focal clear mg
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    Best Open-Back Audiophile Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Open-Back Audiophile Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio
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    FOCAL Headphones Now on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We want to let the community know that we’ve worked hard to get FOCAL headphones on Apos ( . There were a lot of requests from community members about seeing FOCAL on Apos and those were very helpful in getting Apos to become an official...
  5. WaveTheory

    $1200-1800 Open-back Headphone Roundup & Discussion

    I posted this comparison video of the LCD-X (2021), Focal Clear OG & MG, HiFiMan Arya se & v2, ZMF Auteur, Sennheiser HD800s, and Fostex TH909 on my YouTube channel: Feel free to continue the discussion here! I hope this video and thread helps those shopping around for this class of headphone.
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    IN Stock and Ready To Ship!

    HI All, I am sure we have all run into the supply chain problems! It is irritating and a pain in the arse to say the least. Fortunately, we have quite a few great items in stock and ready to ship. Also, if you are interested in the Focal Clear MG or the Celestee, we have special pricing on...
  8. Focal Clear MG

    Focal Clear MG

    Focal Website: Consumer Edition: Professional Edition: 55 ohm impedance, 104 dB/mW sensitivity
  9. Todd

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    HI All, First, we would like to make everyone aware of our price match policy - if you have a quote in writing (email, or from a webpage) and you send it to us we will match or beat the price of any of our competitors. We are here to deliver quality products at competitive pricing and with...
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    Focal Clear MG loaner program

    HI All, We are sending the Focal Clear MG Headphones out to the first 10 loaner participants to sign up. Loaner rules apply - see below the picture for the RULES. We expect to ship early next week to the first one to sign up. We are going to give them a listen here and break them in before we...
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  14. Raziel~

    Focal Clear vs Clear MG sound comparison.

    Hi everybody. Since Focal have released the Clear MG headphones in replacement of their original Clear I thought it would be useful, to help people to choose the one that best suits their preferences, to find out what are the differences heard between the two models and appreciations after A/B...
  15. jude

    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    Focal Focal Mg Review & Measurements NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. The new open-back Focal Clear Mg replaces what is perhaps Focal's most-loved headphone. We take a close look at the new Focal Clear Mg, including several measurements...
  16. MoonAudio

    NEW Focal Clear MG Headphones

    Focal Clear MG Headphones $1,490.00 USD Order Here Introducing the NEW Focal Clear MG, a brand new update on Focal's original Clear. Coming in at $1490, the Clear Mg replaces the original Clear as the definitive Clear from Focal...
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    Focal Clear MG In Stock and Available at

    Introducing the Focal Clear Mg, a brand new update on Focal's original Clear. Coming in at $1490, the Clear Mg replaces the original Clear as the definitive Clear from Focal. The Clear Mg is available now from with FREE FedEX Overnight shipping & 365-Day Returns. If you have any...
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    PRE-ORDER: Focal Clear MG Professional

    PRE-ORDER TODAY Focal Clear MG Professional Headphones $1,490.00 Arrives February 18, 2021 Pre-Order Here Introducing the Clear Mg Professional open-back headphones from Focal. Focal's newest headphone is designed for sound...