harman target curve
  1. rantng

    SOLD - FS - AKG N5005

    Original owner. Excellent condition. Approximately 6 hours on these, split between the 3.5mm & 2.5mm balanced cable. All other accessories including BT cable are new. Purchased in late July of this year directly from Amazon, I can forward the original purchase receipt email. Shipping within...
  2. iems0nly

    The Harman Passage

    I wanted to record my impressions of 3 new IEMs i got recently. I had to buy them to indulge my curiosity and experience some earphones tuned close to the Harman target response. Anyone who has been dwelling in this hobby for a while must have heard about this famous, often-touted, “Harman”...
  3. Hawaiibadboy

    FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

    Custom options available via Aliexpress Not available via Amazon S6 Rui (6BA) below S5H (5BA) above Will start to add more info later.