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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Researcher
    What do you think about digital ear expression?
  2. davidcotton
    Got a set but not actually used them yet for anything. In theory I'd imagine that there shouldn't be any difference between the physical and digital if the originals were done correctly.
  3. davidcotton
    Oh I have similar issues on my right side of the jaw (in fact every thing on my right side is double jointed, shoulder, wrist, little and middle finger, knee!) but as long as it doesn't click when you open for impressions you should be ok? I actually can't use universals as I can't get a decent fit in my right ear. Small is too small and medium up hurt :frowning2:
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  4. warriorpoet
    I wish that were the case. I open and close my mouth all. the. time. with IEMs in. The impressions are totally different. I get the choice of bad seal, terrible pain or universals.

    Universals it is! :D
  5. manukmanohar
    That's great. I just had my impressions done and have sent thme for digital scan as well. Will hopefully come great in digital form. :) You sent them for digital scanning separately right? (what was the cost?)

    Nice! May I know what is the promo? Can't wait for S8Pro impressions to come in!! I think, we are both on the same boat from that perspective. (unless you're looking at something else, now?)
  6. davidcotton
    Again without wishing to drag it off topic, Custom Art very kindly supplied them for free when I placed the order for a set of blacks. It's funny, now I've got them not sure what to use them on if anything. Fearless certainly look intriguing though. Looks like it'll be easier to order through Penon than linsoul (getting it back on track).
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  7. jsmiller58
    This is what I received...

    “Save $30 when you order more than $500 on Linsoul, simply apply the code when you check out: LINSOUL03”

    Not huge, but something!
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  8. No Deal
    Why easier from Penon and who is faster?
  9. jsmiller58
    I don’t have any experience with Penon, but I am sure they are fine. I have ordered 3 IEMs from Linsoul (DM6, TSMR-3 Pro, and Fearless Audio S8F) and have had great experience with Linsoul.
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  10. davidcotton
    Not ordered from either, but penon have the option to click for custom fit (which I get that not everyone on here is fussed about) and Linsoul you have to get in touch. That said I imagine you'll be fine with either.
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  11. cr3ativ3
    Penon reply’s to me .. duration is about 1-2weeks to build your chosen one
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  12. warriorpoet
    Same here. I have 2x IEMs on order with them. The last ones I ordered (in stock) took 4 days to get here (USA). Not bad :wink: :)
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  13. manukmanohar
    In linsoul, you'll have to additionally go to the customization service options link and choose custom fit (it will take 10-15 days according to them):
  14. headenvelopedinsound
    Promo code came in an email, sign up for the email list and you should get it. If not let me know. $30 off of purchase over $500.

    I am only feeling the crunch because I have the funds and really just want confirmation the graph syncs up to the company graph. I’ve done so much research and so much back and forth I am settled on the S8pro but I am one of those that want confirmation of quoted graphs as I usually try and “buy once”. Being a guitarist I flip a bunch of gear and try not to let that habit bleed over into monitoring solutions... haha.

    As far as the above custom molds, I think my jaw does pop and probably a big reason why my custom experience was a total nightmare. Never again. I just did some Radion molds myself with my test set of AS10 and they worked great. Those or foam tips are all I will be Messing with here on out.
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  15. cr3ativ3
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