ba iem's
  1. S

    ER4XR twice the normal resistance, extremely quiet, no low end. Possible to fix?

    A week ago I sniped a pair of broken ER4XRs on eBay for 80€. The seller said that one side didn't play and I was hoping that a simple cable swap would fix the issue. Sadly, it wasn't the cable's fault and instead the driver's. With my multimeter I measured 45 ohm for the working driver and 90...
  2. darmanastartes

    [SOLD] Tenhz T5 5BA IEMs

    Lightly used, too dark for my tastes. Very good headphones otherwise. Comes in original packaging with all included accessories. Foam eartips unused. SOLD.
  3. Hawaiibadboy

    FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

    Custom options available via Aliexpress Not available via Amazon S6 Rui (6BA) below S5H (5BA) above Will start to add more info later.