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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. kamcok
    what is the best milk for coffee ? it's really up to your preference man......
  2. canali
    still experimenting with filters and tips...for tips am back and forth from stock tips to spinfits (l) to spiral dots (m-l)
    and for filters combo: red, gray (vs black) and gray filters (tried gold...again...but nada for now)
    love how i can pull out more details with these iems... I'm a huge fan of bass guitarists and drummers
    (being able to pick out their chords/melodies) so especially love Rush.
    ...so am enjoying picking out Geddy's fab bass playing in the killer song, Big Money.
    will be most interesting to see how Celeste sounds.
    as an aside, am now am exploring my first flac purchases from 7digital to get even better sound.
    while I enjoy Tidal hifi, seem that there are limits  per a recent CNBC review/blind listening.
    Hi-fi music streaming: People can't tell it when they hear it
    maybe this is why Tidal was/is exploring MQA, to really offer a discernible difference given 'hi fi cd quality' is 2x the price of the competition....who knows what will happen if they're acquired by Apple.
  3. audio123

    red grey gold is top rated [​IMG]
  4. Holypal
    Is FLC8s the best all-around IEM under $500????
  5. hung031086
    That's what im using right now. Before i used red black gun metal.
  6. willowbrook
    Not sure about best under $500, but surely one of the best. Best is very subjective with so many sound signatures and so many IEMs available on the market these days under $500. One thing for sure is that the tuning capability stands out compared to most IEMs and they work pretty well.
    See how everyone else is enjoying red grey gold while I'm enjoying my grey grey gold simply due to preferential difference is the merit of FLC8s.
  7. terminexia
    Oh man. The driver flex on my right earpiece when I insert it in is starting to freak me out. It kinda just flexes halfway into my ear. Might have to down size my spinfits to S.
    No such problems on the left side though.
  8. willowbrook
    Flexing happens a lot with red UFL, but it's nothing big. Happens to me every time, but mine is working well and still sounds the same. Also means you're getting a good seal.
  9. audio123

    definitely. there are so many combinations.

    the upper mids for the particular combo is fantastic.
  10. dlayman
    Likely your right ear canal is slightly smaller than your left, same is the case with me.  I get some flex in the right ear when using the red sub-bass with OEM or other silicone tips.  Switching to gray sub-bass eliminates it (I still find sub-bass very satisfying with  gray), or switching to foam tips (I use Crystal) also eliminates it s the pressure equalization is more gradual.   I think as long as you don't go crazy fast and deep with insertion it will never cause a problem, and likely not even then.
  11. terminexia
    Ah ok. That's good to know. What I'm doing now is pushing the eartips up as I push it in. Kinda helps as I can get it in deeper but it's a 50/50 chance as to whether I can successfully push it up or not.

    @dlayman The funny thing is, when I was using the PMV A-01 Mk.II, I had to use the Yellow L Spinfits to get a good seal. I thought that the L Size would be perfect for the FLC8S but nope. Couldn't even get the tip in. The M size was a much better fit.

    Anyway, liking the red>grey>green filter combi. It adds some punch without really touching the clarity. Going to try the red>grey>gold filters a try again. Maybe I didn't give this combination enough time.

    But man, I really can't believe how good these sound. That clarity combined with a surprisingly wide soundstage.
  12. Signal2Noise

    Perhaps not the "best" which is quite subjective but I would say one of the most versatile in its category.
  13. willowbrook
    Glad you're enjoying them. They are definitely something although green for me is hell [​IMG] I can't even handle gunmetal haha. I used to, but I've become so accustomed to gold that anything more will be unbearable. Sigh...
  14. Whaleshark12
    Sad I can't get this to work, when I try to insert the iem into my ear canal it just won't budge in. It's like suddenly it lost all friction :/ (I wash my ear daily)
  15. hakuzen

    don't know, but if much foam is inserted into the silicone, overall diameter gets increased, so it might won't budge in.
    and, if you push too much the foam when inserting it into the silicone, much quantity can be stored at the top of the tip, so it gets mushroom shape, instead of the original arrow shape.
    first get sure you use the top part of the original foam (slight arrow shape, narrower at the top).
    two possible solutions:
    1- the goal is adding foam to fill the gap, but not to increase the width of the tip. so make a wider hole in the foam --> less foam into the silicone --> shorter overall diameter.
    2- once finished, press a bit with your fingers at the top of the tip, to make the foam expand towards the bottom, to turn mushroom shape into arrow shape.
    once you finish one, you can compare its width and shape with the original tip: both should be similar.
    i guess solution 1 is the best: remove some foam by making a wider hole.
    edit: nozzle is 5.3mm diameter. the part of the tip which goes around the nozzle has about 0.7mm width. so the hole should be near to 5.3+0.7+0.7= 6.7mm diameter.
    the tube i used was 5.5mm diam, maybe too narrow. try a tube of 6.5mm, for example.
    edited the "guide", with "5.5 OD, that diameter could be ok for size L tips, but for M tips, better use a tube of 6.5mm (diameter), so the foam stay loose (if too tight, insertion in the ear will turn much more difficult)". if use S size, better start with S size foam, as well.
    anyway, you'll have to stretch the tip a bit, before, and to push a bit harder when inserting into the ear, like when using pure foam.
    i'm getting very good sealing, while shallow insertion, thanks to the foam.
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