upgrade cable

    Hi all, I have a few upgrade and stock cables for these focal headphones that I’m looking to sell, details and time stamps below. As these came in a package I’m taking offers rather than setting asking prices, please pm if you’re interested and have a reasonable offer (the exception is my...
  14. Yh173088

    Focal clear pad replacement alternatives and cleaning advice

    Hi I recently bought a used pair of focal clear and it’s in really good condition but the pads were slightly discolored . So aside from the official focal pads , are there any cheaper alternatives ? I was also thinking about washing them with water but was afraid it might affect the foam and...
  15. aaf evo

    [FS] - Focal Clear *mint*

    For sale is a mint condition Focal Clear, comes with all packaging and accessories as well as the original Focal cardboard shipping box. This is my first headphone and I absolutely love it but I am much more of an IEM person. Pictures will be updated later. Price includes paypal and shipping...
  16. H

    HD6XX / HD800 / Focal Clear advice

    Hello all, I daily drove (and still do) a pair of HD6XXs with a Schitt stack (Mimby/Magni3/Loki) for about a year or more now and that has been a trusty home office setup. I don't source from anywhere fancy, just Tidal (HiFi w/ "Master" support) from a laptop so I know my sources vary and it...
  17. MarioD

    Sold: Focal Clear - Perfect Condition

    I'm selling the Focal Clear of a friend of mine in perfect condition. No scratches or signs of use. It comes in the carrying case. The original box is gone and he also lost the balanced cable. I can ship to the EU and UK only. Paypal and shipping fees are included in the price.
  18. aaf evo

    [WTB] - Focal Clear

    Looking for a pair of mint condition Focal Clears that come with all original packaging and accessories. PM me if you have one for sale and what your asking price is. Thanks! I’m located in Houston, TX.
  19. Rubin

    Closed: Focal Clear

    For sale by original owner (i.e. me) is this pair Focal Clear headphones. Rated conservatively at 9/10 due to slight wear on pads. Probably have about 150 hours on these. I love the sound quality, but I don't have enough time to really enjoy them anymore and also need some extra cash for moving...
  20. MoonAudio

    Focal Clear Trade-in Event at Save $500

    *Terms and conditions apply. Customers purchasing a new pair of Clear Pro headphones or Clear headphone will receive a $500 discount off the suggested retail price in exchange for their current set of headphones. This offer is valid for all types of headphones, all brands included. Exchanged...
  21. lissimore

    Focal Clear Trade-in Event at ($500 off)

    Tyll Herstens called the Focal Clear "The best overall headphones I've ever heard" Save $500 on the legendary Focal Clear at Just trade in any old pair of headphones to get a brand new pair of Clears...
  22. alphameridian0

    FS: Campfire Orion CK Mint, Focal Clear Mint, Andromeda

    Hi! Campfire Orion CK Black (10/10) - $195 net to me less than 25 hours of use, delicious mids on these guys. defs not worth the 349 msrp but an absolute deal at these used prices! A-stock Focal Clear (10/10) - $845 net to me like new, excellent condition, less than 25 hours of use, no...
  23. juanix

    [SOLD] Focal Clear

    Selling my Focal Clear in excellent condition. Purchased new on 2/24/19. Used less than 15 hours. Pads are in excellent condition with some slight discoloration (darkening) in certain areas from very little use. Cables never used or even removed from box. Carrying case has never left the box...
  24. lramirez1959

    SOLD Focal Clear mint condition

    SOLD !!! The Most Excellent Focal Clear Mint condition, less than 20 hours use Original Box and accessories Includes extra cable, BTG Audio 2.5mm balanced
  25. Teaster

    SOLD: Focal clear

    Mint condition, bought in June 2019. Want to upgrade to th909 sapphire. Everything inside but not bought in American, therefore the warranty need to check with Focal. This headphone looks like new one and everything is perfect without any problems. The price including pp and shipping fees. :)