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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. willowbrook

    I imagine it would sound vshaped, but if basshead is your thing haha
  2. canali
    nope not that i am finding...still very musical.
    unlike the sony xb90ex: while having great sub bass it sounded veiled in the detailed and juicy mids.
    if anything this combo reminds me  of my sony 7550
  3. Signal2Noise

    If money was not an issue it would have been worth your while to experiment with another cable, LMUE's Crystal Silver or Null Audio's Arete for a start.
  4. hakuzen

    i guess the improvement in clarity of mids and highs is considerable with the LMUE crystal silver (i would choose this one, more expensive, just for the 0.74mm pins).. but how is the bass altered?
  5. willowbrook

    Red subbass for me is just way too loose. I actually loved the red for a long time, but something along the way changed my preference into finding a sound signature with balanced subbass, mids, slightly rolled off treble, and great bass punch while not leaking into mids. I guess I'd like to express the red as too much than need, so it actually becomes bothersome for me beyond the point of enjoyment. I can constantly hear the subbass leaking into midbass and it just doesn't sound right. I tried red, black yesterday and it just makes things worse because mids, treble are not changing, yet you're boosting bass further (assuming grey for me is the most balanced as of right now).
    There is of course genre difference and source difference, I tend to listen to a lot of modern produced music like kpop/pop/trance etc. You really need to tone that subbass and bass or else it's just going to sound intruding. I found mojo to be relaxing and smooth which might also contribute to my grey grey gold setup and nothing else just works ^^
  6. canali
    and that is the good thing with this gig (same with trinity)...you can vary things around a bit and experiment.
    ..and i listen to mostly rock, so that subbass is fine with the filters i have....***however this may change
    once i try the new spinfit tips...that makes such a huge difference, doesn't it: a good seal is worth its weight in gold.
    this said, i am considering adding one of the dunu titans to compliment the flc 8s (never had one before)...sold my 1more e1001 and sort of regret it as a backup
  7. willowbrook

    e1001's packaging and design looks beautiful, I don't think I've heard it before. So so many IEMs on market these days.
  8. Flcforrestwei
    Dear Friends.

    I'm on the way to Canjam London now.

    I'm sorry to tell you that we failed to make formal samples because the gear drive tuning system is to complicated.

    But we managed to make four prototypes without the gear drive system(but still with the three base sounds), the prototypes were not built good, but the sounds are OK.

    Please come to emjoy it if you attend the Canjam.

  9. nmatheis Contributor
    Flcforrestwei: Hopefully you'll have formal prototypes for RMAF!
  10. jarnopp

    Ok, so I got the medium spin fits. Definitely a better seal. Compared to the spiral dots I can say that I hear less bass/sub bass and better mid/treble presentation with the spin fits. Using the spiral dots, I had gone back to the black/grey/grey tuning from red/grey/gold. But, now with the spin fits, I am back to red/grey/gold and find a really fun, forward presentation with good bass and detailed highs. Mostly pop/rock, but I did try some cello and piano, and the sound is good, for now. May become fatiguing over time, but only time will tell.
  11. willowbrook

    Glad you're enjoying them. I find spinfits to be really similar to stock tips sound, just better seal and comfort for me. It's a definite improvement for me. I just can't stop listening to these and I get pissed off whenever I have to grab my charger when Mojo runs out of battery hehe. You can always tune the flc8s no matter what tips you use, so it all boils down to whatever tips give you the best seal and comfort for you. No need to match tips, rather filters once you find the right comfort zone I guess. I was going to go for spiral dots or the new kombi trinity tips, but I guess there is no more need since I'm satisfied with spinfits. Ignorance is bliss :D\
    Just patiently waiting for Celeste final production model release and impressions.
  12. Signal2Noise
    Doh! Some new tips for me to try!
    Off to investigate....
  13. terminexia
    After spending a day with it, I've decided my preferred filter combi is red>clear>green, with the pre-suggested vocal settings coming in a close second.
    It's veeeery clear with quite a bit of sparkle up top.
    Red>grey>gold sounds nice, but it was a tad on the bassy side. Will spend the entire day tomorrow with red>grey>green to see if I prefer that sound more.

    Using the spinfit M tips as well. Have always used the Spinfits since I started using them with the AD01. [​IMG] 
  14. 2r2erb
    What is best filters for ost? Like hans zimmer
  15. kamcok
    All the best for your booth 
    Hope more people will like the FLC8 :)
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