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Fiio M9+A5 Amp vs. Fiio M11

  1. SkaKidCaleb
    Hi everyone this is my first post, so please let me know if this isn’t the correct place or if I’m doing something wrong.

    So, about a month ago I got a Fiio M9 and I have it paired with my A5 amp. I use an HD6xx and the Tin T2 IEMs with it and I love the sound. However, the M11 came out shortly after and I’m wondering if there’s there’s any major incentive to sell my m9 and get an m11. I know the m11 is faster, has a bigger screen, and is supposed to have some improved sound quality, but because of the size of the m11, it wouldn’t really make sense to use the A5 with it. The M9+A5 fits together PERFECTLY with the included rubber bands so it’s quite the compact DAP/Amp combo. Basically, would someone who has both devices share their thoughts on how the M9+A5 sounds vs the M11 on its own, and if it’s enough of a difference to upgrade players. Thanks in advance:)
  2. zeroselect
    I have both the M11 and a Q5 with AM3D amp module. The sound is close enough i will probably end up selling the Q5 with the AM3D.
  3. SkaKidCaleb
    I’ve never heard the Q5 before, but am I correct to assume that the M9+A5 is very similar in sound to the Q5? I believe the m9 and q5 have the same Dac.
  4. nappoler
    Fiio have launched the Q5s, I think with Q5s is better

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