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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    I no longer have CL2 so it's purely from memory.
    CL2 sub-bass is bottomless, with some EQ can go terrifyingly low but... rather polite when it comes to sub impact and that was my problem with it. If u cannot achieve seal with minimum air between eardrum and nozzle it will not perform up to the hype! Roland has bass that is almost as linear but while some genres will give advantage to CL2 due to it's speed but to me Roland is more realistically sounding with real sub impact while being very well controlled.
    I mentiond CL2 for it's uncanny realism but the 2-3-4Khz peak/hump didn't go away completely with source scaling and most of the time I was EQing it quite a bit. I would reduce mid bass 2db, 2K-2db, 4k-3db(or I was getting SHHHibilance), boosted treble some days.
    CL2 is otherwise calmer, more polite sounding, I tolerated it's sound very well and found it's sound to be mesmerizingly pleasing for long sessions and falling asleep in.
    Roland sounds more aggressive through low end to low mids but then it doesn't have 3K hump and sounds more balanced. CL2 has wonderful shimmer of the cymbals, I sometimes wish Roland had it but please don't take it as a criticism on Roland. This weekend I switched to lossless and find Roland growing on me rather fast:L3000:
    Treble seems to extend about the same, Soundstage is very good on Roland. I occasionally was getting comparable stage on CL2 but could't get a secure fit with that. One thing in common, both stages were having that room feel. If you have long ear-canals CL2 is non starter:disappointed:.
  2. twiceboss
    I mean if you wanna have the big bass, a big planar of isine20 can easily beat a lot of smaller iems. Whenever i got good seal with isine20, even without eq, the bass is scarily excellent. The mids and the highs are going together without sounding bloated. Just not as good as hd800 mids and highs.
  3. cr3ativ3
    thanks for this :)
    i agree with the peak, i EQ 2,4k - 4,2k range down by 2DB too. but i have no problem with the planar bass :)
  4. mungster
    Have you tried the sunny ier z1r? Do you recommend those?thinking of getting one

  5. Owludio
    iSine20 is semy-open, no isolation, and I'm entrenched Android user, so no Cipher DAC for me:no_good:. There is Creative SXFI DAC that has Cipher-like correction profiles but Creative Labs seems to neglect the entire project for now. They have se846 though:)
    So, for Nice open sound-stage, Royal quality bass and stellar shimmering treble - Sony XBA-Z5. Granted, not the most coherent iem( in fact i'm afraid Roland will impair my ability to tolerate that.. will check it out later..)
    I was considering HD800 but I'm waiting for better DD-EST or DD-Piezo closed HP. I'm spoiled by ESS 422 treble.
  6. twiceboss
    Oh, did you know that anker usb c easily converts it to any usb c interface? im using that for my s10plus and also my pc.
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  7. Owludio
    Since we're on Fearless tread, and I had ier-z1r for a month, I regrettably have to make it clear: IMO Roland is NOT and upgrade to ier-z1r sound wise, not a side-grade either. Sony's technical performance is stellar. Bass is the best I've ever heard, leaves Legend X in the dust!
    Treble is the best as well but I must say Roland is growing on me to feel like close 2nd. Some Mid-Heads on the Sony thread complained on recessed mids on z1r as it's slightly V shaped.
    I couldn't bear the fit:persevere:
    ... oh my Roland sounds so yummy with BTR3 on Tidal:k701smile: just mindlessly listen on random pop playlist..
    So z1r is awesome if it fits but read Sony thread first, it's huge. Hype train was riding for a year!
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  8. Owludio
    CL2 planar bass is unique. It delivers more sub bass impact than most full sized planar HP, certainly more than Monolith, but I couldn't maintain deep fit required for that., and then I got my ier-z1r at he same time I RMA-ed my CL2 with damaged MMCX, otherwise could have kept it.
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  9. cr3ativ3
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  10. Owludio
    Thanks a lot for this! OMG, it sounds so good on Roland. Now I see what WarriorPoet was talking about when he said about violin sounding good on Roland. Such a good mastering, sounds better, than most of what I've listened on tidal last few days. On Xonar U7 it sounds more natural than Sony ier-M9.
    And this one sounds like a recording studio. I can hear the room, weird. But still good! Could be my U7.
    I'l get back to you when I listen to all of it but so far holy smokes! It sounds a lot better than M9. No room feel on M9.
    On LX cello dominates the mix and sounds way to thick. Better than M9 but still behind Roland. On LX it sounds good but it doesn't move me. On Roland it does!
    Cannot really focus on mids separate but it looks that mids here have the magic. I'm not a mid-head, so this level of coherency is entirely new to me. CL2 comes to mind and ier-z1r but this is more balanced than at least CL2. Not sure about z1r, but with this mix, I don't think I miss it.
    :prince:Roland the knight about to become a King:crown: of my collection:violin:
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  11. Owludio
    "Rolling in deep" is Divine on Roland:angel:. Made my day! I don't need to describe stage and all as it meaningless when all that matters, is that I forgot about analyzing while listening to it! Simply Three are awesome!
    "Late night Alumni" Sound stage is OK, but this you tube video is sibilant on all devices and in fact i's first sibilant one that even Roland couldn't forgive. Sibilant on Roland, Barely listenable on others.
    "Moreza - Miss Guitar" Overall good sound with some feel of ambiance though claps sound with compression artifacts that bug me, recording SQ is so so. Guitar is forward, vocal is slightly behind but clear and spacious. Good song, ok recording.
    "The blizzard" - Again, good composition, so so SQ, sounds spacious, not really a lot going on in the background, synthetic and slightly sibilant. To be fair, I'm not much into this genre.
    "Daniel Voth - Ghost song" - Separation is good on this one, not a busy song, voice in the background is clearly intelligibly audible. Sounds natural, no glaring flows. I like it on Roland but it didn't move me.
    I think Roland in all of this songs is the King of accuracy. I think that some of those guitar solo parts would also sound good on FH7. Yes. Bright, but I'm cursed/blessed to be on both sides. On the days when my treble sensitivity reduced, FH7 is TOTL to me, and BTW Legend X on those days sounds more fun as well:thinking:.
    I will do some more listening tomorrow. May revise. Late night and my hearing gets freaky sensitive.:smirk_cat: I'm detecting more sibilance on other songs. Should stop now. Oh crap! I'm on LX Forgot about it for a moment after last song swap. Fearless Roland must come back and save my ears. :wink:...:relieved: oh! different story! \
    Well, it looks like I will be seen on Empire Ears thread, trying to sell my Legend X.:disappointed_relieved: Good night...
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  12. zazaboy
    @Owludio I need a iem that handles all this songs which iem can handle this songs without that piercing or peaks in the highs what you mentioned in your experience... I am searching for that right now .. maybe a forgiving signature.. so is there a iem that can play this songs flawless that is in your collection?

    can u use it on songs which u think that has some piercing highs or peaks in your opinion and can you try on a iem which is in your collection which can handle this songs... I think hidizs ms4 can handle this type of songs or am I wrong

    esp. the alumni song which iem in your collection can play this flawless

    thanks for your advice..
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    I am a big Sony fanboy. I'll have it for review but not soon
  14. Turboturbo
    I tried Z1R with DMP Z1 at the audio show, wasn't really impressed. I thought the LX sounded better.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I thought same. That's why I don't already have it .
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