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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. fablestruck
    Probably this issue has already been discussed in here but did you notice any significant differences between wired and aptx/aptx HD wireless as SQ is concerned?
  2. SoundChoice
    You literally have to add an email app to the M11, then add your email address to accounts in Android settings, then back to Neutron settings. It’s in the Neutron thread here, where the developer is active.
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  3. Airsculpture
    I'm not aware of any issue with it altering the output resolution. If I plug the device into my Marantz receiver, it displays the correct Resolution output. Although I seem to remember that Poweramp output through a digital cable is capped at 48kHz so if I plug it in I tend to use FiiO app.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  4. radarnigz5
    having problem with my desktop using m11, it stutters on videos and music, but not in games, im using latest firmware, original cable on usb 3.0 port
  5. Ghost Of Lundy

    I didn’t have to. I just created a burner email account and set it up according to what neutron said. Allowing tnird party apps or such I can’t remember You have to use the same password as your email’s though though.
  6. upsguys88
    Anyone have issues using the USB output on the fiio m11 when connected to the ifi xdsd?
  7. shinewallace
    Already a week.... but Fiio, I have still not yet received any replies after I had sent you the log files......
  8. jdtenny
    I sent the AAC sample, and the log files, within 24 hours of this request, but haven't heard anything back so I still can't play my AAC files. So just a nudge, because I have a lot of AAC files and it sucks not to be able to play them.

    Also, part of the original reason FiiO's request of the log files is because it was taking 40 minutes to rebuild indexes from my SD card on ~25k songs, when other people say it should only take a few minutes. I have tried both sd card slots for the test with no appreciable difference, so it isn't a problem with which card slot I'm using.
  9. gmahler2u
    Thank you finallly got it to work..
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  10. the diode
    I currently have the Hiby R6, is this a viable upgrade? Sorry if I missed it somewhere in the thread already.
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  11. SoundChoice
    Excellent. You can now uninstall the email app.
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We have replied you about that when we received your email. We have forwarded you files to the engineer for check. It may still take some time for the engineer to check your issue.

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/FiiOAUDIO https://twitter.com/FiiO_official https://www.instagram.com/fiioofficial/ https://www.fiio.com http://fiio.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=24494&group_id=47899&language=en-us
  13. jdtenny
    Ah, so you did! I forgot I even got the receipt/acknowledgement but there it is in my mail box. My bad. Thanks for the response.
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  14. salla45
    @FiiO please can you reply to this? I posted it about 9 days ago....thanks kindly...

    and this

  15. salla45
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