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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. hakuzen
    i'm going to try to drill using a tube of 6.9mm OD found around..
    you could try another kind of foam, memory foam (so it gets compressed easily while being inserted, and gets expanded slowly once inserted). try and error, you know, just experimenting..
  2. hakuzen
    nah, tried with this:
    (6.9mm-7.2mm OD)
    .. and the result is quite similar. maybe a little bit less stiff, but this is not the path.
    i don't have sony hybrids.. does any owner know if the foam of the sony hybrids is dense or loose, with high memory or amnesic?
  3. hakuzen
    i think i got it.
    soft light foam, like this:
    it gets and stays compressed (a lot) easily, and expands slowly. so you can insert the tips as usual, and get the seal in a few minutes.
    5mm hole diameter is more than enough in this case, but it's a true pain drilling these foams.
  4. Whaleshark12
    I got the 3m 1100 foam plug out of ebay. Already broke a pair. As I didn't have the right tool to cut the foam. Like you said, I think the foam i made is too thick (small opening). Hmmm Guess I need to look into other option to get the opening wider.. :/
  5. hakuzen

    that's what i thought first. but changed from 5.5mm to 6.9mm hole, and there was not remarkable difference,
    but when i've tried the soft light memory foam, even using a minimum hole of 1mm (it's not easy to cut that foam using the tube), the result changed drastically.
    so the characteristics (density, elasticity..) of the material change everything. still don't know how each material alter the sound (if they do).. but in terms of comfort, soft foam wins
  6. nmatheis Contributor

    Don't Sony hybrid foam is not dense. It is quite porous and does not retain memory.
  7. ezekiel77

    Fixed lol
  8. Whaleshark12
    I have the Sony Hybrid as well. Well it isn't as dense. But I'm not sure does Sony's Hybrid tips do isolate well? I'm not sure.. Don't use them, find them make sound congested. But I love their Silicone quality, one of a kind. [​IMG]
  9. all999
    So is it a day for Celeste's premiere?
  10. hakuzen
    thank you both!
    compared dense foam (5.5mm hole -dense-, and 6.9mm hole -less dense-, very easy and fast to work) and soft light foam (less and more quantity versions with minimum hole because it's hard to work and stretches like chewing gum, high memory, gets compressed easily, expands slowly).
    dense foam acts like foam tips. best isolation, deep bass, but highs are somewhat filtered, so the result is darker than with stock tips. not noticeable difference between 5.5 and 6.9.
    soft light foam seems to filter/block nothing. highs are ok. deep insertion is easy (the foam gets compressed). it tries to expand to original shape (in one or two minutes), so i guess it applies some pressure to the silicone, ensuring it fits to your ear channel (closing small gaps).
    i guess the foam in sony hybrids filters some frequencies a bit ("find them make sound congested"), and applies some pressure to the silicone to close gaps. will try the translucent/white foam which come into packages to protect the content; it's "not dense. it is quite porous and does not retain memory", but the behavior of soft light memory foam was the most interesting.
  11. terminexia
    Spent the day with red>grey>gold filter.
    Though I can't really explain it, I think I know why this combination is popular.
    Guess I'll be jumping between these and the green filters. Wonder how the gunmetal filters will change the sound.

    Anyway, a pic of the FLC8S with the DX80. They are a rocking pair.
  12. canali
    so it's nice to have these filter options.
    they also have helped me to find the sound sig i'm seeking: more of a balanced, detailed
    sound, with a slight curve, rolled off treble before it hurts my ears.
    personally i find the gold to be to have too much treble and sparkle...the default gray nozzle works best for me.
    however things could change according to what i'm listening to.....nice to have options.
    and as we all know: tips themselves make a huge diff on what we hear
  13. Whaleshark12

    My observation would be due to the bore opening. It is seriously really small compare to my JVC Spiral dot IMO.
    (We all hear differently) So ya..
  14. willowbrook
    Uh, gold is supposed to have more rolled off treble compared to grey...when I put gold-->grey-->green, it's all about becoming too sibilant to listen due to increased treble and you lose the focus of mids due to a more balanced mids&treble. The magic is gone. Maybe you are sensitive to upper mids, gold does get a bit too sparkly, but in no way it has more treble than grey.
  15. canali
    perhaps that is true..in the end, we all hear things differently.
    also, willowbrook, sometimes some of the recordings i listen to (rock) are a bit bright (older stuff, not so good)...so need to tone things down a tad.
    still fiddling with them to better understand upper vs mid ranges, too.
    jokerl said it best for me for this combo (for now, that is):  he also prefers red, gray and gray:
    ''The dark gray filters, which FLC Technology uses in their neutral setting, ended up being my favorites as the
    smoothest and most pleasant all around. These are said to offer medium midrange and medium treble levels.''
    will be interesting to see how the filters work on the celeste...is it expected at the canjam, folks?
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