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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. hemipowered007
    Ya i just sold my moondrop kpe so i have an itch to buy a new toy. Thanks for the insight!
  2. blacksesame

    Thanks hbb. by "live sound" is it the same difference like going from kanas pro to dm6?

    im starting to like the way ba sounds .the detail retrieval and resolution is the biggest diff i hear between ba and dd.

    could you comment on the sound stage?
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  3. manukmanohar
    I'm not aware of anyone who has reviewed these or posted impressions of this particular iem, although I've heard of Hisenior branded iems.

    Wouldn't it be safer to buy the S8 as it would be cheaper (65 $ plus the 489$ )? (provided the impressions posted so far, has given you a much better idea on whether they would align to your preference). If you specifically want the custom iem option from AliExpress, just contact the DDAudio store, who is selling them, and they should be able to help with that.

    Btw, I checked and it seems they are having hard shells only for custom iems. I had checked, as this would be my guest ever CIEM, and I had heard very good things about custom art CIEMs in terms of comfort (which supposedly are made from silicone hybrids).
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
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  4. HunterWonderer
    I spent a couple of hours this week testing out the Fearless S4, S5 Turbo, S6 Rui, alongside the BGVP DM6, Fiio FH5, and HiSenior BA 5, 8 and 10. In my view, the Fearless S6 Rui took the top spot. The DM6 was close behind, and on par with, strangely enough, the Fiio FH5. The Fearless S6 Rui just seemed to have more clarity, detail, and punch compared with everything else. Even within Fearless' own lower end models (4, 5T and 6Rui), listening to the S6 Rui felt like a thin veil had been removed over a guitar amplifier when compared with the S4 and S5T.

    The DM6 and Fiio FH5 were close behind. And to be honest, given the price difference, those options could well be better for those on a slim budget. But even for a scrooge like me, I felt that the S6 Rui presented a better value proposition for the price. The quality was just quite stunning. In terms of speed of response, I think the S6 sits somewhere in between, which was very pleasant for someone like me who likes a wide range of music. House music had a ton of oomph and punchy lower mids. Yet, the balanced speed meant that slower Norah jones and adele tracks still preserved their "intimacy".

    Someone else commented that there is room for improvement for soundstage in the S6 Rui - I agree. I've tried other iems that have a better soundstage, e.g. the Noble K10. But imho, to get that marginal increase in soundstage you would have to fork out a lot more money.

    Someone else asked about HiSenior - I think their iems are ok. But that's about it. Nothing that I felt was worthy of sitting up and paying more attention to. Hence, I only spent about 5-10 minutes on those. Just didn't really spark anything for me.

    Probably slightly off-track, but between the DM6 and Fiio FH5 - I'd actually pick the Fiio FH5. Sound wise they were both up there, and I think the Fiio FH5 sounded a bit more balanced to me, whereas the DM6 seemed to give a slight preference for mids and low end. My gripe with the DM6 was that the the uiem fit was horrible for me. My right ear is quite small, so the right ear piece kept falling out unprovoked. I'd encourage others to try out the DM6 in person before buying for that reason, especially if you have smaller ear canals like me.

    The only problem right now is that, just when I thought I had settled on the S6 Rui, I read this thread and found out that there is gonna be an S6 pro. :frowning2:
    I also didn't try the S8 options, and the reviews from others make it sound amazing. haha To top it all off, a BGVP distributor mentioned to me that BGVP is releasing a 6BA model by 1st week of April. So....... I am back to square 1. *Big sigh*

    Also a question - since my main purpose for iems is for use as a stage monitor for live gigging as a vocalist and musician - is there anything I should look out for in particular as compared to choosing an iem for listening to soundtracks?

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  5. headenvelopedinsound
    Linsoul just sent out an email with a promo going on...... I am now thinking i'll just go with wood backing and clear shells. Come on reviews, I got some plastic burning a hole in my pocket! :)
  6. davidcotton
    Without wishing to derail the thread Custom Art do either silicone or acrylic (also universals) but they only do balanced armature stuff, no hybrids.

    To get it back on track I've got a set of digital scans now of impressions so it's going to be easier and safer (potentially) for me to order the likes of the fearless in custom form as universals and I never get on well.
  7. warriorpoet
    That's crazy. I'm completely the opposite. My jaw clicks in and out of socket, so impressions between mouth open and shut are WILDLY different. As a vocalist who also leads musical ensembles of various sizes and spends a good time with my mouth shut behind a guitar, this is obviously not awesome, so I get to save some money! :D

    Foam tips are my very favorite thing!
  8. Researcher
  9. FunctionalDoc
    By direct from Linsoul and if you went wood and CEIm it adds $110 . That site is high.
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  10. warriorpoet
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  11. cr3ativ3
    And 60 for custom fit . But 660 it’s okay .
    But universal is very good today .. got the legend x and dm6 in universal no issues with them . Fit is near perfect . And is easier to sell it if u want to some day
  12. warriorpoet
    If you look at the picture, custom fit is already selected and included in the price pictured. :wink:

    I agree with your stance on customs. I actually can't use them.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
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  13. cr3ativ3
    My bad :frowning2: but even better in price ..
    I think I will go for the ACME universal
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  14. nishan99
    In one of HBB streams he said the S8F is better than a $1800 set he got, can anyone give me the name of that set ?
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Unique Melody Mentor V2

    The E.E. LEGEND is another step above S8F but it costs $2,000+
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