FiiO x11 / x11 pro or iBasso dx160
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Dec 19, 2019
Miami, Florida
Hey guys, I'm kind of new to this whole portable HiFi thing. I've been deciding between the FiiO m11 and the iBasso dx160 for a while, and I've heard great things from both sides. Can someone who has or has tried both let me know what they think of both of them? also, do you guys think the m11 pro is worth the extra 250$? I'm willing to spend the extra cash if need be for something that's quality would hold up better as I'm not expecting to buy a new player for atleast a year or so after this purchase. I'll be listening with the Moondrop KXXS IEMs mostly, but also some Senn HD650s if that helps. for reference, i have a fiio e18 phone dac/amp and that's already blowing my mind on how seperate all the instruments and vocals are, so if it's better than that I'll definitely love it

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