FOCAL Headphones Now on Apos Audio
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Jun 8, 2021
Santa Clara, CA
Hi all,

We want to let the community know that we’ve worked hard to get FOCAL headphones on Apos ( . There were a lot of requests from community members about seeing FOCAL on Apos and those were very helpful in getting Apos to become an official retailer for FOCAL in North America.

All current headphones from FOCAL are available on Apos and we have them bundled with the highly reviewed Apos Flow cables. These include the Clear MG (, Celestee (, Stellia (, and Utopia ( We have a few key accessories from FOCAL also listed on the site. We are currently working on different Apos Ensemble Stacks and you can always reach out to our Support Team to create your own.

As we go into turntables and speaker systems, we are also planning to list FOCAL speakers on Apos. We’d love to know what the community here would like to see on Apos from Focal. Please let us know in the thread here and we’ll try and make that happen.


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