fiio m11
  1. FiiO

    A beta firmware for M11/M11PRO/M15(2020-06-04)

    Hi, here comes the latest 0604 beta firmware for M11/M11Pro/M15. Notice: this version is still under beta testing phase. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us at Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Download link:...
  2. Collection 5/5/20

    Collection 5/5/20

  3. Chimmy9278

    FS Fiio M11 Price Dropped Sold.

    Up for sale is my Fiio M11, good overall condition with little use. But they are some superficial scratches on the back and it is really hard to see and even feel unless you pay close attention. Comes with everything except the sd card tray pin. I will also throw in two 200GB Sandisk SDs. PM...
  4. P

    FiiO M11 and M11 Pro Screen Issues, Help!

    What in the world FiiO! Received the M11 Pro about a week and a half ago in the mail - turned it on to find a residual "ghost" image. A curved rectangle that was just always there. Returned it. Received the M11 today, same thing! The rectangular outline is slightly less prominent, but two...
  5. Kenneth Galang


    Condition 9/10 Couple of scratches on tempered glass screen protector in front, and glass back Missing sd card eject pin Shipping and PP fee included for US and Canada
  6. P

    DAC/amp guidance!

    Hello everybody, I hope this post finds people well in this difficult time. My day job is an associate pastor (well, part-time) so if anyone needs prayer or just to talk - feel free to reach out. ------------- (Edit) - Some clarification. In discussing whether something will power high...
  7. P

    Where do I go from here?

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the audiophile market and I have so many questions. I purchased AKG K371s and K553s - my original plan was to buy both and return the pair I liked less. Then I found that I actually really enjoyed both and corona happened, so I think I might just keep them. I've got a...
  8. stanleyshmanley

    FiiO M11, case, adapters, microSD cards

    FiiO M11 - the player itself is a brand new warranty replacement and includes all the original accessories including: USB-C cable, coaxial adapter, microSD card PIN, TPU case. SK-M11 case - did not use this too often because I felt the fit was too loose. Adapters: LL-4.4M, BL35, BL44 Samsung...
  9. FiiO

    A beta firmware for M11/M11PRO/M15

    As we have received feedback from our users that the UAPP failed to be downloaded from Google Play, we tried to resolve it right away, and here comes the latest firmware. You can download from the below links: M11:
  10. FiiO

    A firmware patch to enable Google Play store in M11/M11PRO/M15 based on the SoC used--Samsung 7872

    Download link: How to update: Copy the firmware package file to the internal memory or micro SD card; Open "Technical Support" app on the M11/M11PRO/M15->enter the "Firmware Update" menu->select the firmware package file to upgrade. Note: The...
  11. AudiophileAri

    Fiio M11 Brand New - Never Used

    Fiio M11 Brand New - Never Used. Buyer must pay shipping please.
  12. Mirimar

    Sold — FiiO M11

    Selling my M11 which is in perfect condition and has minimal use. Comes with box and all original access. I will cover shipping and PayPal fees within Australia. International buyer please PM to discuss shipping (will pay half the shipping cost).
  13. Aldy Auditore

    can't decide which one, help

    i can't decide which one should i pick guys, the hidizs ms4 or the sony xba n3, mostly i'm listening to a pop music, i love accoustics and female vocals, but recently i listened to some kpop that have a lot of bass quantity in their music, i need a good and deep bass without being boomy, and a...
  14. Aldy Auditore

    Need help guys

    Hi guys, im new here, i need help about my setup, i just recently bought a fiio m11, and im pairing my dap with a shure 535ltd and a custom silver 4.4mm cable, it sounds great, but it lack of bass, what should i upgrade or add to my setup guys? thanks for your help
  15. CasioPSX

    FiiO x11 / x11 pro or iBasso dx160

    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to this whole portable HiFi thing. I've been deciding between the FiiO m11 and the iBasso dx160 for a while, and I've heard great things from both sides. Can someone who has or has tried both let me know what they think of both of them? also, do you guys think the m11...
  16. Tex Irie

    Fiio M11 for Sale [SOLD]

    Listing my Fiio M11 for sale. In excellent condition with leather case and carrying case. Comes with original packaging and accessories. Will post pics later. Please PM me to purchase.
  17. D

    Fiio M11 BT settings

    Hello all. I am new to DAPs and how to get the best out of them so hoping to gain some feedback from people that know. Here is what I have so far. Fiio M11 Campfire Polaris 2 BEO H5 Sennheiser Momentum Klipsch T5 True wireless So the CP2s and Senns are great but the BT buds sound less that...
  18. FiiO

    FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.0.7 for M11

    The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.7 compared to the FW1.0.6 on M11: 1. Added 'auto-search for lyrics and album art' function; 2. Added 'locate currently playing track with one click' function; 3. Added support for Czech and Polish language; 4. Added support for...
  19. JLW654

    WTB Fiio M11

    Sorted, thanks....
  20. silvahr

    Sold: Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm (limited promotion)

    Hello, Selling Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm. Excellent cable and is like new. I got it from another member from this community (I believe he was the original buyer). Great opportunity for European users to get it without paying customs fees. I’m selling because I sold my...
  21. jam130

    [WTB] FiiO M11 DAP

    Looking to purchase FiiO M11. If you have one to sell, please send me a msg and let me know how much you are asking and if you are the original owner. Thanks!
  22. ckdv77

    SOLD WTB: Fiio M11 Digital Audio Player

    Hi everybody, Looking for an FIIO M11 from any country is fine.
  23. duaned

    SOLD Fiio M11 Digital Audio Player

    Almost brand New Fiio M11 Digital Audio Player in box with all un-used accessories etc. Supplied with original receipt for full warranty etc. For sale at $366 USD RRP $699 AUD
  24. alekseev

    SOLD Fiio M11.

    Hello. In sale Fiio M11. A new condition. Location - Russian Federation. Worldwide Free shipping (EMS) & PPfee. PayPal only.
  25. xkoo

    Fiio M11 sell

    Filo M11 sold