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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. willowbrook
    Definitely subjective and genre/source dependent. Really excited to see what celeste can bring :D
  2. canali
    and heck..just finding some good tips for a good and proper seal: that does so much to pull everything together.
    btw, are you upgrading to the celeste?
  3. willowbrook
    Well, I'd have to see some detailed info about final version, price, impressions etc. If it is affordable to a certain degree, why not? :D The FLC8s I have right now is without box, but only filters and stock tips, also I got rid of the memory part of the cable. I am planning to let it go for dirt cheap for anyone wanting them cheap and you can just upgrade the cable so...if only Celeste is worth keeping.
  4. Whaleshark12
    Surprisingly, if I use the foam and insert onto the Spiral Dot's tip which I use on my Nova. I'm able to put it on. Most probably have to do with the nozzle angle as FLC's are straight angle. [​IMG]
    If I'm not mistaken Forrest mention that the Celeste will be on an event (not sure which coming event) But he only get the base sound right. So Basically (I think) it's still a prototype with no customization option to it yet as it is pretty sophisticated.

    I'm really looking forward on their end product! [​IMG]
  5. Flcforrestwei
    Celeste, post #76 in the thread below:
  6. willowbrook
    Better than noble katanas? That thing costs $1800 and Laylas cost $2500+ :O He's got me really hyped now. Btw, what is the driver configuration for Celeste?
  7. audio123

    katana didn't wow me though. I feel flc8s > katana while layla > flc8s. if celeste can win the layla, i am in.
  8. dlayman

    Well, Forrest did say he was going all out for a TOTL end game IEM, so it's not surprising it can compete or better some impressive IEM's. Real important factor will be the price. Its a very sophisticated design, but I bet it will still be fair bit less expensive than the others mentioned.
  9. canali
    i sent piercer a link to this thread (the one quoted by forrestwei on his listening impressions with the celeste prototype, while at the canjam)
    ...hopefully he'll come on her and share more....also asked (on that same london canjam thread) for others who get to have a listen to come on here and share their impressions.
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    More impressions and pictures please! [​IMG]
  11. MuZo2
    Seems it has three adjustable inbuilt knobs instead of filters.
  12. canali
    hopefully so...that is the thing i loved about the senn ie80 and new liquid metal (rosie etc) designs
    with that easier to use tuneable bass knob....unsure if this is what the celeste will offer but the easier it is
    to tweak the sound, the happier I'll be (and am sure is shared by others)
  13. Flcforrestwei
    Regards Celeste, please see my post #3607/4496.
  14. Sandbox2
    how does the flc8 compare to the super audio 6?
  15. RyanChung
    What eartips are best for isolaion on the flc8s. I've tried comply but they don't last long enough.
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