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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. willowbrook
    You should try foam tips or spinfits if you want silicone. I don't like foam tips, so haven't tried any.
  2. Ziggomatic

    You could try the Crystal foam tips (LMUE sells them). Isolation is on par with Comply, and they're supposed to be more durable due to some type of microcoating they put on the surface of the foam (I think).

    As far as silicone goes, the Meelec M6 dual flange tips isolate better than the stock tips, and are widely considered to be a good option overall.
  3. terminexia
    I second the spinfits. They isolate and seal well for most of the IEMs I've used.
    The only times I felt like the Spinfits don't seal well is when it's a shallow fit, like on the Havi's.
  4. purdah
    If you can get these foam plugs, I picked some up from a local supermarket (AU), then you can simply cut off the rear 4mm rather than the front of the ear plug and you get the hole already cut for you.
    I had to widen the hole by cutting along two of the 4 splines (see picture in link), but the only tool you need is a sharp knife or scissors and can be done at work.
    I simply flattened the plug on its side, then cut off the rear 4 mm. Then let that cylinder expand and then squash it down to a disk where you can then cut 1mm along the splines to allow the hole to stretch over the inside of the eartip.
  5. RyanChung
    okay thanks. I will out try the spinfits. Also what size do I need.
  6. willowbrook

    Go for medium if small stock tips are just right for you. You might want to buy medium and small if small stock tips are a little too big for you. If medium stock tips are a little small, you might want to buy medium and large spinfits. I don't know about large stock, they are huge...
  7. hakuzen

    great, thank you!
    nice solution, thanks to that soft foam can be flattened completely, well thought [​IMG]

    i ended doing a minimum hole with a thin bar, and taking advantage of the elasticity of these foam, stretched it around the tip nozzle.
    not bad deal, as you can stuff a considerable amount of foam into: you can stretch it before inserting, and then, the foam will expand just to adjust your ear channel (you can notice some pressure, depending of the amount of foam, though). and it doesn't seem to block/filter any frequency noticeably, they just close small gaps.
    two versions with different amount of foam:
  8. purdah
    I have quite oval ear canals so when I flatten the earplug to a disk and snip the inner hole, I also trim the disk into an oval shape.
    That way, as long I get the insertion orientation correct, I can reduce the pressure at the narrowest part of my canal but still apply an even pressure around the entire canal which gives great fit and comfort.
  9. RyanChung
    Thanks for the info, but I was question about whether I needed cp100 or cp800. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. willowbrook

    CP100. CP800 is for smaller nozzles like ER4s
  11. kimD
    Any latest new for Celeste?
  12. RyanChung
    okay, thanks for your help.
  13. willowbrook

    Not yet...
  14. canali
    congrats, Forrestwei, for the kudos you're getting on the canjam thread
    many (if not most) of the participants are saying the same thing, in essence:
    ''wow, have never heard of this company before, but am most impressed with what i'm hearing''
    one example.
    hope you'll keep working at getting your product out to key reviewers who have a large following in their columns/blogs etc.
    seems since you're so small, you will just have to slay them one at a time 'til you get more traction by a significant player coming
    across your iems and liking what he hears enought to want to share with others...then starts to spread the word around for you.
    ...hope you have continued success.
    purdah likes this.
  15. ajaxender
    Haha mark2410 is a character. Fun reading all his notes. Good feedback for the Celeste prototype too. 
    I discovered my set had an interesting QC issue - right side was wired backwards. It manifested itself as being right-side dominant, particularly for bass and vocals (which are usually at least roughly centred, of course), and seeing someone else post about this effect (different IEM, different thread) clued me in. 
    Sent them directly to Forrest under his instruction - luckily I was right, quickly fixed, got them back on Monday. Good man to do business with.
    I had not listened to them for a long while before because of the distraction, its wonderful to be using them again. Still loved them before and naturally even more now. 
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