focal clear
  1. TaronL

    Focal Clear - Now Shipping to USA and Canada

    After 4 long months, the Focal Clear is finally shipping again in USA and Canada! Buy the Focal Clear in the US Buy the Focal Clear in Canada For everyone who placed pre-orders with us, we hope you've been getting our pre-order updates. If you haven't, we received enough inventory to...
  2. Ricco275

    Focal MG / MG Pro / HEDD for Pass HPA1 advice please.

    Hello All, I’m totally new to this community and fairly new to the the headphone world at least as audiophile. First of all, please forgive me if my glossary is not well accurate yet, I promise to commit myself to improve :) Due to new neighbours I had to invest in headphone gear as my Avalon...
  3. DmitriWolts

    Upgrading from HD600 to either Arya V3,HD800s,LCD-X,MM500,Focal Clear,Aeon Noire? Need help with choosing.

    Hello everyone! I have been enjoying my beloved HD600 for a while now, and they are almost perfect to me, but i itch for more technicalities, a planar HD600 if that can be achieved. I have sort of tried some of the cans mentioned, i had owned the OG HD800, i loved the technicalities, the...
  4. TaronL

    Get the Focal Clear for $839 from!

    From November 15th to November 30th you can pick up the Focal Clear for $839 from! Pick up a pair of Focal Clears for yourself here With an original MSRP of $1499, you can now get the Clear for 45% off it's original price making it one of the best deals in headphones today! In...
  5. Apos Audio

    FOCAL Headphones Now on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We want to let the community know that we’ve worked hard to get FOCAL headphones on Apos ( . There were a lot of requests from community members about seeing FOCAL on Apos and those were very helpful in getting Apos to become an official...
  6. TaronL

    iBasso DX320 Shipping Today + Save on Focal Clear

    iBasso DX320 Digital Audio Player The iBasso DX320 just landed at and is shipping today with Free Overnight shipping and 365-Day Returns. Both the Black and Blue are available here Also, in...
  7. WaveTheory

    $1200-1800 Open-back Headphone Roundup & Discussion

    I posted this comparison video of the LCD-X (2021), Focal Clear OG & MG, HiFiMan Arya se & v2, ZMF Auteur, Sennheiser HD800s, and Fostex TH909 on my YouTube channel: Feel free to continue the discussion here! I hope this video and thread helps those shopping around for this class of headphone.
  8. T

    DAC/AMP Recommendations

    Hello! I've just recently finished a transaction to get my hands on a pair of OG Focal Clears from another Head-Fier here, and I've been thinking about source/DAC/AMP stuff to pair with it. As Christmas time is coming up, what would you guys in the Head-Fi community recommend for a DAC/AMP for...
  9. Netforce Ultimate Holiday Giveaway!

    This giveaway is open to also international viewers as well! Get entered and get subscribed for your chance to win!
  10. TaronL

    Focal Clear at $500 Off | Now Shipping from

    The Focal Clear has finally started to ship from Everyone who has pre-ordered will get their tracking numbers in the next couple days! Our latest shipment was scheduled to arrive today but looks like it took a slight detour through Montana and should be delivered tomorrow or the...
  11. Netforce

    Grab a Focal Clear for $990 at!

    Grab a Focal Clear for $990! The Focal Clear has been discontinued with the release of the new Focal Clear Mg but has secured a limited manufacturing run of brand new Clears from...
  12. Raziel~

    Focal Clear vs Clear MG sound comparison.

    Hi everybody. Since Focal have released the Clear MG headphones in replacement of their original Clear I thought it would be useful, to help people to choose the one that best suits their preferences, to find out what are the differences heard between the two models and appreciations after A/B...
  13. jude

    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    Focal Focal Mg Review & Measurements NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. The new open-back Focal Clear Mg replaces what is perhaps Focal's most-loved headphone. We take a close look at the new Focal Clear Mg, including several measurements...
  14. UltraFine

    IEMs below 700€ for Disco, Funk, Soul and Pop

    Hello! I am new to this forum and I am new to audio. This is my first post. I would like to ask for advice for a new IEM. I am mostly listening to Disco, Funk, Soul and Pop. I know its a bit of a silly quesiton to ask for IEMs for specific genres. But I think it might be an indicator. Currently...
  15. J

    Looking for an IEM with Focal Clear audio profile

    Dear friends, thank you first of all for dedicating part of your time to me. I have Focal Clear headphones that continue to excite me every day. I am looking for some IEMs with an audio profile as similar as possible. I have a budget of $1500. What option do you advise me? Thank you
  16. albertmuc

    Beyerdynamic T1.3 or Denon AH-d9200

    As the successor to my Beyerdynamic T.1.2, which did not want to sound really good on the RME ADI-2 Dac, I bought a T1.3. So far I was convinced of the T1.3, in my ears a clear improvement compared to the predecessor, I can listen to it for hours and look forward to the next session. A Focal...
  17. Johnny Golden

    Amp for Focal Clear

    I have owned Focal Elears and now own Focal Clears. Love the headphones for the most part but think they might not match perfectly with my Burson Conductor V2. Certainly doesn't sound bad with the clears but have found the amp can sound a bit congested with the clears. Fair enough as I mainly...
  18. Sajid Amit

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello Good People, My name is Sajid Amit. I am new to this site. I returned to audiophilia after a long break of 15 years (blame it on Napster and MP3s). At any rate, I am back and gradually building up a collection. I love the Senns HD 600 and 650 and recently bought a Focal Clear I also like a...
  19. TylersEclectic

    FOCAL Clear and Arche giveaway live-stream

    Win a Focal Clear and Arche DAC/Amp system Focal will be joining us for a live stream on The HEADPHONE Show YouTube channel July 30th. We’ll be talking to Focal product manager Mégane Montabonel to learn about Focal’s headphone development process. During the live stream, they will be giving...
  20. theaudiologist1

    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    I want to upgrade from my neutral R70x'es but all the headphones in this range are either warm, or cold, like the HD800's having high treble peaks and the Hifiman headphones being warm, etc. Anybody know a good headphone between $1000-$1500 ("almost-TOTL" tier?) that is as neutral as the R70x...
  21. Audio46

    Focal Arche Bundles at Amazing Prices

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Focal. Save big on Focal headphones bundled with the Arche. CLEAR+ARCHE $3,000 $3,998 SHOP> STELLIA+ARCHE $4,000 $5,498 SHOP> UTOPIA+ARCHE $5,000 $6,498 SHOP>
  22. Yh173088

    Focal clear pad replacement alternatives and cleaning advice

    Hi I recently bought a used pair of focal clear and it’s in really good condition but the pads were slightly discolored . So aside from the official focal pads , are there any cheaper alternatives ? I was also thinking about washing them with water but was afraid it might affect the foam and...
  23. H

    HD6XX / HD800 / Focal Clear advice

    Hello all, I daily drove (and still do) a pair of HD6XXs with a Schitt stack (Mimby/Magni3/Loki) for about a year or more now and that has been a trusty home office setup. I don't source from anywhere fancy, just Tidal (HiFi w/ "Master" support) from a laptop so I know my sources vary and it...
  24. MoonAudio

    Focal Clear Trade-in Event at Save $500

    *Terms and conditions apply. Customers purchasing a new pair of Clear Pro headphones or Clear headphone will receive a $500 discount off the suggested retail price in exchange for their current set of headphones. This offer is valid for all types of headphones, all brands included. Exchanged...
  25. lissimore

    Focal Clear Trade-in Event at ($500 off)

    Tyll Herstens called the Focal Clear "The best overall headphones I've ever heard" Save $500 on the legendary Focal Clear at Just trade in any old pair of headphones to get a brand new pair of Clears...