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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    Cable in fact is very good. Fits recessed 2-pin on the Roland perfectly tight and secure. Jack is fine except nickel plating that is not good. If u polish it with cloth it works better for a while. Also Frequency response is subjective, and Roland seems to be responding to burn in, so I might re-evaluate stock cable and probably will replace jack to have that cable in my collection anyway, as wire quality appears to be very good.
  2. zazaboy
    @Owludio I see you have audiosense t800.. which I owned aswell ... can you recommend some iem under 500 bucks or which you really like? I see you have the ibasso it04 and hidizs ms4 and are easy to drive?.. are they really good price the point .. looking for something value thanks.. looking for a good iem in a budget range
  3. Owludio
    Roland is not too sensitive. With original Hiby R6 no noise that I can detect.
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  4. twiceboss
    Wait, how does it sound?! I just ordered a La Hire instead. Scare of bass bleeds to vocal again and again :/
  5. Owludio
    That depends on what you didn't like about T800. Because if you don't mind bright sounding IEMs I would put No1. FH7, 2. it04, ..ms4 & T800. MS4 is also less bright. S8p is very good if you don't mind doing like TwiceBoss to EQ down 125Hz (I also EQ up 31Hz)
    Does isolation matters for you? DD Sub bass?, extended HF (like t800)
    I like it04 natural tonality (which just have been bested by Roland:trophy:) but it04(and t800) is unforgiving. MS4 is not the most natural but sounds delicious with pop, alternative and synthetic genres.
  6. zazaboy
    @Owludio I need something like audiosense t800 but better mids vocals and instrument accuracy needs to be good when lot of Instruments are playing.. Something forgiving with bad mastered tracks would be nice.. So ms4 is good option for that? I am looking for t800 les bright version with same soundstage and seperation.. Thanks for advice gonna use portable devices
  7. chungoooo
    Is the ibasso IT04 brighter than Roland? i have it and i was thinking to upgrade and Roland is one choice i am considering, how they compare in soundstage, resolution?
    Thanks! :)
  8. Owludio
    I was looking at Paladins graphs and see, that La Hire has slight roll-off of the bass, less than S8p. S8p has bloated mid bass in comparison. One thing that I've mentioned that bothers me is that somewhat darker presentation with considerably less shimmer and sparkle than LX and M9.
    Etymotic sounds so much brighter (from my er4s memory)
    Etymotics ER2se:

  9. redrol
    Nice review and don't bother with the FH7. WAY too bright. Do not mess your hearing up.
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  10. twiceboss
    so, do you find Roland is an endgame material for your sound preference?
  11. KPzypher
    come on there's no such thing as endgame :dt880smile:
  12. zazaboy
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  13. twiceboss
    "for your sound preference"
    Endgame does exist if you are searching for a specific sound. Ive found my endgame for headphones years ago. This is about 3 months with IEM which im finding a set that really suit my preference. Hope La Hire can fulfill my taste
  14. KPzypher
    Thanks again for the info. Good to know the treble is forgiving. That's what I love about the Z1R. The detail is there but it's not harsh. And it's why I mostly stay away from the FH7, especially with silicone tips and Lc4.4d cable, it sounded way too piercing. As time passes, i'm lean more and more toward the warmer/fuller/smoother sound for preference. Thnx.
  15. Owludio
    it04 sounds to me (will check the graph later and also wonder what BGGAR gonna say :smiling_imp:) like Harman FR pushed to the limits. It sounds intense, very natural, more so than S8p and even FH7 but on compressed recordings upper mids and treble may sound harsh on it04 and hats and cymbals a bit thin and dry. With otherwise perfect imaging which I love, that harshness bothers me and on most days when my hearing is all there - I'm too treble sensitive to bear it (with Google Music where I do most listening on the go.)
    So - Yes it04 is a lot brighter than Roland.
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